Hi there, nice to have you back here. How was last week? Have you performed the exercise like I told you? Have you benefitted from the exercise I gave you how to clear the layers of shame, dumped upon you? My week has been filled with a lot of tension due to personal stuff. I felt moments where shame and guilt pressured upon me, and I was relieved, clearing layers of shame and guilt myself. It was an uncomfortable feeling, to feel the tension inside my body. What a relief to be able to remove it myself. How is this for you? Are you happy to receive information on how to use tools to make your life more comfortable? Well, it is part of my life assignments, and this is what I want you to talk about today. I am so aware that although you might live in a child’s body, growing up, that this doesn’t mean you are not mindful with what tasks you came into this life. The following stories are written down end of October 2005. It is a timeless message.

Meeting a mystical centaur for the first time in my life

It was a sunny day in October, and I enjoyed that warm breeze. I sat upon a stone in the swiss hills with my journal in my hands, waiting for inspiration to write. All of a sudden, I saw that another dimension was opening up. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. A white centaur approached me. He radiated a strong sense of wisdom, inner warmth, and respect. I just sat there baffled that a mystical being appeared in front of me, coming out of nowhere. “Greetings, I am Chiron.” His tone of voice was respectful. It emanated full presence.

“I came here today to teach you about the respect and belief in the beings who encounter you from out other dimensions. In honest respect, you accept the communications as it comes, no matter in what ways it will be brought. You listen and acknowledge the way another feels, thinks, and acts. Never assume another is waiting for your point of view on his story unless he asks actively for your opinion. The most profound form of respect that one can put into practice is the respect that you showed for the dimensions that exist beyond the observable eye. They bring you in the most profound respect for your being messages that you can bring into your world.”

Before continuing, I would like to remind you of the rules that prevail in the teachings of the universe.

Teaching rules in the Universe

  1.  Respect the comprehensive knowledge of the student, after all, the student has already completed some respectable life lessons before it can appear before the teacher
  2.  Go far beyond the boundaries of the student, show her/him worlds far beyond her/his memories. Continuously vibrate the feeling of most profound respect in every aspect of her/his being that you, the teacher, consider her/him to be able to integrate these lessons into her/his existence.
  3. During these lessons, the student only has access to the knowledge described in the Akashic chronicles. Give the student access to these Akasha records.
  4. Ask the student to have faith in the power of her own being, do not impose rules upon her/him to invoke this power within herself. She/He carries this knowledge within her/him.
A week later, Chiron, the centaur re-appeared once I sat down to write in my journal.

“Greetings, this is Chiron speaking. I have come to teach you, today this is being done under the watchful eye of your students.” Immediately I saw an image that a round frame of glass appeared around Chiron and me, behind which crowds of children stood watching us as if we were standing in a zoo. I was surprised at the expectant expression on the faces of the watching children – Who knows, perhaps you who are reading this blog now, is one of those observing us, after all, in those realms I am describing, time is irrelevant, it is all about events and resonating vibrations there. – 

Chiron, and what will be the topic today that it is public?

“Sacrifice. The willingness to put aside the priority for private life to perform the tasks that the soul has chosen to incarnate in this period of time, this period of human history. The influence that each individual has on unity has a growing impact depending on the development of consciousness of the individual, living in a collective. By understanding what everyone’s individual task is here on earth, people also understand how indispensable everyone’s individual mission is. Just like every tooth is indispensable in the cogs of a clock. Together they form the Unity which you have named a clockwork.”

The children around us start whispering.

“Silence..!” “How much I appreciate your presence and see the greatness of your being for each of you, I ask you to integrate the lessons I give you in silence.” I see how a boy with short dark hair, about 7 years old, gets up to ask a question. Chiron looks at him and nods. “Ask your question, go ahead.”. “How can we explain mom and daddy that we want to perform our tasks on earth now and not want to wait until we have reached adulthood?” Chiron looks with loving patience at him “I have this question answered by your mentor Shyna.” I feel how all eyes are focused on me expectantly.

“The first part of my answer will be directed to those who remember that there is more between heaven and earth than a life of going to school, watching TV and gaming. It is essential that you trust your memories, your recollection of the infinite spiritual being you are. If you share the observations with others, don’t be burdened by their unbelief. Learn to feel intuitive who you can tell and who you can’t. After all, we have come to earth in large numbers to help as many people as possible, remember that there are infinitely many dimensions outside the world that we perceive with our usual senses. Keep playing with your observations and listen to the wishes in your heart time and time again. Find contact with souls like yourself through the grid, when you find each other, you will see that you meet each other more often on the street and recognize each other at a glance.

“I address the second part of my answer to you who have never forgotten who you are and have always known what your task is here on earth. It is obvious to you exactly know what you are doing here, and I understand that it can be frustrating to live in a world that adults are unaware of the special time in which we all live. Your task to touch every person you meet in their hearts, and to awaken their knowledge,to reconnect them with the love of their soul is significant. The wisdom and love that you radiate is often an excellent gift for others. Nevertheless, it is not always accepted by adults. The power that you have together carries all of humanity today. I feel incredibly grateful for the gifts you emanate. The experience of being aware and of encountering the obstacles that a child’s body entails is respectable. After all, I did not experience the conscious life as a child and only as an adult. We all experience a form of sacrifice as we live in the realization that we are developing within ourselves to be able to make a Quantum Leap as a collective.

A question from the audience

“Shyna?” “Yes?” I see how a girl of about 12 years old addresses me “How can I tell my family that they don’t have to feel guilty about the deformation of my body? That they don’t have to be upset by my behavior?” “Aha, you know a lot, and I have the impression that you have never shared it, is this correct?” “Yes, I have always kept it to myself. The best advice I can give you right now is that I think it’s best to tell them in your own words. If you feel unsure about this, you may be able to borrow a book from the library about HSP children, about indigo children and give it to your parents to read. Use your healing gifts to make it easier for them to accept this. After all, if they get upset, there is nothing more to it than an old covered wound which is being touched in them. Help them handle this. You will see that you experience a reality of more freedom if you stop blocking yourself and you start sharing your knowledge with your environment. Use your pure intuition, pierce the first layers of rejection and keep communicating from the heart.”

Here ended my writing in my journal. I hope you have enjoyed these stories. I do wish to share more of these stories with you, like for example how you can access your akashic information. Please have in mind that the story was written in 2005, in this year, 2019 I have more knowledge available and would reply a bit different.

Ending of a sequence, invitation to meet some time

For now, this sequence of blogs has ended. In the foreseeable future, I will focus on other topics. That would be more suited for your parents. The next blog sequence has the prevention or overcoming of Burnout as the lead topic. Perhaps one day, I will create the following series of blogs for kids again. Till then I genuinely hope you have enjoyed my teachings and take care,

If your want to follow up on these blogs, and you have permission from your parents, I invite you and your mom or dad to have a online meeting and then I give you 15 minutes of my time to answer your questions. Ask your mom or dad to make the appointment with me. The appointment is almost for free, I ask in return to share these blogs.

Till then, wishing you lots of synchronicity, joy, and love into your life.


Hellen Tiethoff

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