Why on earth write a blog about Demons..? This week a former colleague and I met. She shared her painful experiences of the last 3 years. Life has been hard on her and she is on the verge of a huge breakthrough. A friend made her realize how deep she fell. I shared with her my darkest memories. She was surprised, she never thought that I was someone who met inner darkness as well.

 To be honest, when I was in the middle of it, I thought I was alone in this. When others asked how I was doing, I told them I was fine. I felt scared to share the truth. Thanks to the caring support of my close ones I came through these periods, but I can tell you, aspects of them were horrific. It made me feel deeply lonely. Others loved it when I shared my spiritual knowledge and they loved it when in a blink of an eye I could take them on an inner journey. But the side which was hurt, the part which almost broke me, was not easy to share. 


For me, the time has come to open up. Because I know that there are many more who suffer from darkness, which is not an easy one to share. It is my gift and my burden, being able to perceive both angels and demons… One thing I am aware of, it is one of my life tasks to normalize these topics.  If you’re interested, read along.


Movies do a lot of the explanation for me

Sitting on the balcony enjoying the winter sun, I overthought how I could explain to you, readers of my blogs, my inner world, me being the female version of Harry Potter. Mentioning Harry Potter alone, allows you to gain insight without having to tell you what I can perceive, think of the movies, and you know how daily life can be for me.

It became so easy thanks to the creativity of Disney’s creative minds behind the movie “Ralph broke the internet” Have you seen that movie? I totally recommend it to watch, it is a funny and great way to spend some time with the screen while you zone out, amused. It gave me insights on how to explain my world in a simple way even a kid can understand it. At least mine does.

On earth, there are several layers of existence. Most of us are only aware of what we see, humans, animals, plants. Beside these, there are numerous more. These layers, planes, worlds of consciousness such as an Angelic realm can be compared with a platform such as Facebook.

I am pretty sure you have or had an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or what else is hot in your country. So, you have a sense of how platforms interconnect and connect humans all around the world. Well, in the Angelic and Demonic kingdoms it is pretty much comparable. 

Demons as an example

What most of us do not understand that well is how these beings interconnect with other entities outside of their species. I will make an effort to explain to you as easy as possible. It is not rocket science so you will be capable of understanding.

We live in a world surrounded with entities we do not perceive with our regular senses. Entities such as demons have their own layers of existence, their own platform as you might wish to make the comparison. They live in their realm, they exist there, and they exchange with each other, with humans (we live in the physical plane), with deceased loved ones (who live in the astral planes), with animals. As far as I know, they do not have communication with plants and trees, though they are able to hang out in nature or in the ground. I have been in places which felt pretty scary and once I tuned in, I found the causing demon entity or another type of being from the underworld.

Now is my, therefore of any other such as yourself, inner experiential world comparable with the Internet. If I want to meet up or talk to a certain entity, as I would swipe on my smartphone, I swipe through the several frequencies and vibrations which align with that specific entity or knowledge source. For this, I use my telepathy as well the interconnection between my senses residing in my different subtle bodies. – If you want to know more about this topic please read my blog about the 12 senses. – So in my inner world, what you might call your mind, which is for me just one single aspect of my inner world, that what or whom I search, appears for me on a visual and/or auditive base, just as you watch YouTube or listen to Soundcloud. And that without any costs for an internet connection, isn’t this great? (that is a Hellen joke)

This awareness and being able to communicate revers to aware developed clairvoyance and a telepathic connection. As far as I am aware of, they are definitely not the same, though many would think so. I see someone who is clairvoyant as a person who has established a healthy connection between the different subtle bodies within the same sense. Meaning you are able to see what your eyes of your astral body or your spiritual body see. Then there is telepathy. What is telepathy? Far fedged you can compare the telepathic channels with the tails they have used in the movie Avatar to enable the blueish specie to ride their dragons. There are two varieties of telepathy. Broadband and small band telepathy. If I talk in front of a class, I talk in broadband telepathy, it is meant to be understood by the entire class. If I talk to one individual, I use small band telepathy. The message will be received with better attention and accuracy.


There is more to it than this. If I think in broadband telepathy, my thoughts can be perceived by several sorts of entities. Such as angels, holy guardian angels, demons, diabolic beings, gnomes, guides, deceased loved ones, aliens, et cetera. Do I think focused in small band telepathy about a certain species, that species shall hear my thoughts, and another less likely or not at all. The demon does not hear what I tell an angel. 

