What happens when trust has been broken?

What happens is that we start to repair it.

We ask ourselves questions such as “How can I ever trust again?” Often we find ourselves in a situation we do not feel pleased with this answer and are driven to trust again, so we seek for answers and put stuff into action. We try, we fail, we stumble down and crawl up again. Over and over again because this is our nature.

Women like talk a lot about it to come to the next phase, men tend to process this more inwardly.
Does it really matter how we get our act together again? Trust once lost is not so easy to restore. Let me tell you this is not true. This is no more then a false belief system. I have lost trust in my life after the many losses in my life and if it wasn’t for this one simple technique I do not know where I would be in my life, I would for sure not be back in Switzerland, the area which feels for Home to me. I have been able to restore trust over and over again. Have we ever talked about trust in my blogs before? I do not remember but if you have the spare time, you can go check my former blogs.
I think it is one of the most valuable qualities to develop, if one wants to live a independent life. Having trust that life will always support you and feel trust that life offers you all that you need to develop into that person you aspire to be. What that aspiration is, is only for you to decide.
Trust is one of the basic qualities in relationships. So let me take you into a space where belief systems get shattered and whole different view on life can be born and developed.
∞ Trust is a kind of quality which holds the infrastructure of relationships. Of course there is always that binding factor in relationships which most people take for granted. It is the resonance in a matching pain. Still there is this factor of trust in each other that you fit well together during the process. And relationships are everywhere, from spouses to the bakery where you buy each morning your pretzel.
True trust is being developed from birth till you are 15 months old. You depend on your parents to nurture you, to clean you and cherish you. You depend on them when you cry that they understand your needs. This is the time where trust is broken easily. One endures during childhood, puberty and young adolescence repeated life lessons tied to trust if trust is not well formed during the first 15 months of this current life of yours. The problem is that most adults have no recollection of ones first stage of life. Belief me that if your life shows you trust issues, the ignition of these issues lies in this first stage of your life.
Do you understand what this means? So as long you work currently on your trust issues without touching your inner child wounds, your effort will seem to remain useless. Trust will be broken on the job, in relationships, even when you go shopping. Disappointment will be the main feeling in your life.
Simultaneously one needs much awareness of one owns life to be able to heal not only your current trust issues, also the ones which occurred in your past. A good way to handle it is to go down your past on memory lane. Identifying the events where your trust has been broken and have it restored with love, compassion and caring acknowledgement. But that is not easy and often this path takes many many years.
I think it is time that I share a secret with you. Once you embrace the powerful possibilities of what I am about going to tell you, life will get much simpler then as you ever have imagined life to be possible.
Before we go into this little and so important and life changing secret We have to discuss the nature of our universe. One of the higher consciousnesses which are governing our life here on earth are higher universal laws. Nature, earth, mankind and all other mammals, angels and demons, all are govern by an higher awareness which are higher universal laws. We are all an expression from these laws. I have not investigated yet how God plays a role in this and forgive for not have taken the effort or time to do so, I like to keep stuff practical applicable in life.

How can one work with higher universal laws on a daily base?

∞ The formula to success I am going to share with you might seem on the edge, though I can tell many success stories of those who implemented this and seemed to have favorable outcomes. I would like to share this with you, followed with some personal stories, so I do not intrude the privacy of my clients.
Universal laws can actively be appealed on. How can one do that? To do this usually one need lots of awareness and training. How can one, without extended training and a constant raised awareness, work with these higher universal laws? Does a fast pace even excist? Can we “cheat” many years of study to experience the benefits of working with these higher universal laws.
The answer is yes, this is possible and even more important, it is allowed by universal higher laws.
∞ One needs an form of higher awareness to give you the short cut. In my work method these are angels of the higher laws. Just as Arch Angel Gabriel and Arch Angel Michael has their fields of expertise, the Angels of the higher laws have -as their name tells already- the universal higher laws as their expertise.
From hierarchy the Angels of the Higher Laws stand above the Arch Angels and with this, they have the ultimate permission to provide us human with growth accelerating stuff. Stuff which I have called “spiritual gadgets.”

