It is all about Owning your Center

Being aligned, grounded and centered. Unfortunately, we are not taught since the day we are born how to be.
Owning our center fully and completely makes us rule our Life, our Universe. Call it being enlightened, call it living your destiny, call it being yourself, whatever you feel appealed to. It is sure a lot about self determination. Are you up for it?

It is the most confronting and highest gift

Toxic Emotions prevent us from being centered. Given permissions to give away our center don’t help either. Mostly unaware of these covered up emotions we live the life we live and think we have it all under control until some bastards come to fuck it up. Messing up your life, how dare they? Well, guess what? These Bastards, these wolves in disguise, bring to you the greatest gift one can receive. They show you where you are wounded and not yet whole again. To get here you need to identify yourself, you need to identify what is you and what is not you.

Matured Spirituality will give you a head start

Be willing to explore and implement your inner spirituality and heal yourself from being stuck, hurt and made creations in lower states of consciousness. You might be surprised, but for entrepreneurs, this book will lift their experience being a business owner to the next level. You have created a field around you which will react on your inner developments. It is grateful to change in yourself hurt and stuck aspects, and see that the Bastards will leave your life. The thing what is required in this process is the willingness to bring masses of awareness into your own life enabling yourself to spot own vs foreign thoughts, image flashes et cetera. Understanding the influence of the 3 fold past, which allowed your center to be taken away.