Lower consciousness doesn't perceive higher consciousness

Every rule, or normality, has their exceptions. Highly developed demonic beings have a broader telepathic range. From personal experience, I know the highly developed demons are able to read me, without that I share my past experiences with them by telling them. They read me and they know. Sometimes a bit freaky, sometimes really helpful there they see through the rubbish. 

On the other hand, if a less developed demon lives off guilt feelings, he shall only perceive me, if I carry guilt feeling within my personal space. If they are not charged it is likely he will pass me without him noticing me. Do I have guilt feelings highly charged in me, he sees a huge electrical impulse in which he connects to. Once connected, he feeds off my energies. Like having an extra kid in the house, without having to clothe him, nor bring him to school every day. Is it healthy having such a connection? Use your common sense and answer the question yourself, will you?


Him being able to hook into my guilt feelings is not his fault. He just uses that which was already slumbering within me. He brings awareness that I have unresolved emotions in me. Sure, he loves to trigger more events which cause more feelings of guilt in my life. The more feelings of guilt I experience, the better he gets nurtured.  If he is a little bit smart, he will provoke events to happen in my life, which stir up a lot of guilt feelings. If he is a social being, he will call in his friends the demons living of fear, of doubt, of sexuality, and of anxieties. So they have a party and it can drive you crazy and your shrink will prescribe you a lot of pills. 

Who is to blame?

Is it then my fault that I carry feelings of guilt within me? I do not see it as I am to blame as faulty. Most likely as a child, somewhere between 3 and 4,5 years old, the time psychological seen an infant learns to deal with feelings such as guilt, I had an incident or two, where guilt feelings arose. Most likely I was a little shaken by these feelings, insecure of what it was I was feeling, not knowing how to deal with them. I most likely suppressed them in a moment of feeling a light panic caused by this encounter of new feelings.


Most likely my caretakers, my parents never showed me how to deal with loads of feelings. So how could I know how to deal with them? If they never showed me that feelings can be processed by giving them space, how was it then my fault? Was it then theirs? Or was it the fault of the entire Bloodline? Or why not blame the area I was born? Till today I see that my parents tend to suppress and deny many of their feelings. Denying these feelings doesn’t make them vanish into thin air. But it helps them to deal with their lives. I choose to deal with it in another way.

Denial doesn’t work with other forms of existence on this earth either. Sure, we can deny that Angels and Demons exist, or state that they are no more than a fantasy. That doesn’t mean they cease to exist, just because we deny their existence. In this, we are like infants who do the “kiekeboe” game. Placing their hands before their eyes and you are not there. Removing their hands and they can see you again. “Kiekeboe!” we say in Holland. I think it is a game which is played all around the world, what do you say in your language? 

But the question is, does it work? Do you cease to exist when an infant holds its hand before its eyes? Nope…

To me, it is just like the story Joseph, the founder of  “When you spend the whole day on a sunny beach, not using sunblock. Does it mean that you do not get sunburned just because you do not believe in radiation?” Yeah, you can tell by this one sentence that he is a nuclear engineer. You should meet him one day, he is a funny guy, looks like Einstein and is a great teacher, reader, healer and a friend of mine. He travels yearly in the Netherlands, Brazil, sometimes in Saudi Arabia, in Germany, in Ireland and in the US, Fran Sansisco area. For spiritual exploring, providing others with healing steps and teachings.

Where do demons live?

Anyways, let’s take a better look at the concept hooking on, tapping into some unprocessed emotions. Where do demons and angels live then? Are they hidden in a mountain, do they live deep in the sea, where is their home? That is a fair question I would say. I am not a marketer who claims to have the one true answer. I am an explorer who relies on what I perceive in my inner world. I do not write about the opinions of others. I can suggest you read certain books, but being a blogger, I prefer to share my personal experience instead of being a message regenerator. Does this sound fair to you? Great, let’s continue my story then. 

It is not so that they are purely located somewhere on earth, and from here they connect with others. They all live on different frequencies and vibrations which are called planes and realms. I do see them cluttering up in certain places, which I do not intend to share here. As they live in their place called Home, these are like other worlds, covering our own. Just because they are vibrating on different vibrations and frequencies, we can co-exist within the same space. It is the vibrational space, the event space, the time-space which makes us living side by side, without perceiving all of us at the same place or moment. That is a relief, isn’t it?

