Do you want to co-create your own life?


First to-do step is to clear out your personal space from foreign influences
Now let’s dive into what is all about immediately. We are gonna skip the introductory part. Let’s imagine you have been on this path of self development a while already and that you have been doing some self education. So you know more than average web reader. This is a good starting point. Ready? Let’s jump into it!
Now imagine your aura, if you are not familiar with the term aura, you might have heard from your personal space. Well it is a bit like this, it just contains another vibrational space. It is a bit thicker in energie, but not so that you can grab it with your hands. It does contain a bunch of personal information about you and your past. It also contains information which is not you, but which you, mostly as a child, has not recognized as being not you, but still carry with you as it is your personal treasure and you keep it with you, allowing it to define you and partially be part of the creation all aspect of creating your life, your longings and desires. It is part of the creational Process of you future. But it is not you…
So remind me, if it is not you, how is this helping you to create you life?
And exactly this is/makes it a waste of time and energy to keep it in your space. You put effort in creating something which has no higher benefit for you, simply because it is not you. Be sure not to blame yourself for carrying this foreign energy with you, there till today you as a personality and spirit did not receive this well kept hidden information about the truth about self and not self.
Do not blame yourself in any way. It has been in you and has served a purpose, time has come to clean up and free yourself from unnecessary garbage. Do realize that even if you get rid of energies and thought forms which belong to another, it does not devalue the love you feel for that person, it simply clears up your own space so there is more space for yourself to unfold and to exploit your true inner longings and desires instead of living parts of what others want you to live your life.
Let’s focus now on the energy field around you which is called your aura.
Can you imagine or visualize an egg shaped field of glowing light around you? It is at some places thicker for some persons, some have it thick and glowing, while others seem to have non glowing parts and even rips and holes in them. Some of you have bright shining auras with a consistent matter. Others seem to have irregularities in their aura as if it was broken.
You have to know that this book is written for those whose aura is broken. It provides secret tools to heal your own personal space without having to go see a doctor, a practitioner or whatever. Because I do realize that not everyone is in the position for your own unique reasons to visit a doctor or practitioner. Not that money is the cause, sometimes social expectations or simple not allowing yourself to realize that certain discomforts are tied to each other. Emotional, mental and physical discomforts can be tied to each other and we have several ways to help ourselves. This book gives you back the right you have owned to begin with. Self determination…. Before going into these dark places within your aura, which cause you to continue feel discomforts, mostly accompanied with lower emotions such as guilt, shame and humiliation, we first commence with this simple exercises. Let’s shed light upon unnecessary darkness.
Now I ask from you to take some time for your self. If you have a busy life, some “self time” under the shower might be the only moment you are alone and feel you have some time to spend totally on yourself. Or you start to train yourself with this exercise while you have a smoke outside during your break. That is up to you.
Refocus on this egg of non tangible vibrational personal space, allow yourself some flashes to imagine this non tangible thick substance around you. Now you are assisted to connect with your holy guardian angel. Even if you had no clue you have a guardian angel, even if you follow belief systems or a religion which not explicit taught you that each single living person has been assigned with his or her holy guardian angel, you have one. This comes with our human existing. So connect now to your holy guardian angel, let go of resistance. While reading these lines you personal holy guardian angel has just took a moment to connect with you on a deeper level. It knows it just has been addressed to and it is here now to assist you in this process. It just created an additional space around you an put on a warding off shield and made it confidential so no others can look into the process you are about the start.
So if you stand now on a street corner, or hanging on the couch, sitting behind your desk at work, doing this exercise, I bet no one will even notice you are applying spiritual gadgets.
That is the beauty on doing inner work. 99% of the people do not notice that you are doing inner work, there your outer appearance does not changes. The shield your guardian angel just created for you is tailored made for you. Only when others are included by given permission, they can perceive and be a witness of your process. But in general you will go through this process alone with you guardian angel. Even I cannot look into your process. My Angels of High Magic called in the law of Trust and have it activated especially for you, you who are reading these lines. Now you can return with you attention to your aura, you personal space.
Let’s make this a fun exercise, let’s make this a fun visualization.
So if you can choose a symbol representing you. What would it be?
What symbol comes to mind to represent energies which is not you?
Write the down in your diary, agenda, hell, why not make a tattoo from the symbol representing yourself? No, I’m kidding, I don’t want you to trash your body with inks from a tattoo which has components which might feed your Epsteinbar virus. Tips how to clean up this in your body you read in a later blog. If you want to read about this, please send me a reminding message via the contact app.
