Training packages

Training Packages, Life is like a puzzle till you get there...


You are given the chance to work with the first consultant worldwide who works  in this high level with Universal Higher Laws, Angels of High Magic, Lords of Karma and some more neat healing agencies, while being a down to earth, no nonsense woman. We are sure you are up to this, after all, you haven’t made it where you are right now being narrow minded, have you?


      Universal higher Laws

Our Universe is ruled by hierarchies which are run by higher universal laws. The higher the awareness, the less effort it takes to set things into motion. We, humans are momentarily considered as a lower evolved species, on a consent path to become a higher evolved species. Several universal higher laws determine nature and also our life. It is our privilege to activate certain higher laws to allow stuff to process out. This enables us to speed up certain processes. It can be used in different forms, from speeding up our process of becoming healthy, wealthy and live an abundant life. Sometimes it slows up, there higher laws determine you cannot skip certain life lessons, due to misbehavior or misuse of magic in past lives for exampl

Learning how to work with Higher Laws allows you to grow in full alignment with the potential of your soul. This might take you on another path then your ego desires. In the end it is a fulfilling holistic process. 

A session like this is considered like wine tasting. You get a sense of the coloring of the grapes, the smell of the different grapes and the sensations of taste when you pour in the first zip. To really get to know a certain wine you will need to taste wines from different continents, wineries and years to make up your mind which is your favorite, to find yourself year later with a different preference This is fun, this is useful & practical.   

      About your choice 

The choices you have made in your past brought you where you are today.

The choices of today will bring you to future circumstances. If you don’t like where you are today, you are the one who has to bring in changes. It is not you spouse, your friend or your boss who needs to change. It is you who needs to make certain conceptual changes in your thinking and bring in procedural questions into your life.

Ask yourself not only what factors are of influence to your choices, also be aware of the steps and activities you can perform to increase the quality of your choices.

 So if you came for a quick fix, I have to disappoint you. All I can do for you if you want easy and quick fixes, is offer you a packages filled with Clearings only. This way it is fully okay that you can sit back, relax and receive. After this package it is no longer possible for you to work with me anymore. 

Did you come to truly understand what makes you tick, and how to influence this. You came to the right place. I can teach you stuff you will not find anywhere else among worlds best consultants, teachers & coaches.

Abundance in life

Let me first define what my conceptual and procedural ideas of abundance are.

Abundance is an overall manifestation of complete fulfillment of your needs. It is tied to the ability to uncover information which is nourishing yourself and the ability to act upon this information.

Such as information about a food style nourishing your body vs emotional eating. What education to follow and at which company to apply for a job in order to have a life which fulfills your mental and financial needs. What life partner to choose in order to have your emotional and sexual needs met.

Abundance is not only tied to sufficient financial needs in life, it is tied to the ability to receive. It is tied to the ability to maintain healthy & balanced relationships. It is tied to the ability to radiate joyous emotions. It is tied to your ability to process highly charged emotions and memories. Do you want this?

Simply said, a good sense of abundance is needed to live the life you dream of, to have your fridge filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits so you enjoy preparing meals for yourself and your loved ones.

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