“Spiritual Gadgets”

∞ One of these spiritual gadgets are perfect symbols they have created of universal higher laws, such as the law of trust. We as a western society have already been made familiar with the existence of spiritual laws by the book the Secret and its spin off such as films, workbooks, courses etc. etc. The Secret teaches  us about the law of attraction, which is a lower universal law. The difference between lower and higher laws is that lower laws mostly are singular operating laws. Lower Laws do not take into consideration life circumstances, the to be learned life lessons and other karmic influences. When Higher laws get to be activated, a whole string of other laws get into action to address all tied facets and aspects for a desired outcome.
However, a higher Consciousness is needed to have a perfect symbol be created. If you think you can do it yourself you will feel disappointed ending up with a spiritual gadget which works as a lower universal laws and the outcome will be different. Often it will be no more the a sheer astral gadget and no true spiritual gadget. So allow yourself to put aside your fears and doubts and allow higher Consciousness such as the appointed Angels of the higher laws to create a perfect symbol of the law of trust specifically for you. The only thing you have to do while you are reading this, is to decide whether you would like this and state a yes out loud, in your mind or even written adressed to the appointed Angels of the higher laws. They always know when they are being addressed to. That is their privilege as being of a higher and more aware Consciousness as we humans are. Once One requests the angels of the higher laws to create a perfect symbol for the law of trust, they are able to manifest and embed this perfect symbol for the law of trust into the different levels of our human existence. To read more about these levels, read this blog.
Once that perfect symbol which representing the law of trust is being placed within our personal space, the law of trust can operate by active request, or by the natural processes in ones life.
The main goal to have a symbol to be placed within ones personal space is to enhance the impact of true trust in ones life. To experience more trust that one will meet a matching love partner. The experience a deep trust that life will offer healing information for ones physical distresses and diseases. To enhance the experience that one will be able to provide ones financial need in life. The experience one can trust one will find new clients trough social media and a good marketing campaign. Or even the simple result of being able of dismissing fears and anxieties. As I tend to work with business owners and managers, I tend to place a symbolized higher universal Law also into the collective consciousness of the business and departments. Can you imagine how this can provide positive benefits for the business?
At the spiritual arts academy we liked to play with the laws actively and I have witnessed the variable results over the last decade. It is fun, it is effective and it amazes me each time. It is worthwhile testing.
As I am known for my confrontational character I will do this with a story which does not belong in the sphere of a work day, but what the heck, I will give it anyways. One needs stories with a certain level of stickiness so one can explain another unschooled about the benefits of implementing perfect symbols of higher laws in ones space, would you agree?
In my late teens and early twenties my stepdad, my sister and 2 friends all died suddenly, can you imagine that I had some negative developing trust issues? Like every other I sometimes felt like visiting them on the graveyard. I mourned because of my belief system that death was death and there was no after life. 4 years later, my soul decided it was time for a wake up call and shook my life upside down by sensitizing my senses dramatically and turned me from a normal girl into a highly gifted psychic. I have been training myself for the last 23 years how to lower it down and how to only acces it for work health issues, or my amusement, you can imagine an intense Academic training was needed to reach my current phase. After a few years I started noticing how intense fears came up in myself the moment I set foot on those graveyards. I felt fear of death, I felt fear for the many souls stuck on these graveyards. I was afraid that the demons who got stuck with these souls could enter my space and give me crazy thoughts and would harass me. Like being in a scene of a Harry Potter movie, but then this was not a movie but my reality. I could literally feel anxieties flowing up through my feet and legs, entering the rest of my body, touching upon organs and poisoning my heart. It felt dirty and grubby, yeagh… I just came to a point I did not show up any more and when my mom asked to go bring flowers to the graveyard, I refused and let her go alone. ∞
Now that I write about it, I have a story about one “Harry Potter” like experience which will blow your mind. I will share that one in a later blog. Please remind me to write a blog about the amusement aspect of being clear voyant, if you  wanna now what might happen if one psychic checks out a detention center for her amusement. 😉 You will love that blog, I am sure. Send me a reminding message via the contact app.
Back to visiting graveyards. I felt fear of the negative effects in my vibrational space. Anxieties had been touched upon I could not dismiss them and I felt the urgent need to protect myself from these anxieties. I hated it when suddenly anxieties came up and made me sensitized aware that I was walking upon ground were once an animal or a person had been buried. I can tell you, being psychic was a pain in the ass on those days. Luckily I was so determined to be a psychic who sees all the benefits of that gift. I did not wanted to be the person who nags and constantly experiences the downsides and complain all the time about how horrific and traumatic it is to be psychic and clear voyant.
But if I saw and felt all that horrific trauma how deceased people where dissolving in the ground, how they died, how could I trust this god given gift to be useful for my self and others?
Then one day, during a class at the Spiritual Arts Academy we touched upon a past life where one had been a graveyard caretaker. He had not processed the traumatic emotions of that life. As we worked upon this past life, more information came and certain behavior made sense. My angels gave me the insight to place the symbol of the law of trust beneath and in my feet and some other places. So I did.
As I like to test everything, I provoked myself and walked the next week upon a graveyard. At the sidewalk I activated the symbols of trust and walked in. I was dazzled. It was gone…! Instead the usually fear of death entering my space and all what comes with it, I was aware of the souls and other stuff, but it did not burden me… I could walk freely to the grave stone of my sister and her boyfriend and I was able to bring her a flower and just be with her and not being bothered by other stuff. So nice, such a relief. Was it a placebo cure? No, because this effects remained to be the same till today.