My teacher used to use little circles to represent that is us, and little triangles for that which is not us. For all I care, you take a visualization of a coffee cup representing that which is you and a coffee spoon representing that what is not you. It is up to you. If you cannot come up with symbols, just use the triangles for that what is representing that which is not you and circles for that what is you. Does this work for you?
Now we are going to invite your spirit full into you body. Don’t worry if your mind is boggling how to do this. This is the beauty of working with spirituality, all goes without effort. As soon it takes effort, you know you are trying to heal yourself with your mind, and your mind energy, that way you will wear yourself out and slow up the process.
Just allow your spirit to be fully present and become aware of that which is not you. Allow now the symbols you have chosen to appear outside of your aura. Allow now all which is not you to be drawn out of your personal space and have it appear just outside your aura in tiny symbols just outside this egg shaped light form. 😉 You might even think of Ed Sheeran’s lyrics “I fell in love with your body, I fell in love with the shape….” and smile 😉 next time when you here his song and clear that which is not you.
Perhaps it helps if you focus first on extracting all energies which belong to your mother to be extracted by your own spirit and guardian angel out of your space and have these appear in these little symbols just outside your aura, your personal space.
Are that a lot? It is okay how many it are, perhaps you see just ten little tiny symbols appearing or even hundreds or thousands. Now ask you guardian angel to send these parts of aspects which by law belong to your mother, have all the symbols be splashed to pure energy and to have them send back to the original source in a neutral state. Watch and observe them return. Do you feel any shifts in your body? Perhaps you feel more space, or you can breathe deeper. Keep on observing how the energies etc return. Some energies will directly go back to the physical location of your mother. For some it might be close to you, some farther way. For some your mother has passed away and usually the energies goes into another vibrational space and this way you have assisted your mother to better complete her life by allowing to return her energy. Some energies you might see going towards your mom but then you see the, redirected. This means they where not by law from your mother and she did no more than pass it on to you.
Now let’s take the next step.
In case you are wondering why we do this, it is very simple. In order to provide yourself better future, you have to make sure that the source you use as a baseline it is a clean source, non trashed by thoughts, ideas, concepts, cluttered emotions of others. How else can you ever know what you truly desire if your personal space is clogged up with thought forms which origin is not yours to begin in with?
Now let’s go back and focus on the vibrational egg shaped form around what is named your aura.
Once again, allow your spirit, your higher self and your holy guardian angel to assist you in this process. Never forget that they love you unconditional and even if you do this exercise under the influence of a kind of emotional suppressant or stimulant, they do not judge you, they are solely here to help you and assist you, to support you in this process. Feel the confident from them that they are here for you. Don’t throw the book away if you sudden feel uncertain about your own ability to pull this through or think it is rubbish. Take time to let go of these emotions and focus once again on your auric field.
Now we let tiny little symbols appear, symbols of all energies and thought form which by law being to your father, have these appear just outside of your auric field, the symbols are drawn out of your auric field, no longer taking up space and useless effort to create a life he wants for you, but by law it is and stays being what he wants and is never ever by spiritual law that what you want or desire. So just let it go and have faith and trust that your guardian angel is capable of sending these little symbols which keep appearing all around you, after having observed them on one way or another that they return to your dad. The returning commences if you allow the outside your auric field appearing symbols to be splashed into pure energy. You might even see a true firework and feel the bundle of joy that is bubbling within you now you are gaining an idea what it feels like to gain power over your own auric field.
Bunches of information which was not yours to begin with is leaving your auric field, and with this a pressure is leaving you, a pressure which might have been building up inside of you, conflicting in how to live your life, how to love your spouse and children. How to commit or not to commit to work, to gain finances on a way your dad did, or getting frustrated and angry with others once you allowed this energy which is not you to be in your space. It made you angry even if you did not knew the true cause. Your felt violated and upset but no one touched you. How it irritated yourself on moments you realized you are behaving exactly as your mom or dad did. You might remember a moment you even felt you showed the exact facial expression you always hated or loved from one of your parents of siblings. It is not because it is normal to do that, no not at all. It is this hidden secret that if you keep their energy in your auric field, days come you behave like them, simple because you allow that specific symbol into your Consiousness, reading that thought form as if it is you and altering your behavior according to that specific thought form which is your parents to begin with.
Now allow yourself to do a golden sun fill up. Because of the leaving symbols out of your auric field, space opens up. And by law empty space wants to be filled up. And there we just effortless cleaned our auric field of energy which was not ours, we prefer to fill up our auric field with energy which is us.
So now imagine a golden sun fill up.
Imagine a Golden Sun above your head.
Allow all energies released in past, present and future which is you, to return to this Golden Sun where it is being raised to its highest creational vibration purified. Here in the golden Sun it is merged with Divine Love, Divine Trust and Divine Health. Now allow these energies flow back via the top of your head, filling up your whole physical body. Flowing out filling up your whole auric field. Flowing out filing up your subtle bodies, filling up your 12 senses.