So, taking a demon again as an example. They float around as unseen dust particles within their own planes of existence. 20 years ago I was shown an atlas showing where they live on this earth. But unfortunately I cannot recreate it for you.

To perceive us, there must exist a common ground, as I described in the above, feelings of guilt as an example. I perceive them thanks to my inner awareness of my own personal space. Once I become aware of a shift in my personal space, I scan on foreign energies. Due to over 20 years of training, I can tell if it is a telepathic connection or that one intruded my personal space, or that one walks through our housing space. Which can be a business space also. ** Check the bottom of this Blog.

I take the following experience as an example. A few years back a demon connected with me as a tutorial experience. I share it here as it feels part of my duty. There in the spiritual world loads of people state that they are lightworkers who fight against darkness. From my perception, most of them have no clue about functionality in our dualistic world which exists in light and darkness. There we are not yet evolved beyond our dualistic base, we should start to honor our duality. It is what allows us to grow and evolve, it is what allows us to become more whole. 

As this demon connected with me, my Angels of High Magic created a protected circle around me. As I traveled with him into the underworld. I felt awed with what I saw. I had never seen such a world before, not even in the movies.  He showed me where he lived and he projected a memory of him where a light consciousness invaded his world, these lights disturbed and destructed his world. His world got ripped apart by an uninvited guest, calling himself to be a lightworker. Seeing the broken world, feeling his emotions it became clear why he saw the light as evil. His perception felt honest and sincere to me. Words cannot describe what he showed me. My inner compassion changed my personal view of demons. 

Biases about darkness

I don’t know about you, I myself was pretty biased and never let them, the demons, close to me. I was taught that demons are evil and ought to be ruled out. Angels are the good guys. (To be clear, in my perception they still are) During life altering healings during a Spiritual Arts Academy class or workshop, or at home or in my office, I experienced real transformational healings, where stuff from past lives needed to get cleared and released in the underworld instead of healing with a light source. A contract made in the underworld must be dissolved in the underworld to make sure it is fully completed. Here the line of Joseph makes sense, “If God wants to build, he first sends his angels of darkness to destruct and demolish, so God can send his Angels of Light to built up again.” This sense came true to me, it became a simple rule. By personal experience, I understand what is said, and laid judgment aside. This doesn’t mean that I have any knowledge of Satanism. For that I must pass. Sorry, no clue of that. What I do know is that I can work in the layers of hell as in the layers of heaven. In each layer, I encounter different beings. In each layer, I find connections, agreements past incarnations of my own soul have made. From my personal experience, the deeper the layer in hell, the more evolved the beings are. The more intelligent they are. The demonic beings in the upper regions of the underworld can be pretty stupid and a pain in the ass. I see them as less intelligent and more like the demon, I described above, living of feelings of guilt. In our reality the are overtly connected with many in our society. Think about money thirsty business (wo)men. Or success thirsty politician. My choices of BlogPicture makes sense to you, doesn’t it?

Personal explorations of spiritual connections in modern day life

How are spiritual connections useful and practical in daily life?

If news reaches me that a certain decision maker makes stupid decisions in my perception, which I find very disturbing and am not sure how to handle it, I send a sort of video file to the Lords of Karma, who live on Saturn and who perform the function of the high court of our Solar system. They can then decide how to proceed and bring Justice. Because I don’t know about you, I do not have a phone number of highly placed decision makers in my smartphone to give a call and tell them to take care of a situation, such as stop cutting wood in the rainforest, threatening life on earth.  I feel grateful that after training 10 years, they gave me a VIP ticket to connect with them. 

Another way is much more humble and suitable for daily practice. I like to talk to my guides and personal Holy Guardian Angel. The one thing I request them since I can remember is to bring synchronicity into my life or to find lost contacts back into my life. Or I ask them to bring someone on my path who can help me with this or that. Either practical based such as selling a car to someone who can use a good Volvo. Or I ask them to bring others who could use the sort of information I share to my website. Or If I have a blockage of which I do not know how to bypass it, I ask them to guide me to the proper information which beholds Truth with a capital T. This is how I found the Medical Medium Anthony William, of who I am grateful to finally understand how to heal. You can try this one yourself. Guardian Angels and guides love to bring people together, which you can see as co-incident if you prefer. Ask them anything, let them run for you, the must be thrilled to have an active connection with you, let them proof you that they exist. 