Can you imagine how it feels to be released of a huge burden in your life? Can you imagine how it feels once you are freed from a huge load of your back? This is what can happen if you allow the Angels of the higher law to create for you a perfect symbol of a higher law and have this embedded in your personal space. Do you understand how liberating it is, if you have the power to activate this symbol on your own?

All you need is to give your permission to my Angels of the higher Law in your mind to do this for you. If you want, you can do it now. Ask them to activate the perfect symbol they just have embedded in your personal space. Do you feel any sensations? Perhaps any thoughts, you might see images or feel a warmth or tingling in your body. Or you feel sadness pouring out of your heart. It is all okay. Allow your Holy guardian Angel to assist you in your process.
Is this for always? No, it is with the maximum of the end of this lifetime, then the symbols will be automatically be dissolved. If in a month, a year or a decade, you do not like it any more, you simply state that your are with drawing your given permission and request the angels of the higher laws or your holy guardian angel to dissolve the embedded symbol in your space. The angels of the higher law have to follow your will, that is the way the angelic species function, governed by higher law. We ask, they provide, we don’t ask, they do not provide…
Of course I am aware that not every one it is given naturally to communicate with angels let alone understand their language or methods they choose so we understand them. One might prefer to benefit to receive a certain level of training in this application of this spiritual Gadget. Later this year you will be able to download a free e-Book where the basics will be explained. If you are interested I ask you to sign in to receive emails for this blog. You can do this in the footer of this website.
If you prefer 1 on 1 teaching you can schedule in an appointment with me to do this with you. Worldwide there only a handful who can do this actively for you and I am the only one who does this on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media. So you can spend googling to find another person or spend your time wisely. To work with me during a 1 on 1 session might seem expensive if you consider that I give you my permission to allow my Angels to do this fro free for you. I do am aware of the value for those 1 on 1 training we offer. And guess what? I have one advantage the Angels cannot do, with me you can schedule in a Skype session, and once you are Switzerland based we can come by for discussing your needs for personal training. Just know that I do not work for everybody, but once we decide we work for you, we are willing to travel around the world.
∞ Speak to you soon, loving regards,
Holistic Hellen