Recommended Paths for overcoming Burnout

Letter from your Holy Guardian Angel

Mind Trash – 7 Steps to clear out the garbage

Mindtrash, enters your mind when: 1. There is an inner connection in your subconscious selves, where your long lost and forgotten memories and emotions reside, some highly charged, some not.2. You allow yourself not to…

12.) Shyna’s magical Journey; meeting the centaur Chiron

11.) Shame. Going Harry Potter style to clear it.


10.) Being grounded, aligned & centered

9.) Complete Karma


8.) Golden Sun Fill up

An easy method to strengthen your personal space, is by Recalling energies in a cleansed, in a higher vibration. Via a Golden Sun Fill up., it is according to a methodology I encountered in a bookstore in the year 2000.

7.) Did you get into a fight, do you want to make up?

Relationships are always subject to change, sometimes positive, sometimes very negative and limiting. When the energetic space of a relationship is trashed, you can implement this tool to clean up the interference effortless.

6.) Did you lose some energies of yourself?

5.) Did someone drop their trash in you?

4.) How to disconnect communication cords

3.) How to protect your heart/mind space

2.) Boundaries, where ends my space?

1.) Basic rules for Magic, what not to do

Theses Blogs are written for the children out there, who might or might not choose to share these with their parents. I share these blogs knowing there are more children out there who have personal…

Mentoring spiritual aware kids

Seniority over Personal Space

Who is in control?

Pssst, don’t tell others this secret… Demons and Angels do exist..!

Shaming, how it tears down and/or builts up relationships

How do I recognize living a higher path of destiny?

7 Steps how to Shift your Destiny

Can Destiny really be shifted? Many people think it is impossible to shift your destiny. Not being educated about this at school, so naturally lacking basic information about how life is formatted, one cannot be…

Lack of Trust, how to gain this Divine Quality

Confusion about Spiritually gifted and emotional immaturity

Time to say goodbye to garbage in your personal space

The failure and succes of Melissa

What do you mean we have 5 senses? We have 12!

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