Space Clearing, Why Bother the Holistic Approach?

What would make you think a holistic approach for space clearing is the best way to go? I mean, Feng Shui exists for ages and works fine for many. So why bother the holistic approach? By the way, what do I, the author of this blog mean with the holistic […]

Lack of Trust, how to gain this Divine Quality

​ What happens when trust has been broken? What happens is that we start to repair it. We ask ourselves questions such as “How can I ever trust again?” Often we find ourselves in a situation we do not feel pleased with this answer and are driven to trust again, […]

What do you mean we have 5 senses? We have 12!

In one of my latest blogs “Factors of influence on your well being” I promised to go deeper into our 12 senses. Let me start with some storytelling before summing up our 12 senses. You might not agree with it, but shock and trauma, re occurring events in your life […]