To be honest, I have not tried this out with demons. I do not yet intend to pursue the path of having a demon as a guide. All within my preference of my comfort zone. If this organically shifts, that is something else. There I will write the Black Book, where you learn how to free up all self-aspects out of Hell. It is not everybody’s cup of tea, that’s okay. I have this sense that they will guide me during the writing process, of after it’s completion our paths will part again.

Respect human personal space

There is this one thing I have to get off my chest. That is the way many of us read another. This can be reading the future, reading ones past, reading one’s health, you name it. And we spiritual, intuitive people love to do this nowadays, being such a trend. What many of us, including myself not always seem to understand, are the mechanisms of reading. It is so cool to show off and tell others about their future. I have learned the hard way that I, and there are many others who do it like me, read by intruding another’s personal space, or even dumber, read the problems of another without having set up a protective space. 

Or do you really think that once you read information about another’s problems, the demons who have the interest to maintain these problems, that they do not notice you? Well, bummer, they freaking do and if they don’t like it where you bring the person you are reading to, they probably attack you. There are many ways to attack and often it comes down to one’s own stupidity by entering the readee’s space, leaving traces of your own energies. Symptoms of all kinds can show up in the days after and they can be mild to causing huge migraines or other stuff. For me, it was a reason to investigate many sorts of attacks, what caused it, what enabled it. If you are not so the explorer type, a warning might be just what you need. Create a protective space. Even it is something simple as requesting your higher self or your Holy Guardian Angel to create a magic circle around your aura with a magical shield on the outside, so whatever happens within this reading space is protective and confidential. It might look like a mirror on the outside, or yours looks like a purple flame, whatever aligns with you.

This alone is a reason to spend time and some effort on spiritual protection. How you do it depends on your personal preferences. In the future, I will offer an online course about it. It is wise to be protected while you grow and evolve to the place you do not need it anymore. Till then, do it like sex, do it safely. 

I would like to share something more about the Lords of Karma, I assume there will be readers who tend to be like me, give them information and they will tend to explore themselves. For those, I give you some words of advice. It is the same advice Franz Bardon already gave in his books. I never ever call them into my space and urge you not to do that either. Their frequency is life destructing different than our personal human space. Not to be blunt, but this goes the same for angelic beings. It is for a reason that we human can perceive what we can perceive. And all this spiritual trending stuff is for those who make a living off it is nice, but most of them can be pretty clueless as it comes to safety comes first. Of course not all of them. 

This is where I come in and write what I write. I like the explorations and somehow, I am gifted to be able to travel safely deep into both sides. I can go into hell and into heavens without getting punished physically. At the Spiritual Arts Academy, I got taught to work with certain spiritual gadgets such as an evocation triangle, in which first the essence of the plane gets streamed into, and then allow the angels of high magic call in the entity you would like to communicate with. All respecting the natural boundaries and differences in frequencies between 2 beings wanting to communicate with each other. Not only is this a safe and wise to do, but it is also the method which ensures you that no connections are being created such I described above with the demon who lives of feelings of guilt.

For the nerds among us

For the nerds among us who would love to know what kinds and sorts demons exist, I give you a quick some up. I will go deeper into it in the fourth book of the Book series “Shift your Destiny”, which carries to the provisional title:

“The Black Book.  How to free yourself up out of the Hells” Why give an overview in a blog? Well, some of you will never read more than these blogs, and I do want you to leave well informed. Because if you ask your Guardian Angel to end your past life relationships and contracts with all of your demons, and in reality, it was with another species, the suffering will maintain in your life. Know the words and connecting vibrations you use with angels.

1. Demons 2. Diabolic Beings 3. Hungry Ghosts 4. Parasitic Beings 5. Incubus and Succubus, living off sexual energies 6. Aliens, living within our Solar System, thus under the ruling of the Lords of Karma. (Aliens can be from the opposite side also, from the light side) 7. Extraterrestrial: Aliens living outside of our Solar System, thus not falling under the ruling of the Lords of Karma, other guys needs to be called in for these, of which I only have the connection with the extraterrestrial  or interterrestrial Angels of High Magic to deal with these intruders)  (Extraterrestrial can be from the opposite side also, from the light side, such as some of the Pleiadian)

I am aware that Wikipedia defines the last 2 different. Well, I can’t blame them for their ignorance, that is forgiven. But for me I have to differentiate these like this, if I do spiritual healing work together with the Angels of the Higher Laws, the Angels of High Magic and the Lords of Karma. They expect accuracy from me.

