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Can Destiny really be shifted?

Many people think it is impossible to shift your destiny. Not being educated about this at school, so naturally lacking basic information about how life is formatted, one cannot be blamed. Once you understand the simple metaphysic mechanics in life, it is so easy to make shifts in one’s own life. One needs to become conscious, aware and most of all, willing to take certain steps. Let me ask you. Are you willing to broaden your horizon and be one of those who benefits of metaphysics? Or is it all to scary or unproven by science yet, not too overall accepted in social media yet, thus denying the worlds unnoticed with the regular developed senses, living a zombie like life, where pain, suffering and (self)denial is just an accepted part of the deal called your life?

Well, it is YOUR LIFE is it?
How much time are you willing to waste waiting
till you live the life you have always wanted or dreamed of?

So, what about some training in independent thinking?
Would you like to get a grip on your own life?

Then let’s start to master Self
~ Gnothi Saeuton ~
Know thyself

Do you think that decisions made in your past, in a state of anger, despair, envy or guilt brought you to a good place?  Can you even imagine that an event, occurred when you were only a few years old, is anchored in your subconscious mind and is now mastering in creating events in the present? Did you know that all which is unprocessed in your past, no matter if it is the recent past, the past of this life, or unprocessed stuff out of past lives, there always comes this one moment the Souls wishes to process it, and presents events in life which provide us with the opportunity to do so. We are not a victim of our life, in fact our life presents us loads of opportunities to become healed and whole again.

As this is basic stuff for me, most of us are not told how the mind works nor how the sub conscious mind decides for almost 95% in our life’s. It is not a co accident that it is my goal to bring coherence between your subconscious selves and your higher selves. It is a necessary step to transform your subconscious selves, and with this, it has the capacity to transform your entire life.

This and some more to be revealed Secrets are the Key ingredients how to Shift your Destiny.

Thanxs to Holistic Hellen’s guidance you will leave lower states of consciousness behind. You will connect with your inner knowledge. Your senses will be interconnected again. You will laugh a lot, tears will flow. You will experience wins by the insights you will gain, you will feel amazed by the ongoing influence of moments of panic, shame & guilt, let’s clear this all. Let’s use some proven spiritual gadgets to clear this rubbish, in all your self aspects.  In the end you will feel full of energy, having trust how to get there, where you truly wanna be in life.


According to Oxford dictionary it is : 
1. The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. 
2.The hidden power believed to control future events; fate.

According to me, and my Angels of High Magic and one of the High Lords of Karma support my statement:

I see Destiny as one’s soul’s choice what life lessons to work out for this current lifetime. For this, one will before incarnation choose events to occur, agree certain persons to meet which whom one might have heavy karma with or the opposite. These events and persons whill provide the opportunities to learn and integrate life lessons in the several levels of self; among this the subconscious selves and higher selves. Higher selves have the permission and ability to shift future events onto a higher path of Destiny, whereas the to be learned and to be integrated life lessons will enter in one’s life in a much milder level, due to the raised awareness of one’s current incarnation. 

Often with one of both parents you will have a karmic agreement with, while having with the other parent the incarnational agreement with. Or both, or the connection can be with just one of the siblings or grandparents. Nothing is fix or for every one the same… Some incarnate for a holiday life, some whish to process 2000 year of karma in one lifetime. We all can choose.

Allowing the assigned forces, powers and healing agencies to shift your life onto a higher path of Destiny is the gift of this Era. Severe trauma is this way being reduced to insights being gained at the spot. Can you imagine what financial benefits are tied to this? Have you any idea what a money machine all sorts of unprocessed traumas are? Unprocessed trauma can result in mass shooting, it can result in car accidents, it can result in suicide, it can result in rape, in violent, in abandonment, in all forms of abuse, it can trigger Pyromancy. It breaks ups families by ending up in divorces or arguements which results in familymembers feeling they have to pick a side. I am sure I forget some more but you can fill up the rest yourself. It seems the way our societies are evolving we are heading to a heavy derail and we all need all the help we can get, do you agree with me?

To me, the path and choice to shift your path of Destiny upon higher paths of Destiny, allows life to get easier and become kinder to self. Trauma gets processed for several life times and opens a future which much more positivity. Not an only a – let’s meditate or get high to fake the positive inflow of light – but a pathway of truly living the light. It is not for everyone easy, depending on the chosen life lessons by one’s soul. It definitively eases up life in ways many are not able to grasp the concept yet.

The fact that I cannot perceive my helpers with my physical senses does not bother me. I am aware that I am psychic thanxs to the coherence between my physical body, my astral/emotional body, my mental body and my spiritual body. During the 11 years of training at the spiritual Arts Academy I have evolved and work out new techniques with my connections in the Angelic worlds and beyond. Angels have helped me to experience many and to build trust in our relationships, they have been there for me 24/7. They can be there for you also, there are so many ready to assist all of us. All we have to do is reach out, ask them for help and allow them to help us.

All I can put into my marketing is the message that it is possible to live an easier life, once you allow yourself to become aware and grow as a person. You do not have to wait 30 years more, before you can benefit of healing steps which bring your whole health to the next level. You can learn how to do it right here.





  1. Become aware of the impulses your life presents you, the inner knowing that your life needs change. It might be the outer reflection that within a short time, others tell/give you the same message.
  2. If you have tried some techniques which did not work, ask yourself if the right one for you may be presented to you. Even it means you go for another trainer, for me I just honor your path and wish to bring coherence between your subconscious selves and higher selves.
  3. Once you have found a “buddy’, a trainer or coach, be honest. Don’t cheat on yourself, your future depends on it. Go all in. Write a declaration to yourself and have it placed somewhere where it reminds you daily and encourages you to takes action.
  4. Commence with the steps of cleaning yourself, your emotional self and your mental self. Allow your spiritual self to assist you to become aware of the hidden and suppressed stuff in your subconscious selves. Free up your own life force which goes into repressing all sorts of unprocessed wounds in your subconscious selves. Make it available for yourself
  5. Redefine your goals, your longings, your aspirations, your desires and what it is your truly want in life. I can assist you in this process by bring awareness between your higher selves and subconscious selves. In the end it is all your self-aspects who decide what you would like to reach, what you would like to live, what you would like to receive in your life.
  6. Allow yourself to notice guidance towards the life you truly want. This can come by input of creative ideas, conversations with friends, reading inspirational books, attending lectures, or trusting to your own inner voice and allow your inner guidance to be part of your life.
  7. Realize how easy your life got, just by shifting your life onto a higher path of Destiny, allowing insights to be a core guide in your life, leaving the need for unnecessary pain and suffering behind you in your life. You have become an independent thinker and decider how you respond to actions and events in your life.

Form an intention with blessings of your higher selves

In my highest purpose and in full alignment with my highest path of destiny, and in alignment with the highest path of destiny of all concerned, the I am that I am is now creating and manifesting


or what I as a higher Self have transformed them to be.