I can't wait to complete the Pink Book

It was in the winter of 2006 when I visited a highly mediumistic friend of mine. For her daily job, she plays the violin and her husband the viola. We went to Niederdorf in Zürich and while strolling she began to see some flashes from a future. She became wildly enthusiastic telling me what she foresaw, she saw a book of mine, with a pink cover being sold in the Bookstore ‘Orrel Füssli’. It was in a top 10.  Will her vision become reality? Who knows… I do plan to pack the book with information on how to create your own life, how to dissolve what is withholding you from your goals and desires. It is like the Secret renewed. Therein this book will personal karma not be overlooked. But, first I have to get the blue book and the black book on the shelves, the world needs that more.

It is all about creation

The Pink Book is the next level of Creation. If you have read the Secret in your past, you will realize that this is the next level. Here the growth and evolution go hand in hand with processing your personal and family karma, while you focus on what you would like to achieve in this life. You will play with Universal Higher Laws and you will learn how the process of creating truly work. A lot is a high level of spiritual information which we have been testing since 2012.

Why bring out a pink book?

To me pink is female, it is soft and gentle, it is part of creation. It reminds me of the scenery in the Dutch tulip fields. It brings me to my vulnerability. It brings me to a place to get in touch what I truly wish for, what I truly desire and aspire. As you read along you will find this for yourself It is written in full openness and it will teach you to stand strong while being fully connected to all your self-aspects. That is to me reasons enough to publish the Pink book.