Are you not feeling comfortable in your own home, in your own office? Relationships became a struggle, health is not how it used to be, finances coming into a low flow, happiness seems to have left your life.  Is this what you want to maintain or do you want to have your situation changed? 

You cannot put your finger on the source, but you just know, or you have been told by someone else, that there is something off in your house or business which has a bad influence. On this page you will find this option to let your home or your company be cleared by a professional space clearer like me. Would you like to let troubles, pressure, and tension be lifted off your shoulder with little to none effort from your side, besides handling the space clearing fees? Is this what suits you?

Making the difference in the lives of others is what drives me. Giving another an afternoon of my time can shift the outcome of their whole life… That causes great respect and gratefulness for my gifts, and use of my abilities.

Why would you choose for space clearing?

First of all, you want to feel better in your own Home. You want to improve your sense of well being.

Allowing a professional space clearer check out your house, business, farm, and land on stuff you have a blind spot for, or simply you are not spiritually aware enough to perceive all the rubbish that it hovers through your housing and/or business space, bothering you unseen, but effecting your financially, your mental and your physical health. You have the desire to improve health.

Not being spiritual enough is no point of blame, it is totally okay the way you are. Most likely your are  in for a step up in your inner development and if you see a space clearer as your spiritual mentor for a particular life phase, showing routes towards a bright and shining future, is that appealing to you?  So why not dismiss upcoming fears and proceed a path towards a bright life?

Tell me, how can you clear spiritual and astral emotional rubbish yourself, rubbish which had clouded up the housing space, affecting anyone coming there, if your senses are not clear enough to perceive them? 

You or other family members or employees don’t blossom as their potential carries. Showing depressed symptoms, which many would love to blame on circumstances, on others, or the worst; on themselves, while a core of triggers came from an astral or spiritual plane. 

Being in the situation you can not clear these cluttering circumstances should be a primary concern if you care about the well being of your family or business. Often a company and housing space are much more tied together then many realize. Entrepreneurs and employees bring their emotional garbage into the business into the building, and they bring their workload into their housing space, which can burden your family or your team.  Regardless what level of education you have, they most likely forgot to teach you how to clear your space energetically.

How can you be affected by unseen mystical influences?

The only way you can be affected is that on a soul level you are wounded in the first place. A wound caused in one of your previous lives, often it is unprocessed trauma or shock which really needs to be handled in this life. So there needs to be a level of resonance between your covered up wounds and that what haunts your house or clutters your work space. Without resonance, it is not likely you perceive subconscious any of the rubbish. You can see this as a level of attraction.

Ways you can be affected shows results in a diminishing of health. These effects show up in diminished financial health, physical health, poorer mental and emotional health. It can attribute to sleep deprivation.

Sometimes I am called in for a space clearing, and it turns out that space clearing is not the issue, but a change in diet should be implemented. When this occurs I will be open and honest in it, and we will discuss how to move forward. It will be most likely that I have read that in advance, before showing up in your house. Sometimes it turns out I serve you better with a family drama karma healing. Whatever you need, I have many tools at my disposal to serve you best. That is a promise.

Triggers I see I am being called in as a space clearer

People come for 2 main reasons for my space clearing practice. It is either to prevent undesired situations, or it is to overcome an unbearable housing situation. All clients are motivated to enhance their well being, to improve the ways they feel safe and comfortable at home.

Moving into a new house is a crucial trigger to call in a professional space clearer. If you move into your new home, what would you prefer? Entering the place while nesting in your own energies, or moving in while having to nest in the energies residues left by the previous owners who had a different lifestyle, a different way of thinking? If you are a business owner you can adapt this point of view on your business. 

Separation is a central theme in the space clearings I have conducted. 

I had witnessed couples heading towards divorce. Depending on when I was called it, the divorce was either prevented by getting the couple back on track, or it led to a far more healthier divorce. It happened that the couple choose to leave the business or house to start all over again, accepting to have made a faulty choice in residence but willing to move forward in life.


Merging and meldings. What might seem odd to you is that in certain cases, separation is caused by levels of mergers. A merger needs to be separated to prevent undesired separation, like in the case of a merger between mother and daughter where the daughter’s unconscious plays out her mothers’ pains by leaving her husband, honestly thinking that this is the best step to do — or demerging to cause an undesired non ability to change jobs or another form of essential relationship. Demerging an employer of her chef she knew from a past life within the army, having her not show her qualities, so a career was impossible to pursue. Demerging made a career shift possible, which not only her a much happier person, it brought a deeper level of happiness into the relationship with her spouse. Having the process of demerging occur in Cosmic Hall of Justice can make a pleasant change in the lives of those who call in a professional space clearer. This type of process is not achievable by mentalizing about the separation, and this is a spiritual evolved process.