This golden Sun fill up provides the just emptied spaces in this exercise to be filled up with energies which is by law totally yourself and only your Self. This simple Golden Sun fill up exercise might prove benefit if you are at babysteps of taking care of yourself and if you are a trained mediation practitioner.
It is important to understand that even if you were never told that you have an aura, that is part of you, just as your lungs are. I mean, as a babykid you did not know you had lungs, but you still breathed didn’t you? So be kind to yourself and allow yourself to work with the fundamental right you have and work on this field of energy, your aura.
For those who have small children, this is an exercise you can do for them. Just  before you do, simply ask them in your mind if you have permission to do so, or ask their guardian angel for permission and assistance. If you are not an auditieve focused person, you might know the answer, feel it, or see a traffic light in your imagination standing on green or red. Doing this exercise for your kid(s), is a great way to call back your energy from them. It might even effect their tendencies of going nuts for no reason at all.  (besides being polluted by heavy metals which can cause this also) If you have your kids auric field stuffed with your energy, and they are too young to tell, it is natural that they scream or get upset with no reason you can see. Sometimes it is you, your spouse or another person who are invading their space because you want something from them (“sit still”, “don’t run in the supermarket, it is not a ***racetrack!” “Stop nagging while I am talking to a grown up”) and please realize they just cannot defend themselves from this energetic part simply beach use neither of you are aware of this process nor of this information. Call back the energies out of their auric field and have them splash to pure energies, allow the guardian angel to have these splashed energies return in a neutral state to its original source. You might feel much more energized when you have called back the energies which are your back out of your child. Less fatigued. It is a step. Nourishment is the other step.
Be aware that by spiritual laws you cannot do this exercise without permission for other persons. So if you think your sister, your collegue, neighbor or enemy is burdened by foreign energies, don’t think and try to help them without explicit given permission. If you proceed without permission you might build up karma and that is not what you want. And do not think you can skip this karma because what you do silently nobody sees or knows. Lords of karma see every step of our way, you cannot fool them. They have a higher consciousness then we. For them it is as it is like we are watching a retarded person standing in the same room with us and one person with an IQ of over 160 with a medical background. And the retarded persons turns his back to the other person, taking a leak. After finishing pissing in the corner, turning towards the other person, thinking that person did not see that he pissed over the floor and his own shoes and pretending all is fine. The one of higher IQ probably diagnosed him already and has a plan of action ready to bring into practice… And Lords of Karma see us as an infinite being, they see our soul and all of our incarnations, those on the planet earth and all incarnations elsewhere. So their plan of action cannot be captured with our earthly understanding. Just know that their purpose is not to punish us, as if they would throw us into jail after three strikes. No, they have a much higher intelligence. They judge from out higher evolved spiritual laws. They help us to become balanced. But they are not our friends we would invite for a cup of coffee to hang out with for some time.
But if I may give you an usefull tip: If you ask your angel to ask them to have your emotional, mental and psychical karma to receive te highest level of karma completion you are now ready for, you might see you life completely changed in a few years. They will allow grace to enter your life in a way you might not have imagined before. Be smart, always ask an angel to ask them, do not ask them directly. That is the same as being ignorant and ask an angel to stand in your personal space. The vibrational space of an angel and you is so different that it would harm your vibrational space. And they are not allowed to harm us. “This avoid direct contact warnings” derived from the work of author of magical invocation. From personal experience I can no more so than support this “avoid direct contact with lords of karma” warning.
We as human have the right to invade each other’s space, that’s human law. Thanks to this stupidness we have many opportunities to stumble and fall down, to learn to grow and evolve. Now is the time to learn to recognize when we are invaded by another or when we invade another’s personal space. And to clean up our trashing each other. This step is necessary to be performed by ourselves. This is a step of evolution we as human kind are ready to make, a step necessary to reach the next step, which has a lot o do with forgiveness. So we can move on and evolve as a human race. I mean, it can’t be that it is normal to us that technology is taking leaps in evolution. Each decade we accept that smart technology such as smartphones and great connecting apps are making us able to connect no matter in which corner of the world you live. We, as humans, need to catch up also. Catch up on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. So let’s commence with recognizing our own and that which is not ours and have it be returned to its original source.
My Loving regards,
Holistic Hellen
In the loving support of Shyna
Shyna is the name emanated/carried by my Soul.
whose task it is to assist mankind in our Quantum Leap.
Also known as the quickening (so it is called by the spirit of compassion of Medical Medium Anthony William, whose work I support and advice you to read)

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