Hello again, nice to have you back. How was last week for you? Have you had moments where you became aware that it was wise to call back your energies? How was it for you to retrieve your energies in a neutral state? Have you noticed a slight change in the relationship with that person who was holding your energies until you called it back? Have you become aware that the person in whom you found your energies and called it back is different now towards you? Nice, good for you. 

Sometimes applying a Spiritual Law is not enough.

Sometimes applying the Higher Universal Law of Recollection is not enough. Sometimes other spiritual gadgets are required. For the caregivers among you who read this Blog sequence with your children, it is great to have you here. The tool I will give you, and your kids can change your lives, your relations in no effort if you are willing to let the tool do its job. If you allow change to come effortlessly by allowing your spirit to do the work and let your mind shut off in how it works and for whom it will affect their lives. Children are different than us, adults, I have witnessed how they watch psychic with me into the astral and spiritual pane when I talk about the spiritual gadgets, I give them a small example of their own lives, and then they get it. Their mind is not interfering. They observe, and they test it out for themselves and come back to share an experience where they had this fight with their sibling, then used the relationship rose tool, and after a few minutes, they were good again.

This spiritual gadget is especially helpful 2 clear tension

This spiritual gadget is especially helpful in moments when you got into a fight, and you want to make it up, without having to explain yourself or if you want to avoid that you both end up in a stupid discussion. Sometimes 2 persons get into a fight because there is so much energies of other persons in their space. Sometimes you just want things to be good again. This is possible did you know that?

I like harmony, I tend to flee from places where there is not much energetic space for me. Well. That is in total contradiction with my incarnation goals, so life had me face situations where I could not flee and had to deal with situations. It is here, in this disharmony, it is in these unsettling situations I learned to value the spiritual tools the most. I was surprised. How it is possible that when I had an argument with my spouse, or I felt tension with my boy or my mentor, that it settled without having to argue or talk stuff over to clear the air? Just by calling forth and grounding a relationship rose to represent the relationship space from myself and the one I feel tension with. Tension often triggered by an overfilled relationship space. Filled, or trashed like I prefer to call it, with thoughts and emotions of others, can cause a tension which is spiritual of nature, affecting our mental and emotional state of being, resulting in an argument, a sense of sadness, or distance. This might be caused by the way others think about us, disapprove, or simply recognizing on a subconscious level that we have healer qualities, so others are relieved to find someone to hand over their emotional baggage without asking us if we want it.

A rose for relationship space healing, how does it work?

Do you remember that a few blogs ago you have received from the Angels of High Magic a library card providing you access to the pyramid of the rose? This library contains Millenia of information on how to use the rose as a symbolic healing tool. This week the Angels add this relationship rose upon your library card, so you can call forth relationship roses which carry all the spiritual information about the energetic space of a relation. Which can be a family relation, related to school, friends, neighbors, whatever you can imagine, the driver of your school bus, for example.

Can you now think of someone of whom you feel negative emotions when you think about them? Can you think of someone which you usually have a good bond with but lately not anymore? Have you found that person? Good. Now call forth by intention, by thinking it, a relationship space rose and ask it to represent the relationship with the person which just came to mind.

Perhaps you can see, smell, feel or sense that a rose appeared in front of you. Now we are going to say hello to the awareness of the center of the planet and ask the center of the planet to provide the rose with a grounding. If this is difficult for you, do not worry, then ask your higher self to have the rose to be connected with the center of the planet. You might see, hear, smell, feel, or sense that a cord is appearing, having the rose firmly connected to the center of the planet. Now call forth a magic wand, and tap on the rose to allow all rubbish, all energies which are not you or the other, will be released out of your space. 

You might see, sense, smell or hear it as a splashing fireworks, seeying all those energies leaving the rose. Perhaps in your case you sense it as a calm flow of water leaving the rose, leaving the space of the relationship.

Each of you reading this blog shall receive their own unique magic wand for the purpose to tap on the rose and the grounding cord. Your intention can be that all the rubbish of others trashing the relationship space will be cleared and flow away to the center of the planet. Here it will be transformed to neutral energy, and she makes sure it will be returned to its original source. Give this some moments, and you will notice that the way you think or feel about that other person has changed. Each of you are receiving on a spiritual level a magic wand will have access to this wand as you you do not misuse the practice of this wand and at the end of this current lifetime, the connection between you and this wand will automatically be dissolved. Your Holy Guardian Angel and your higher self will make sure this process is in full alignment of your highest path of Destiny, and the karma will be brought to its highest possible completion. If you do not want to keep the magic wand at all, just say in your mind you do not wish to keep the magic wand and it will be dissolved also in its completion. Your life, your choice.

A Personal experience, a Story about the rose

My biggest change caused by working with a relationship rose was after a fight with my spouse, who is also my best friend. I felt a bit desperate about how to make peace again. I grounded the relationship space rose, tapped on it for a few minutes, and then we both noticed that a lot of the strong opinions and energies of our mothers was leaving our space. We could even breathe easier, that was such a relief..! It also made me sad, to have learned this tool at such a late age, and not having the opportunity to have acquired this type of information when I was much younger. I guess the Universe had done this on purpose, so I would be aware of what a gift it can be for youngsters to learn to use these type of spiritual gadgets at a young age forward.

So, that’s it for this week.

I am sure I could talk about this for hours and explain so many things more concerned relations being trashed, but this is something more suited in my book to be published. When you are older, I am happy to explain more to you. So you can clean up your life at home, at school and work effortlessly. For now, I ask you to play a little bit during the coming week with these roses. Playing and testing is the best way to find out if this works for you. At the end, that is all that matters; does this work for you? Playing with spiritual gadgets is a nice way to become familiar with the effortless approach like this. Playing with roses is the best way to sense proof for yourself that this is a  gadget which works for you or not. So go on, test it out. If you feel insecure, you can ask for some guidance of your guide and Holy Guardian Angel. They have received instructions how to help you.

Next week’s topic is the Golden Sun Fill up (GSFup)

Next week we are going to talk about the healthiest tool ever, it is called a golden sun fill up, and it is an elegant manner to clean up your own energies and have it filled up with clean energies which is total you. It is a good way to fill up your aura and prevent whacks from becoming cracks and rips in your aura. It is like mending yourself by becoming more and more you. Would you like to experience that? Good, then we will meet next week, same day, same place, here online on this website.

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