I was baffled when the Aha-moment occurred. It made me realize why I could work decades on my grounding, on my alignment, and on my centering, but experiencing the sense of really getting there did not happen. I was puzzled by my failures. Annoyed that many years of experiential implementation of healing steps did not give me what I longed for. And then, my spiritual teacher gave me a healing journey with an unexpected outcome. So many puzzles fell into place. I even felt amused by my self, of all the explorations I have gone through. Though it gave me years of being in a rollercoaster and then this one, simple recognition gave me a Big insight, the insight I needed to step up my game, so you can now step up your game…

We have lost seniority, it's time to get it back

Whatever occurred in a past life, in bits and pieces we lost seniority. You might have lived in a harem, or you were part of a occult community, or you had been imprisoned, or you gave seniority over to a family member, or you where drugged or for some reason. Whatever your spiritual practices are, once you have lost your seniority over your own space, all the gadgets will not bring you there where you want to be. You need to have full seniority over your personal space in order to get in a place of being where you are fully authentic, grounded, aligned and centered. This means you have to invest in exploring your dualistic aspects.

Our personal space is trashed.

Our personal space is trashed with thoughts or emotions of another which they could not handle, so they in their ignorance dumped it in our personal space. We, evenly ignorant as the other received their trashing and thinking it is our own, thus beginning to process the trash seemed a battle not being able to win, which is true. Trash of your parents make you behave like them, and even if you promised never to be like your mother, you are puzzled why you have ended up acting like your mother.

Mindtrash can cause anger issues

One can end up getting angry due to the trash of another person in your space and blaming others for all sorts of events. But guess what? It is due to not having full seniority over your personal space, caused by connecting information about inner wounds, that made the trash in the first place allowed to be dumped in your personal space in the first place.

Being trashed can cause you to get angry. Mostly you are not able to translate what is happening within your subconscious mind, so you experience flashes of anger which make others turn you down, and the negative cycle begins. It is time to heal your inner wounds and get your seniority back. Seniority you might have given away many lifetimes ago, and which are still influencing your current life. It is time to put this to an end. To get whole again.

Wounds are rooted in the past. So one might choose not to talk about the past anymore, this really doesn’t mean that it is not there anymore. Ignoring is the active source of ignorance.

Ignoring is an significant tool of survival

I have seen that families and business implement ignoring issues as a tool of survival, afraid that the family system or business structure would collapse. Though this is often not even noticed by those who do this. Ignorance is mostly implemented when one is not being able to handle the issue, so let’s all ignore it. Is this wise? Is this healthy? Should we even judge this? Because what good does it do when you are constantly aware of pain and suffering when you do not own the tools to process the wounds? This is why your higher self tries to guide you towards the information you need to process the highly charged wounds residing in your subconscious selves. Once you have the tools, you have the power to heal yourself, to become whole again.

enlightenment doesn't have to be the goal

it can be the way

It seems that since my 1st enlightening moment in 1999 where my soul Shyna entered my body for the first time, I have stepped into a long time process of inversed evolution. As others might undertake the journey to get enlightened, I commit to the quest to understand being human, from out a spiritual experience. I investigate, I experience, I perceive, I accept, I understand and I heal. Then I can move on to the next piece of the puzzle what is being human to me.

While I am writing this, I feel the intense vibration of an immersing smile, coming from out my soul. I feel how the surrounding angels and demons are content with reaching this cornerstone insight about seniority is Key. I sense my 3 Angels of High Magic, sending a vibration of Higher Destiny of Identity and receiving Grace. I sense Yama, one of the gods of the underworld stating his mission being accomplished. Ownership is one of the most magnificent guidelines for becoming & being human pure.

Remember the good & evil functionality

If God wants to build, he first sends his angels of darkness to destroy, destruct and demolish, before he can send his angels of light to construct and built.

And it takes work, gaining full ownership over oneself. It takes time to observe the processes oneself goes through. How do I respond at work, at family and strangers? It is the process of getting to know my character, the personality, higher self-aspects, lower self-aspects. Including the hurt and stuck self-aspects, allowing them once acknowledged to grow up tot total present time, under the guidance of the Angels of the Higher Laws. It requires insights in past lives and how they influence this current life. For me, I went and struggled through my past lives filled with pain, with torture, with disrespect, with violence, with abuse of all sorts, with black magical influences. I am being given the spiritual processing tools with subliminal effects on my body, mind, and emotions, this made the process doable.

