Did you know that during the first seven years of your life, you form a blueprint for your life? The first 5 years of your life is pretty fixed. This is the part you have planned for the moment you decided to have a life experience again, which is mostly 3 years before your birth. The first 18 months you learn about trust. Your mom is holding you, feeding you, you learn in this stage of your life to feel trust in life. The first 7 years are divided into learning stages. The one where you learn how to deal with shame pretty crucial in life. If your soul chooses to, you will have difficulties here or not.

Shyness and shame

As a soul you have decided to be born with your parents because they show on subtle levels an incapacity to deal with shame or guilt. I for sure know that is a big part why I choose my parents,  I have been bullied for many reasons. It is only now that I am an adult that I can see why others bullied me, is not because of my last name, my teeth or my glasses. It was of the insecurity I picked up from my caretakers. It was because I had to realize that it was not about me, it was about a need to show how tough they were. It was about life-giving reasons to show up for myself. But then I didn’t.

I was one of those that the moment someone looked at me, I blushed.
Do you have that also, or do you like to make others blush?

I allowed others to keep on dumping their shame energies in my space. Until it was almost too heavy to bear. There were al those feelings I had no idea what to do with it. My parents did not help me to overcome them. First when I turned end thirty, I got initiated into tools and information how to clear shame. Not by mentalizing, but really getting rid of it, what a revelation.

How about you, are you bullied or are you the bully?

Did you know that some bully, just to prevent that they are being bullied? Did you know that people shame others when they have the opinion the other does not fit into the group? It might be caused by not sharing the same religion, not wearing the right shoes, or you believe that Harry Potter is great while all your friends are more into the chronicles of Narnia. Not fitting in is one of the main reasons put layers of shame on another. And did you know that it is okay to feel ashamed, did you know that it is okay that you feel anger towards those who bully you? Just acting out on them does not help. Here, in this blog I am going to give you tools so you can clear the dumped layered shame out of your space. And once it is fully cleared, you will notice people responding differently. This can make such a difference in your life.

The fat lady

Okay, I am going to give you a personal story as an example how genius the subconscious mind is continuously scanning and reading those you meet. One day I encountered an obese woman. I shocked my self when she passed me by thinking. “Jesus, what a fat pig” The disgust I felt seeing her topped it off. I felt surprised. Why would I think that? Then my guide told me to quickly scan her aura more aware. I did, and at the outside of her aura, she carried this highly charged mask, saying; Yikes, what a fat pig, she is gross. My guide told me to look further, what does the charge in this mask make you do? Aha, it makes me dump without thinking shame energies in her space. Poeh that is not a great one to have. Unfortunately, I did not receive from my angel’s permissions to clear that mask in her space, so I let it go. But the experience that I never forget. So I want you to become aware that if others think wrongly of you, that it might be wise to clean up your personal space. Especially of layers of dumped shame.

So it is time to pull your Library card out. Your Holy guardian angel is instructed to add the spiritual information on how to clear layers of shame, and your angel will help you with this. First of all. This is a type of healing you can only do when you are in a good space. With being in a good space I mean that you feel happy, that you feel joy. Joy is an excellent mood in which to perform healing steps. Shame energies are extremely low, and you really have to be in a good place to be able to be neutral towards the layers of shame you will encounter in your space. 

If you have half an hour, we can start right away. Make sure you will not be disturbed, ask those who are home to give you some space, or if they are spiritually aware, to help you.

 You can start with calling from the Pyramid of the rose separation roses and have these refreshed. Send the center of planet some hello roses and ask from her to provide you with a total new grounding. Now ask your angel to call in the law of Identity and ha it activated so you can become more yourself. Allow everything that isn’t you to be returned to its original source, now call back all your energies via a golden sun fill up. How do you feel? Do you feel happy and joyful? Then continue.

We are going Harry Potter style.

So, for the first time, we are going to pull some magical tools forward. You will have these for the purpose of this exercise. Afterward, they will dissolve again. We are going to pull forward a magic wand, a magic cauldron, a magic cup with healing elixir with the quality divine joy, divine trust and divine love, a magic lantern, and magic sniffer. Can you imagine having these floating around you? They will be stationed outside of your aura. Your holy guardian angel will overview this healing, probably your guides also. So now we are going to work with the power of thoughts. By your intention, by asking the magic wand to pull the first layer of shame, which looks like a thin blanket of energy, out of your space, and have it brought to the caldron. Allow the blanket of shame be dropped into the magic caldron where it splashes to pure energies.  The energies will automatically return to its original source, in a neutral, recognizable way. Remember how we talked about this? Returning it neutral makes the original owner more likely to take it back. 

Now let’s have the magic wand pull out all the layers of shame dumped upon you, have layer after layer be dumped into the magic caldron. It is always fun to see stuff to be dropped into the caldron, to me, it often looks like a pan with fireworks, and I love fireworks, so this is fun to observe. How do you perceive it? Leave a comment below.

Remember, you can do this for yourself several times

Let’s have the magic wand pull out more layers of shame dumped upon you, have layer after layer be dropped into the cauldron. Do you feel on the inside any shifts? Some feel pressure in their body changing, and some can breathe deeper. Once you think there are no more layers of shame to clear, then your holy guardian angel will return the magical tools and will dissolve the connection between you and the magic tools.

Can you now perform a Golden Sun Fill up for yourself? Allowing all released energies which came available through this healing to return to the Golden Sun above your head — allowing the energies to be raised to its highest creative vibration purified, flowing down in to the top of your head, filling up your whole physical body, filling up the aura which is you in front of you, right of you, behind you, left of you, above you and below you.

Your homework and next weeks topic

Do the exercise 3 times this week, and become aware of how your reaction changes, do you feel different? Does the pain you feel on the inside get less? If you did the exercise with someone else, ask in week if they noticed changes in you.

Next weeks topic will be inspired by a comment of the readers. So please, do not feel shy to place a comment. I do moderate the comments, so if you want to inspire me with a comment, but do not want to see your comment published, write it down in the comment, I will respect your privacy. If no one is going to comment, then I will post a story, a tale about my adventures visiting temples in the astral and spiritual planes.

Have a good week, till next time, take care


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