There are green links to websites of places I have been, hidden in the text, as you read along, you can click on the links to experience the journey of my life in Switzerland.

As you read in my online presence, I love Switzerland with my heart and soul. I came 27 years ago for the first time and have lived in this country altogether for about 9 years. I am born 800 kilometers away in the Netherlands. A country where the highest hill is about 300 meters and where I worked in one of the most delightful restaurants on a hill of 65 meters above sea level. We live nowadays in a small town at Lake Lucerne, which is at 500 meters above sea level. The surrounding mountains have an average of 1800 meters. So what brought a “child from the flat land” to this astonishing mountain and lake area?

Pretty simple. I felt homesick. In my mid-twenties I have worked several years in Central Switzerland, though living in the Netherlands I missed the mountains, the language, and the people deeply.

It all started when I was 18 years old, grieving for the death of my stepdad. In spring I when was given a choice to work in a restaurant of a friend of my uncle. Without thinking, I said yes. My mom bought me a train ticket. And so I went as an 18-year-old girl to a country I heard from at geography, but in the days of no internet, I boarded a train to Zürich, once in Zürich I found my train of destination within 10 minutes. Once I there, I asked the first pedestrian I met, where to find this Gasthof Krone. The address I had written on a small piece of paper. She was so kind as to bring me to the restaurant, which was 15 minutes walk.

It turned out that that chef owned with his twin brother a large part of the Stanserhorn mountain in Central Switzerland. On days the restaurant closed, we went up that mountain to stay a night over in 1 of the 2 cabins. Frankly, I loved it, I loved the smells, the views differentiated due to always changing weather circumstances. The view was at one side a full view on the alps, and on the other side, it was more lakes and flat land. One day it was sunny and bright, the other day we were packed in clouds, where I would only hear the cowbells. I fell in love with this area.


After 2 summer holidays working there, it took me until I was 25 years old until I returned. Intended was to give me a break of working there for one winter season. Again, I felt this calling coming from a foto in a swiss gastronomy newspaper. I remember that I decided to apply there. To be secure of a job I scheduled in 5 job interviews on my way to the place what felt like calling me. Even though I could start at all of the other places, the moment I drove up that mountain, in every cell of my body I felt a deep Yes, that this was the place I wanted to work, no matter what job they would give me. And Bürgenstock offered me a job. Of course, I took it. I felt all vibes of my body singing. I had no clue of all the challenging life lessons ahead of me.

Now 19 years later, I am writing this blog 25 minutes walk from that 5-star resort. As we speak, I am at Villa Honegg, another 5-star Hotel. What can I say? I like luxury as a standard. I love the views. In all weather circumstances, it is as the area is speaking its own language, a language of stability, of mysticism, of coherence and encouraging to have and speak your opinion. It is a language by nature, ever-changing, and always supplying needs. It allows tourist to pass through while it holds secure energy for the locals. Perhaps it is the combination of the lake, the language of the locals, the surrounding mountains and to accessibility by ground and air which makes this area so unique. I sure do understand that this is the area where over 700 years ago, the foundation of Switzerland has been formed by the surrounding locals. With the sage off Wilhem Tell as the most profound story known worldwide.

The period in between gave me headaches, heartaches, and in the end, after taking responsibility to face my life lessons, it did lead me home. I cannot tell you how terrible it feels once you have found an area which truly feels like Home, but life forces to learn and integrate certain life lessons before being allowed to settle down in that area.

What hurt me while I was working on the Bürgenstock the first 2 summers was that I realized I didn’t speak the native language, which is for sure no ordinary German. I decided for myself 2 things. 1st was that I needed to learn the local language before returning to 5-star gastronomy, which I did while working in a mountain restaurant in the Zürich area. 2nd and more important, Once I was sure not to return for work after the 3rd summer, I promised mount Pilatus to return one day. And I did. Okay, I admit it, I would not have made it if my partner had his nose in the same direction. I am a person who needs to be at a certain area to be Hoe, he needs to be where ever his loved one feels at home. So after a few years into our relationship, he told me one day. “ Hellen, I must say I am fed up with it that you go twice or 3 times a year on holiday to Switzerland and you leave me here working. You know what? We are going to move to. End of the year we are moving and just to make it clear, I will go, with or without you.” Well, going with him the end of that year has been the easiest choice I have ever made. I mean, where was my life heading, when out of my experience of feeling homesick, I turned on the local radio station Pilatus or radio Sunshine, so at least I could connect with the local Swiss German language.

