A book about truth behind good and evil

No spiritual rubbish and foolishness as being a lightworker having to fight the darkness. If you think this, you already lost. There is no fighting if you want to win this ‘game’ of duality. Awareness and understanding, taking steps for completion is key. It is all about functionality and purpose. Like a mentor of mine once said. “If God wants to built, he will have to send his angels of darkness first to destruct the faulty foundation before he can send his angels of light to built up again.” This book will guide you through this process. We are momentarily in a world filled with anger, chaos, and destruction. If we as mankind are willing to survive, we have to face our whole being towards the light. Let’s thank darkness for what it has done for us, telling it is time to rebuilt a new world. For that, we all have to stop fighting. We have to start Trusting. 

See life as the yin yang sign. Dualistic, both part of each other, being complementary to each other. 

A book which will allow you to free up yourself out of hell

This book is a guide for all who are looking for a better solution for their mental health then using medicaments. Though it is not a replacement, the book will provide you with insights and healing steps, causing you to regain your own center. Allowing you to take a good look at your 3 fold past.  The past of this life, the past lives and your past in between lives. It is a goal to dissolve all forms of agreements you had with entities from hells, to complete karma and to learn to understand your own negative thoughts being a perfect guide to unprocessed wounds. It is not that you are plain crazy, but you do need to clean up and take back your own identity.

We have to learn it is not our fault that we are getting sicker and sicker. We can heal if we use the right organic foods, as described in the Medical Medium series, while we observe our symptoms as guidelines to identify past life wounds.
It is a holistic procedure.

Why publish a black book?

Well, why not?  This is something I have to write about, there is so much rubbish out there. It simply annoys me. I do understand that I will gain fans and I will face ‘haters’ when I talk about hell and demons as truly existing beings influencing our lives. It is time the world receives a book about hells so their whole perspective on life can change. My own life has been burdened with depressions and processes of grief. I have had the opportunity to face my demons and even more than that… I know how hard it is to live in a world where society/social media only wants to see our bright and positive side, while hurt, regrets, and pain are under the surface ruling our inner world. Getting true guidance to get out of depression and pass anger is not what I have encountered in modern societies like the Netherlands and Switzerland. And these are top countries in the world. So if I can’t find true honest guidance through my depressions and anger issues in the regular medical fields, how will it be around the world? This book is a follow up from the Blue and the Pink book. This book helps you to clear out the rubbish so you can get in touch what it is what you truly wish for to achieve in life.