What is my drive in life?
What are my intrinsic motivations?
What choices do I need to make?
What will be the result once I have made that decision?
How will I benefit from activating the Universal Higher Laws?

Inner drive to Harmony

My vision comes from my deep-rooted desire to feel harmony.

What we intend to do is to keep on listening to what life reveals us. I intend to commit to my 3 niches, to help others to overcome burnout, to teach children tools to stand their ground in this world, to mentor high rollers to step onto a Higher Path of Destiny by the High Magic Mentorship. While living in Switzerland, while traveling around the world, with a US focus.

We envision and foresee how in 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 years my 8 Books touches the mind and hearts of billions, traveling the world to provide many the opportunity to participate in our shared path of evolution. How many will attend my seminars. From small private group teaching high rollers, able to change their companies. To stadions filled with those who are ready and willing to receive levels of grace and forgiveness, empowering those who believe they cannot have and be more what they have.

It means I need to be prepared once you decide my messages can go viral. Though can I share some inside information with you? The Spirit of the center of the Planet told me that in the end, she would be the one who decides when I go viral, there she is the one who will be affected the most by my work. So if you are one of those who share my work, I am pretty sure you are subconscious in touch with our number 1 host, Earth.

As I envision how a shift in diets, a shift on farming will evolve, focused on a healthy relationship between us and nature, I have to shift my diet. And I will promote from out a deep-rooted belief system we need to convert to biological, ecological biodiverse farming. Have you realized that diminishing bio-diversity is the end of humanity? That it is the cause of many wars, due to poverty and starvation? All the rest are results of pain and suffering initially triggered by a diminishing bio diversity..

It all starts with ourselves. We can give humanity the chance of survival by commence growing our own food, without using any form of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Stand up for the future of yourself, your kids, grandchildren and all the following generation. And know that one day you will incarnate again. So take care of the future of our nature, of your future…

We plan that coming to the end of my career, all of our focus will be on the school system, teaching and assisting the world in changing. It is our goal to built a boarding school where children can learn about High Magic, a healthy relationship with nature, how to take care of ourselves, and nourish ourselves — making them able to stand their ground growing up and trusting their guts how to live their life goals.

In the end, I know due to cultural and religious differences, I will not be able to change to lives of the current almost 8 billion world citizen. And you know what, that is okay…  Because the messages, the teachings I will bring into the world need decades and centuries to grow and evolve. That is the Truth.

If I influence the lives of 3 billion souls with my work, then I have reached as Shyna’s primary goal of guiding mankind already. That’s cool. That will make me wanna come back again, in my next incarnation.

Why would the world allow me to facilitate Grace?

Can I tell you a story and can you promise me not to make fun of me, even if what I am about to say to you sounds unbelievable to you? Okay, here it is. Probably my story is not like most people’s story, change is you never heard some one tell a similar story. And if you have, I would love to meet them.  Nevertheless it is no less true to me. When I got paranormal aware in 1999 my angels told me I would write worldwide bestsellers. I had no clue why they told me that, and it took many years before I realized I indeed have stories to share with the world. And for my writing skills, nothing what a splendid editor cannot fix…

If I can be honest with you, it took me years of asking questions about how the spiritual world worked, why I was a chosen one for the task to write books, while feeling skeptic about the answers. One of my guides told me that the planet Earth asked the Universe for help to overcome the current period we are in. She is not restricted to time, and according to Jova, my guide in those days, I was one of those who heard her calling and came to assist her. To be able to do the job I had to, just as any other soul, go through several incarnations, through all sorts of trials and tribulations, therefore for the job waiting for me, I should be able to understand what it means to be human. Facilitating Grace and Forgiveness requires deep empathy, compassion, love and believe it or not, levels of liking humanity.

That was back then, in 2006, that I was given this information. I shrugged my shoulders, not understanding what I effectively could do to guide mankind, but okay, if I was called upon by lady Gaya, why not. I was one of many so there must be more who would let their voices be heard. Years went by, and I did nothing with this knowledge. Life took over, and I went through all kinds of life’s processes. Until this summer my metaphysical mentor introduced us to the spirit of the center of the planet. Meeting her, fully aware, connecting with her voice, her presence, changed everything in my life.

Since then Lady Gaya and I are communicating, she shows me her perception of Earth, of us, humanity. It is pretty exciting and I believe her when she says that my work will affect her the most. So she decides when to connect me with influencers. That is okay. I have no burning ego saying it needs to happen now. It will come. I do have a sense that for many out there I will come out of nowhere, skyrocketing my career. Just know, I have been preparing not only since 1999, but Shyna has also been preparing ever since the calling for help of Lady Gaya was heard. And that is beyond ordinary comprehension of time.


If you sincerely would like to know what my mission is you should know I find it fascinating to be human, to be a female. I am willing to fail, and stand up again, I am willing to leave others behind, like my son, knowing that I need to do deep inner work to give them space in my life again. I am able to foresee my future, and I am willing to act upon it. My forgetfullness is my greatest gift and a pain in the ass. My personal pain and suffering drives me to find harmony.  I have a mission to chance the world. a world where harmony vibrates and emanates in all human, places, systems, and events. Will I succeed? At least I try.

As any other person life has brought me life lessons in forms of events, shocks, trauma’s, and encounters. Exploring the human mind I found the many self aspects which form my identity. It is fascinating to be a spiritual being, having a human experience, while being aware of the influence on my current life, caused by the string of previous incarnations of my soul. I find it a gift to see some roots of causes of behavior somewhere up in my bloodline and having the ability to heal that, finding slight changes in behavior in my family. I found that the information of the Medical Medium Anthony William filled in gaps of understanding what I saw when I would scan and read somebodys health, I found his advices on food to be a key component I needed to implement to overcome burnout and all other symptoms. When it works for me, I can endorse it and make others aware of a choice.

Knowing this, can you accept that I call myself Holistic Hellen?

Like the author William Uri, would say: 

I am, by nature, an anthropologist – a student of human nature and behavior.
I am, by training, a High Magician – a student of human spiritual nature, awareness and behavior.
I am, by profession, a burnout consultant – a mentor, a life transformation coach, a spiritual business consultant.
I am, by hobby, an artist – a painter, a gardener, a gastronome, a petrol head.
I am, by passion, a master in the art of living – a seeker of harmony

I am, by initiation, gifted to facilitate Grace, and a Shift upon a Higher Path of Destiny