Debut book of the Shift your Destiny Book Series

Along the journey of the upcoming books of the Shift your Destiny Book series, you will learn how to become aware and bring consciousness into your daily life as a tool to live a self-determined life. It is a relatively mild introduction in the knowledge and hidden secrets of how to benefit from spiritual gadgets and High Magic, and it is not meant to walk around with a magic wand carried in your handbag, no, no, no. Although to me, that sounds better than walking around with a gun. It is to become well-rooted in your body and able to stand your ground in this fast-changing world.

On the internet, we get flooded by all kinds of messages, buy this, vote this, and you must achieve now!  The market is flooded with all types of – how to achieve success and grow rich – gurus and coaches. Why is that? All sorts of healing techniques are offered, with fancy names that even make me frown. NLP and Hypnotism seem to be very effective methods, but seen from the perspective on a soul level, is this that pathway to go?

When did we start to allow ourselves to be programmed like computers? When did we lose our sense of self-determination? When did we lose our sense of healthy behavior, resulting in accepting a workload which overwhelmed many of our body systems? Resulting in all kinds of symptoms like depression, burn out resulting in shattered family lives due not enough emphasizing how to process all these ‘burned’ emotions? Without investigating the real causes behind these systems. To me, most causes are rooted either in nutrition or on a spiritual level. I learned the hard way.

What more do we need to start exploring and saying a positive no? 

The Blue Book

The book leads you along a journey, showing you toxic and healthy relationship aspects, the relation you have with yourself and others. Based on the principle that others reflect what is rooted in you, deep down covered up in your subconscious minds and several self aspects. It leads you along a journey showing how guilt and shame became toxic. How this negativity led you fell into dark emotions, destructive behavior, even though you consider that being part of a team which is proud to work over 250 hours a month is the greatest thing happening to you, in truth you are depleting your physical, emotional and mental reserves until you break down in a burn out.

Being burned out is mostly a soul’s decision to shut your body down, to have you become aware of the fact that this is not the path to walk for you. This depleted state is forcing you to re-evaluate your life and forces you to learn new behavior which supports and overall health.

The blue book will show you how awareness and to be implemented spiritual tools and symbols help you as the reader to overcome sabotaging behavior patterns, while you are being introduced in the personal Magical world of Holistic Hellen. It is personal, confronting, controversial and healing when you allow yourself to introspect the stories and offered steps within your own realms of personal reality.

As a preparation for the Pink book and the Black book

The pink book is the next level of creation. The Pink book fully encloses the elevated level of how to create your life, and it is the follow up after books like The Secret and the Law of Attraction. I dare to state that, even though I myself have never read these books.  Though for many readers the Pink book will be their first book, I do recommend to read the blue book as it will support your process and powers of creation.

The Pink book is based on the Universal principles of intentioning and creation, considered as a journey of the Soul. Meaning it took you many lives to be there where you are right now. If life is somehow holding you back, do not only process your childhood wounds, consider soul healing as a great benefactor for this process.

The Black book is a whole other level of self-help books. Here you will find step by step solutions if you want to defeat your inner demons. It will be a way to overcome depression, how to deal with your shadow sides and how you step by step will heal your emotional wounds where all this darkness is attached to and will be lightened up over and over again until you find the courage in yourself to face your inner wounds and heal them. This inner healing is doable. In this book, I will share the many demons I had to overcome in my life. This book will not be for everyone, and this book has powerful information that will help many to support and shift their mental health. Reading the blue book prepares you better for dealing with your inner wounds.

The Black book is based on the principle “If God wants to built, he first sends his angels of darkness to destruct and demolish before he sends his angels of light to create and built again.” Meaning that they have a function. To me, angels and demons are as real as my spouse and kid, and they are as real as can be and I do not wave them away as fantasy, I do engage with them to find out what is all underneath and how can it be healed. Once my darkest wounds got healed, the demons had no function in my life and left.”