Being back here in this area does something in me, it gives me a deep inner peace which I have never encountered in my life, not even at other Swiss areas where I have lived several years. Being here makes up for all the heartaches, depressions and mourning a had to face. Like all the phases in my life that I lived in Switzerland, I never felt homesick to my birth country. I do not miss anybody in the Netherlands, not even my son. My son does miss me sometimes, and that is okay to feel that. What he always says is the advantage that I seldom miss him is that he doesn’t feel me pulling at him. So he can live his life while living with his dad and grandmother

I am going to admit something. I am 45 years old as I write this blog. I have moved at least 40 times. As I say, there is this besides reading, this one thing I can do extraordinary well, and that is moving, moving from place to place, on our way to the place I can call Home. I know that I am only one or two moves away from the site which will be given by this area on a spiritual level, in our real-life I expect that co-incidences will reveal the location. I already came from a dark place to where we are right now. When I returned to the Netherlands, pregnant of my boy, we lived in a squatted school, with a toleration policy by the city. Now, 11 years later, with another life partner, we live in a 5,5 room apartment, with full sea view, 3 cars parking space, which is rare, what is not unusual that I seem to keep on doubling my luck and synchronicity.  I could write a whole book about that journey and how it taught me to read the metaphysical layers of housing space and the area surrounding the house or apartment. I learned how the price of the rent reflects my valuation of the housing space, and how much I am willing to come up with a monthly income generation being able to cover the monthly rent. The way I can cough up other expenses reflects the inner agreement of all my self aspects directly.

And believe me, Switzerland is an extraordinary country to face and engage financial life lessons, and it is encouraging to face all shadow sides that I find pretty remarkable and tells a lot about the collective consciousness of this country. European countries entirely enclose Switzerland, so it is an island surrounded by land, it is not part of the European nation. It is neutral. It does that while it offers a beacon of trust that healing is more possible here than at any other place in the world. At least for me personally and on a soul level this is my truth. This area encourages me to find the inner courage to acknowledge my internal aspects, it triggers me to find ways to live my highest path of Destiny.

So having expanded the Shift upon a Higher Destiny Healing assisted us to be here. Each quarter of the year, we take a topic to focus on in the Shift of Destiny Healing. I have experienced at least 26 Shift of Destiny Rituals, helping us to shift our lives. I guess being here, living here, is the proof that Shift of Destiny healings assisted us in changing our paths of Life, without zapping away any life lessons with the power of Light as many healers love to do. I guess this is what the local collective consciousness of Central Switzerland likes in us. Shifting without dodging what our souls want to experience, what our soul and personalities need to grow and evolve. And as you will read along in my to be published books, my first journey to Switzerland was healing for me as a person. In between then and now I faced the darkest places of my soul, inspired by past lives, ready to be processed while I was handed out the tools by my mentor of the mystery school the Spiritual Arts Academy to deal with it all. I have not been easy, but processing all pain and suffering forced me to learn immensely what it is to be human with expanded spiritual awareness.


Switching between living in these 2 countries, I have learned it is all about the journey of the soul and that this incarnation you are right now living, is offering us all the precise life experiences we nog need to process, grow and evolve. Some of us have a holiday life, others try to process thousands of years of karma. I hope you will receive the opportunity to make the choices in life to step up to a better place. And trust me, I know how dark and depressing life can be, I know how difficult it is to hear and see demons pressuring to do stuff you do not wish to do. Shifting a point of view makes them to be genuine beings, pointing you out on inner wounds deeply hidden in your soul. That is all they do, they are not out to harm you, if your mind would be able to translate on a healthy way, your whole life could change in an afternoon. And it will if you just allow yourself too. 

Journey along as I share our journey through our life lessons and our houses. Happy to have you aboard. And perhaps, one day, somewhere, somewhen we will meet. Either live or via books, I see you, I care for you, I support you.

Decide you want to have yourself changed. To change the situation you are in. Focus on the main feeling you would like to feel on a daily base. Decide what you do not want. Act upon what you do want and allow your life circumstances to bring you there. Allow your shadow sides to show up, showing you your hik ups and blocks in life, allow your whole self to grow and evolve and bring you Home…


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