All about clearing the space of relations and transitions

This might look less relevant for many of you,  I can assure you, after having read the Black Book and Pink Book this is what offers answers on your remaining questions. This is a pearl among the Shift your Destiny series. It will teach you how to become not only an independent thinker, it allows you to rule your center, and with this, you will rule your own Universe.

A gentle mixture of creativity and Divine Qualities

This book offers you a gentle pathway of finding an exploring your own inner Divine Qualities which have been gathering dust on your shelf, of your to do lists. “I’ll get there when I am older.” “I will learn to meditate when the kids leave the house,” “I will start the mindfulness course when I retire.” ” I will start doing that when I settled in my job.”  Why wait? I learned my son to integrate these qualities since a young age, even while we were on the bike to school. Divinity can grow from within and is not only for the sacred of heart. Divinity exploiding from within could even provide prison inmates the forgiveness they feel thirsty off. If you just would realize that we are allowed to explore heaven and hell on earth, why not explore heaven? Come along with me…

What happens between Death and Conception

From the moment we choose to incarnate it is a rollercoaster of a string of events of transition. From Birth to death until we are born again. It is the circle of Life. Also, a secondary transition which introduces one to a new phase of life, less celebrated, still of influence on our lives. Not only a wedding or the birth of a child changes our lives, but also the first time we had sex, the first time we made love, the first time we got fired from a job. The moment we celebrated the completion of education. The moment we retire from work, or the moment a stranger entered our lives turning out to be our BFF. Or when we realize that we completed a level of our Life lesson. Sometimes we walk around in circles and all that needs to be done is being removed out of a Unity. 

That’s what you learn here. It will include a Bonus Chapter and Video based on information of Rudolph SteinerLievegoed and Soesman. Healing the transition after death, on the journey towards a new life.