What would make you think a holistic approach for space clearing is the best way to go? I mean, Feng Shui exists for ages and works fine for many. So why bother the holistic approach? By the way, what do I, the author of this blog mean with the holistic approach? That is a valid question. I’ve been exploring space clearing for over 20 years now, and from out that experience and knowledge, I’ll explain this.

In this blog, you can expect some personal stories from 1st hand experiences or from my clients. While sharing stories, it’s my intention that along the way you let go of belief systems or assumptions about holistic space clearing. In the end, I have one goal in mind, that as the human race we benefit if we let go of our ignorance and suffering. It is said that each person has their unique contribution to add to the bigger plan, so from that standpoint, I ask you kindly to please embrace me for my task and enjoy together with me enjoy stories that are a bit uncommon.

To me, the author of this article Holistic Space Clearing includes a variety of issues to work on; Clearing energies, energetic imprints, and its residues. Clearing black magic, clearing and completing karma with the area and neighbors, Checking on the presence of and adjusting water and leylines, cleaning out undesirable houseguests, from death people not realizing where to go, to gnomes, and for sure the negative impact of demons. It includes balancing the elements, elemental spirits, and checking on other illness-inducing influences. It’s pretty normal not to understand a word I say, that is why I blog, so that my clients have something to read and that will prevent that I have to answer 100 times the same questions. Story after story showing you what can have an impact on your life, even if you weren’t aware it exists in the first place. Let me entertain you and explain life from out my awareness.

I’ve been moving from place to place, I am 46 years old and after moving about 40 times we are finally settling down on a Swiss farm which has a focus on a positive ecological impact. This experience of moving so much has been an excellent manner to explore the differences of influences one can experience in homes. For example, when our son was only a month old I insisted on moving out of the city center Appartement because I could sense fire was more and more crystalizing into reality, in the building we lived in. The father of my son was aware of my psychic ability. He listened, and we moved out. A year later  I heard the building next to ours burnt almost to the ground. So I learned what I sensed was valid, but I was a bit off and I let myself be ruled too much by fears. I had learned later at the Academy that what I sensed were fire vortexes, fire elementals, and fire spirits touching upon past life traumatic deaths wounds, all tied to fires. Over the years I learned how to transform them during a Space Clearing so no fire would occur in our physical plane. A preventive practice I call this. Feng Shui wouldn’t be able to prevent a fire like this, at least, I never came across stories confirming to do so. And you, have you ever heard of this type of preventive practice?

Years later, not so long ago, I started working again in the worldwide famous Swiss Resort the Bürgenstock. During the first year, one after the other hotel re-opened its doors after 9 years of the reconstruction period. In the beginning, a few times the fire alarm went off, and always within minutes, the local fire department showed up, always going home because there was no fire. One evening, when my shift just finished I heard the loud sirens passing by. Realizing they went to the construction site of the hotel which wasn’t finished yet, I was curious and followed the fire trucks towards the hotel. What I felt made me fall into panic. Being aware of that, being able to observe instead of being overcome with those emotions I asked my Angels to explain what was happening because screening the area, I saw no fire. Yet, the energy of fire felt extremely present. One of my guides translated the input of the angels and by pointing out where I walked, I  became aware I walked literally through the energetic imprint pf the fire truck, an imprint what the truck and the firemen just left behind. In a single moment, I read the aspect of resonance, how some firemen had been unable to process their experiences, dragging them with them as vivid memories in their auric space, spreading them all over the place. In another blog, I will dive deeper into the idea and concept of energetic residues and their potential for devastating life results.

In the weeks following that event, I bumped per co-incidence into locals sharing stories how on the location of that hotel, in 1958 a hotel burned to the ground, where a mother with 2 young boys died. Also, some others shared more about the stories of the previous owners of the hotels, which explained to me more and more about the unfolding history of the entire resort. Can you imagine how really interesting is it to have as a physic a regular job, and being able to connect the dots? Ah, well, now I understood the lady ghost in the kitchen of an old Spycher, which stood next to the newly rebuilt hotel. Once in a while, we worked there and I observed her while I was serving guests. She was a nice harmless ghost. I let her live in her world of illusions she carefully crafted. I find it important to know when it is timed to assist ghosts into their next phase of after death and when to let them be.

So in case of a fire, you deal with karma, you often deal with ghosts, fire spirits, and fire vortexes which can result in physical fire. You have unprocessed experiences like the firemen driving by, which if it matches someone they meet, old karma awakens and it could cause a start of a fire or other form of accident. To heal and transform this all you would need to hire an expert in Space Clearing who is not only highly capable, the thing is, many are not at all aware of this tiny but massive important detail… It is the hiring aspect, the intention of transformation by the building owner/tenants, which also contributes a deep transformation and altering to the whole physical events which could occur in the future. Okay, one could say; Hey for that I have insurance. Sure, by all means, makes sure you have good covering insurance. But why not prevent it, if it’s an option?

