The Green Book is all about Dreaming

This Green book is definitely not for beginners. I consider those who have many previous lifetimes of experience of astral and mental wandering not as beginners, you may call yourself advanced. Here you will encounter many earth zones, You will be guided through guided imaginations through planes and zones within this solar system. You will meet new friends and remeet old acquaintances. You will meet deities you have worked with in ancient times, agreements will be renewed or be fully completed. It is a step of growth and evolution. 

What is reality?

The moment something influences this current life, it has levels of reality to it. Hypnose, false programming and astral creations will be cleared out of your 12 senses to reach levels of higher purpose and realities. That others do not believe what you perceive, can be forgiven, there you simply cannot determine nor tell why and where their ignorance limits their minds.  I have even met highly spiritual evolved souls which choose a lifetime of ignorance, they reject spirituality during this incarnation and all one can do is respect this. Your journey is yours. Theirs is theirs, respect this is what we can do. Learning to travel in save ways is what this book offers you. See it as a guide through limitless possibilities. There we do not wish you to end up in hell, you are offered this guide. See it as a map through the solar system while utilizing all of your senses and subtle bodies.

What has love got to do with it?

Love being a force, supported by divine qualities brings you to the courage to face your trials and tribulations. As a learning aspect of life, you will be guided in an entire chapter through the planetary spheres according to a healing pathway developed by Joseph Holzer, fully aligned with the information of Anthroposophy founder Rudolph Steiner and one of his spin-off writers Albert Soesmann and Bernhard Lievegoed. Bringing awareness and the healing aspects of love through aspects of you which got stuck and frozen in time and space, you will get a sense of becoming more whole. This Green Book will be packed with additional Bonus features, it is a true must-have within the Shift of Destiny Book series. If you already made fruitful progress in life thanks to the Golden Book, you are gonna love this book.