I must say it wasn’t easy or all that fun

I have suffered tremendous of all the processes of mourning, of separation, of feeling depressed, the postnatal depression struck me the hardest I guess. I bothered my environment with my struggles. I had to dismiss a career in hotel management due to my physical suffering of a wrecked nervous system. And the counter effect is that my empathy, my compassion has grown; I understand others in levels many cannot even grasp to understand. I have practiced and learned by doing how spiritual gadgets work and influence my well being. I have encountered friends in spiritual realms. I start to understand the respect from the darkness towards my being. It is not about destructions or separation, and it is all about getting whole again. It is all about accepting the dualistic nature of our modern world. It is all about doing what is best for my well being, for my health.

finding the courage to walk unknown paths

Getting whole means finding the courage withing to walk the paths of the unknown. This involves searching and finding information which is not overall accepted as the truth, but being able to check it with my overall trained and well-developed senses, it is more comfortable. I have found information about health which is in contradiction of medical science, but did it explain to me what I see in my body? Yes, it does, I try it out, testing this information by becoming and being aware of the experience of how my body, mind, and emotions respond. It is a marvelous path of self-mastery. And this path is open for everyone, thanks to the booming business of self-development books and courses.

Having Seniority makes you decide in a healthier way

One of the most prevailing effects of gaining your seniority over yourself back will show itself in the ability to make decisions. Decisions which turn out to be healthy on all levels for yourself. Having given away seniority clouds your judgment. You make decisions which benefit others.  For uncovered reasons, you have given away this fundamental aspect of life. For then it was serving its purpose, but for now, it might be wise to regain full authority over your decisionmaking mechanism. 

But… This is up to you. You have to decide when it is your time to become senior over your own life, over your consciousness, over foreign influences. And if you find it difficult to make a decision ask your higher self and your holy guardian Angel to help you to become aware what your incarnational plan has in store for you. Have faith in them that they will find ways to make it clear to you. It will fundamentally support you for your career, in partnerships, friendships, family life and it will encourage you to refind health. It is not a quest you wave away as the decision what you will have for dinner tonight, or shall I this time make a selfie without my Instagram smile and show the world I feel sad? It is essential for the course of your future.

You know what? I wanted to share it with you in my Bèta memebership site of Shift your Destiny, but what the heck, I am gonna give you now a preview of the powers of the Universal laws, which you can actively activate for life events, for the purpose of becoming whole again. So if you are in for an experience, please read further.

Seniority as a higher universal law

There are many ways to gain back full seniority over yourself, and then especially your subconscious selves. I have explored seniority while implementing a few spiritual gadgets. There is one I would like to share and discuss with you here in this blog. It is a way of which I received feedback that the angels agree of sharing publicly. In fact, it is the highest art of working spiritually and mentally with seniority. It is by invoking the Higher Universal Law of Seniority. This can be done during meditation, or you ask your Holy Guardian Angel to do it or allow your Higher Self to do this. Preferably you do this while you are in a healing space, which basically contains a magic circle with a protective shield on the outside, so that whatever happens within is protected and confidential. I, as Holistic Hellen, requested my Angels to provide each reader with such a space while contemplating on the Higher Law of Seniority. It will be dissolved automatically.

Experience the law of Seniority for yourself

You can test it for yourself how and if this works for you. Can you take a moment to think about a moment in life where it is difficult not to let others decide for you? Could be like what you are watching on TV tonight, or where to go on a holiday. Perhaps you tend to please others, at home, at work, and on the road. Can you imagine the situation? So now connect with the Higher Universal Law of Seniority. There are helpers to assist you in attuning on this law, such as your higher Self, Your Holy Guardian Angels, and some more spiritual helpers. Now allow the law to become active on the situation you are imagining. Take some moments to realize that hat you are imagining is shifting. Keep being focused on the situation you are imagining which is bothering you and allow the law of seniority to do its magic. Do you notice that the more the law of Seniority becomes active, the more the situation is changing? This will be for each reader attuned to their individual path of inner development as well to their personal karma. For one person just allowing this activation of the law of seniority provides a massive change in perception, another will only feel a small tingling in their body. You can play with it over time, and you will perceive differences. Remember to perform a Golden Sun Fill Up after each time you have contemplated on the Law of Seniority.

The world needs Masters

Masters to help them via guidance to get through the current processes our world citizens are in. The world needs masters who spent decades investigating the depths of the human soul, and the layers of consciousness, this marvelous dualistic planet contains. We are in the end stage of our current evolution, and it is time for all of us to gain back our seniority over ourselves.

Driving upon a road in the Swiss mountains I met in 2005 the first man who realized that Shyna was a very known spiritual teacher in the astral realms. Then I was by far not ready to step up my game. Now I am. It is time for me to teach also in this physical reality.

Allow me to assist you via the Shift your Destiny book series onto a path where you all will find the courage, love, and wisdom how to become whole again.

We are all humans with covered up wounds; some are lingering for many lifetimes to be seen and healed. We need to heal our past to get whole again. When I, a Dutch rooted woman, have mastered it, I am pretty sure you can also. Will you join me in Shifting our Destiny?

Then join the 15th of April 2019 the beta version of the Membership site Shift your Destiny.

It is time…

Here to assist humankind through their Quantum Leaps,

The emanating Soul of Holistic Hellen

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