I used to like providing demeldings on a business level, depending on the company size influencing up to thousands of families by doing so, and then I learned along the way that my personal preferences are to do it on a one on one level. So if you are a business owner who wants to call me in, I will first work on you before working on the business. My advice to you is to allow to be worked on your personal karmic story, then allowing time to unfold new stories, before working on a business level. Allow wonders to grow and appear within before cutting parts of the business while still unaware of the cause this story showed up in your life. Don’t rob yourself and your employees from growth and spiritual evolution. Money is a result, not the drive.

Why do I love providing others space clearing?

The ability to shift the outcome of lives, this humbles me and amazes me each time.
That is something that drives me to do for others what seems to them to be the impossible.

I love the unfolding of the stories shown to us during a space clearing. It is impressive how a pain in the ass entity, totally acting disturbing and even destroying the lives of the inhabitants living in this haunted space. Once I address them respectfully, allowing them to show us their story, providing healing on their side. I am often surprised how willing they are to show how they have tried to fuck up the ones living in that building, they are eager to turn from a pain in the ass into a beneficial resource once they meet a professional space clearer like me, who understands there is a story to unravel. The story shows the connections between the ones living in the haunted house and the one who haunts the house. Sometimes the relationship goes back for centuries and is something that should be resolved in this life so that ways can separate with no hard feelings.  Ending in a happy separation. And believe me, from someone who states that I am happily divorced, while my parents showed the opposite I can tell you, that is extremely valuable in life.  Having them be guided to realms or planes where they belong and leaving a space cleared from rubbish so the one living in the house can unfold a life story which is much more bright and shining. 

For the ones living in the house the unraveled story makes them understand their part of the life lessons to be learned while receiving healing on their soul and personal level. To me this ability to provide space clearing is making an impact on others, which has Value beyond all material means.

Has space clearing helped me to move forward in my life?

From my personal history, yes, without a doubt! I love moving from place to place until I have hit ground to settle down. I foresee that we are 1 to 2 steps away from that house. At age 45, I have moved at least 40 times within three countries; the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. This way of living supplied me is an intense training since I was 13 years old, reading several levels of the housing space, what inner wounds where resonating with the emotional residues left by previous inhabitants of the house, which required healing arts.  The connecting core soul wounds which allowed several levels of darkness touch upon inner wounds in order to be identified, to be healed where not so pleasant. I learned how the right house motivates me to level up financial income to pay for the financial aspects of the house — forcing me to create financial means supporting my preferred lifestyle.

By now, after 32 years of subconscious training of which 20 years of conscious training, it is like reading a book once I enter the house of a stranger who called me in for a space clearing. The numerous years of training which since 2008 I am trained to utilize a diversity of spiritual tools, all of my 12 well trained senses and connections available for me,  It is so exciting to have gathered broad space clearing experience. I am quickly bored, so I love the diversity space clearing provides me. To read the interaction from international business to the impressive info gathered from a local farmer who has incarnated in the same area for over 30 times, which provides whole other levels of spiritual information about the influences of past life relatives in current life.

Since my partner Gerard and I are a couple, we have been conducting space clearing in the homes we have lived in to improve our life quality. We have found that doing this has been healthy for our bonding process, and it prevented us a few times from separating. As highly psychic and spiritual aware I was when we met, he forced me to grow up and get real. Though painful, I am grateful that he stood by me the way he does. By now we know ourselves better, we feel empathy and compassion for each other if particular behavior shows up, or we recognize how the other is blindsided and we step up and put it to a stop. Although We have entirely different characters and totally different intrinsic motivations for our shared vision of our lifestyle, the common ground we share are our psychic and future reading abilities and the love for cars. 

What type of client are you?

If you are a petrolhead, great! I’d love to welcome you as my client, and I look forward not only to talk about the spiritual rubbish in your house and garage. If you are a farmer, nice work you have done till now, it would be my honor to help you plow through your pain and suffering. If you are a real estate agency, let me know which clients are eager to benefit from space clearing; perhaps you prefer a multi house clearing deal. If you are an Executive, let me know how I can serve you.

If you are single, allow me to provide trust that a match in love will show up in your life. Allow me to point out some traits you might want to work on to meet a life partner, aligned with your highest path of Destiny. I will set up the shifts you need.

What package would bring you the optimal benefits?

What applies to your situation?

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What Client ID suits you?

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