Well. I shared my concerns about a re-occurring fire with one of the managers. Problem is, he said not to believe in spirituality, keeping up appearances is for a lot of managers very important, so I no longer pursued the track to be hired by the resort as a spiritual business coach. What I’d like the main public to understand, and especially those who tagged themselves as lightworkers, is that when someone with presumed healing skills is not hired by a company or the household, there is no permission to heal and transform the situation. If a healer would do it without permission it is called meddling, and for that, in my case, my angels are not grateful and would not support me the way they do now. Justice would be served. If one would do healing without the knowingness of the owner of the place, I am inclined to say it would be black magic. Unless there is personal involvement, and severe personal karmic issue, one cannot interfere with the life lessons of others, even not if it would concern thousands of others. So having said that, back to space clearing.

Have you known that Space Clearing of a house/building can shift the health of those living and sleeping there to a more beneficial place? Where you aware that Space Clearing can result in a beneficial uplifting of not only health issues but also in the finances? It supports to improve the quality of relationships. Have you known that once stories unfold of the past of that area, the building and the person haunting the building, and the connecting past life stories of the current inhabitants clears the atmosphere in no effort?

Last year I had a space clearing for a local farmer. He was not a believer of my work but kids insisted this man was sitting at his table, while the farmer himself couldn’t perceive him. His sister convinced him to let me work on that issue and he agreed with a session. After the session, the dead guy sitting uninvited at the table was guided to local heaven and turned his grudge against the farmer into a warm, forgiving attitude, willing to stop bothering the cows and starting to be helpful for the farme. Instead of haunting every person offering love away, just because the dead guy believed the only way of farming was by hard work and suffering. Anyone not believing that, was chased away from the farm by the dead guy. During the session, it became clear the farmer and the dead guy knew each other from previous lives. For the farmer it was clear now why the mother of his children felt not welcome, resulting in a divorce. Okay, there is more to the story but that is beyond the scope I can share here. And the nice farmer deserves some level of privacy don’t you think? To him, it mattered that he felt lighter after the sessions.

Okay, so I just covered influences by ghosts, but what about those waterlines, is that really existing or is it just made up by granddads and aunts? Let me tell you that wherever I come I also like to check the place on geopathic/geomantic influences, if attuned I can feel them while walking over them, or see them with my inner eyes. Do you know someone telling they slept badly for years, searching for answers, in the end, the cause turned out to be a cold water line? Sapping out the energy of the house? And how this guy who was a friend of the cousin of your aunt could make them go away? I learned how to influence and transform them so while living above a normal health disturbing water line, becomes no longer an issue.

Are you still with me? Great, you are amazing! I have some more stories in my sleeve to make you better understand the benefits of holistic space clearing. Can I share some more interesting stories of why the holistic approach is useful and practical, though it sounds too many absurd and ridiculous? Well, let’s now talk about a more Harry Potter-like world of influences. Black Magic… Whooooo, are you scared yet? Are you amused, intrigued, or just about to click away? Why don’t you grab a coffee or herbal tea before you continue reading?

One day, when my son was about a year old, having left the city apartment and we moved, due to lack of financial resources and my awareness and by conscious choice that I had to learn some life lessons about black magic, which I admit one can only choose to live through as long you are naive and completely unaware of the effects of darkness. We lived in a squatted school with I think 10 others. Note: the school had been squatted with permission of the city council for over 20 years when I lived there, something which has been in the Netherlands not so uncommon. Like my spiritual mentor once stated after we left the place, I disturbed the general energies, which tend to be filled with darkness, addictions, and other not so amusing stuff. OMG, I hear you think, how can any sane mother move into a squatted school? Well, bare with me, I have a different view on life lessons than mainstream thinkers. So me being me, I built within that dark place my own sacred living space, filled with light, joy, and creativity. I created several force fields to protect my child, the father of my child, visitors, and of course myself from dark influences. Which I can assure you, that was more work then a normal household Space Clearing requires.

The day came I was fed up with the intruding energies from both co-squatters and the entities and demons they carried with them, the dark forces they allowed to work through them while under some kind of influence. Anyways, I painted the place, the hallways, bringing in light and cleaning up the place, I was confronted with angry neighbors because I painted over their dark insulting poetry on the walls of the shared bathrooms. Being fed up with the situation, one afternoon, while having a cup of tea, I created this force field with a mirror on the outside, intended to reflect unpleasant ill-will intended energies causing them to fight with themselves instead of me, warding off their energies all the time. I vividly remember telling the father of my child that evening “Honey, I created this type of force field, if I am wrong, nothing happens, if I am right, we might get some trouble soon.” Well… Have you ever heard that in a squatted home people get evicted by squatters? Well, I managed to experience that first hand! Only 3 days later this was the case. We had to get out now and didn’t even get the time to get all of our belongings out of our classroom/house. And as a young family, we found a lovely house in the countryside where we lived for 6 months. 6 months of relaxation and time to heal before the next house brought new challenges on a holistic space clearing level. I was grateful life gave us some slack.

It took time to clear out all the rubbish caused during that time of living in the squatted house. I encountered several forms of black magic cast upon us. Curses, spells, Past life black magic rituals where magic was abused surfaced, all to heal and to recover frozen or stuck soul aspects. So as much it would seem to be crazy what we did, it did was intended to learn to deal with darkness before my books became public and international bestsellers. 

What are you saying? Can I suffer in real-time from a curse? Someone can suffer from a curse cast in the area of their house, cast decades, centuries, or even millennia ago. Why does it bother and affect one person and not the other? Well, that is an important question which answers helps to understand life better. That depends on the wounds on a soul level, thus unprocessed life lessons of the previous incarnation of that soul. Therefore in an apartment building, so many forms of households can live, experiencing whole different lives. Living side by side, or clashing. Finding out that centuries ago a war took place at that very area, disturbing the family system once moving into a house located in such area, it makes sense to clear the residues, complete the karma and magical influences to bring harmony into that building, for its inhabitants or if it is a workplace, for all employees.

So mind me saying this as it might seem to be excessive to say; if a company hires me, or another well-founded space clearer, don’t act surprised when the situation changes without having talked to all employers or even the executive managers. Don’t be surprised if people quit their job and better-suited persons apply for the job, all due to the factor of resonance with the cleared space.

Are you still with me? Are you still not tired of my stories, so far off of your life? Okay, let’s continue then. Where we live now, the farmers are a school-example of how a decision to hire a space clearer affects the place in unexpected ways. They hired a geomantic healer for their land, due to sickness in the family and other disharmonious stuff. The guy came, shifted the energy, and guess what? 3 days later the previous tenants quit their rent, which enabled us to move into this lovely home. The farmers wished for a couple with whom they’d have pleasant daily social interactions with and we had the same wish. We didn’t know of each other’s existence but somehow life, or if you prefer the Universe or our Guardian Angels brought us in touch and till now I can state that for all of us, our life quality improved. 

Why would you bother to hire a space clearer? If you are in need of change, you can either cope with the situation, accepts it how it is, accepting the struggles you face, which might drag you into a very lonely place, or you hire a space clearer who helps you to step out of the spiral of negativity you seem not to be able to share with others. After helping others with Space Clearing for all these years the main thing my clients have in common is that they experience the inexplicable, which they don’t dare to share with others, afraid of the judgment of their sanity. Is this with you the case? Or have you ever heard almost insane stories of others? I lived it all, nothing is too much for me, I can handle strange stories, let me help you to step out of this dark place in your life. Unless you like to dwell in your suffering or you are willing to use any form of addiction to deal with your inner loneliness, by all means, it is your life, your decision. If you are ready to step into a better place in life, reach out to me.

It will be up to you how skilled the space clearer is you hire. Personally, I would advise you to hire me as your space clearer. Let me admit something personal about me. I am not a social animal, so besides myself, I only know 1 other space clearer I’d hire to help me clear out the rubbish in houses. Not knowing other space clearers doesn’t mean they don’t deliver a good job.

What are the benefits if you hire me? I work worldwide, I live trilingual (English, Deutsch, & Nederlands), I work online, depending on your budget I work at Location. I can even ‘automate’ monthly space clearings. I like to laugh. I like to teach you some easy tools. I have deep compassion for you. I have always questioned the level of suffering to be acceptable or not. You should do that too. But as a local prospect approached me recently for a house healing, I asked what the problem was. There were none, as I answered her, I tell you the same: I do not meddle in a happy family, but in the end, it is up to you to hire me or not. It is up to you to decide what your level of acceptable suffering is. Because of my holistic approach, we will always find a way to help diminish suffering and accelerate the overall well-being for you and your family, or you, your employees, and customers.

In the end, this is all we would like to achieve, a bit more happiness, a bit more money, a bit more gratefulness, a bit more joy, a healthier living. If I can, I would like to assist you for a while in your life’s journey to help you direct it to a higher path of destiny where this is all more real.

Why don’t we hop on a call to see if we are a match? In 20 minutes you can ask me anything you want. I promise you to do my best to answer honestly and within the knowledge, I have gained after 20 years of international space clearing.

But Hellen, what would it cost to hire you? My fees are variable. I offer packages for consultancy and space clearing for businesses and private households starting a 3k. I do give discounts if you are willing to do some preparation work yourself. Even if you don’t have a clue about spirituality, I have this tiny 85 paged e-book, where you can learn in just 12 weeks some foundations which will shift your life for the better. You can buy it on Amazon for only $ 9,99.

Occasionally I encounter someone I help out for a much lower fee.

Next week I am going to share the first of the Blog Sequence “Guilty” I take you on a journey where my personal life lesson coping with feelings of guilt dragged me into a spiral of destructive self-image, where I shattered relationships, wounded myself and loved ones until it hit me hard why learning to cope with feelings of guilt has been the greatest blessing in my life. 

In 2 weeks, that will be the 23rd  of July 2020, the 2nd blog about Holistic Space Clearing will be published. I will dive deeper into the idea and concept of residues of an energetic imprint, especially this blog is intriguing for physical shop owners, hoteliers, HSPers, empaths, or whatever you like to label yourself with.

So let’s meet again on the 16th and 23rd, online, same place. 

I look forward to your feedback below this blog.

Kind regards, 

Holistic Hellen


PS don’t forget to book your call with me, it’s free, and if you are like me, Dutch.. You Love tha


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