How a demonic entity entered my space while driving

It must have been 9 years ago that I learned the hard way why it is not wise to check out a prison on sorts of entities floating around, without having set up a protected healing and reading space. Nowaday I act different then in those days.

I am known for my curiosity (the – act first, then think – sort of way). I remember how my caretakers tried to teach me to think first before I speak. Well, that is flushed down the toilet, that is my part of being. It is an important aspect of my character.  And you might have noticed through my blogs, that I am quite a character, I admit to that. Personally, I think to do the work I do, I must be. Otherwise, I am squeezed within a blink of an eye. Being like this taught me a lesson or two the hard way. Getting smacked flat in the face so to say. And I did promise you to tell this story in one of my previous blogs, so, finally, here it is.

I was on my way home from a healing, given in the Netherlands. It was in the same village as where my sister is buried, so I visited her grave on my way home. It is this strange obligation I feel once in a while. Do you recognize that? Anyways, I drove in my car passing the village Zutphen. This is a lovely Hanze-city next to the river the Ijssel. As I drove on the road crossing the Ijssel, on my left I passed a prison. 

Curious as I am, still being in the mood of the readings I did during the healing, I wondered what sorts of entities float around a prison. So, while driving 100 km/h I looked with my inner eyes and saw a few. One of them noticed me and flew hundreds of meters and in a split second, it was hanging in front of my front window. As I looked at him while looking at the road, he stared at me and all of a sudden he intruded my personal space, he entered my aura and what the **ck? He entered my body. OMG, this felt totally uncomfortable. I became dizzy and instant cranky and had to laugh at the same time. What did I get myself into this time??? By the time I passed the river, I felt this entity getting into my body and instant I connected with my healing angels, the angels of High magic, having them set up a healing space, trying to get rid of that entity. Well sadly without any success. 

In the end, another healer had to help me to get rid of this entity. And for me, the one thing I had to make lots of effort for, was getting home safely. Driving possessed is not so pleasant I can tell you. It was hard to connect with my own body and I had to trust my ability to drive on automatic pilot. It was hard to almost impossible for me to stay in the body which is pretty non-useful while driving a car as you can imagine. I commenced Ki-breathing to help me to stay focused on the road. The entity tried to influence me with all sorts of unpleasant negative thoughts, which were easy to recognize as not mine, so you might think they were easy to dismiss, but still, they appeared. I tried all sorts of spiritual gadgets, to get the entity out, all failed. 

In the end, once another healer was able to help me. I was at home and the story unfolded. In a past life, my former incarnation made an agreement in the underworld to gain benefits by allowing this type of entity to do stuff for me. The entity which I noticed around the prison, was of the same kind, which gave him a passage, and entrance card into my body. The whole story needed to become seen, ended on all levels. A karmic level, all forms of agreements needed to be ended, and all magical influences needed to be cleared. 

This needs the acknowledgments that we live a string of lives. These string of Lifes interconnect and influence each other. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. Sometimes it looks like a kitten playing with a ball of wool, which needs to get untied. Bringing structure in the interconnecting ties. Called work through your karma… 

Thank god I have the privilege to have a few friends who can do this for me. If I hadn’t, it is likely to end up as the guy this entity was attached to. In prison…

This is why this whole job of spiritual healing should be taken seriously.

This is why showing and teaching others how to read in a protected healings pace is more than just wise. It can save your life of getting fucked up. It is not about showing you how cool I am, it is about letting you know that there are whole worlds of beings we can not perceive, and they can influence us, they can influence our lives anyways, if your believe in it or not. We have to stop being so naïve and start exploring save pass ways and methodologies. 

Frying my nervous system due to an enlightening spiritual experience

Did you know that spiritual experiences can influence your physical state of health? 

The one time I did clearly fry my nervous system was when I stepped into the light and made my 50 steps in the light. I know, because I have counted them, that was my way of clinching onto our reality. And I can tell you, this enlightening experience is the deepest experience I have ever had. It is like one big orgasmic experience, where the light is lighter than any light I have ever seen on this earth, where I felt without boundaries, emerging with a oneness sensation of Love. Pretty cool and luckily surrounded by guides and angels to guide me through this experience. 

It is not something I can sell you in a 7-step program, nor will I ever do that. I do not want to be responsible for any harm to your physical and emotional body. I do like to sell you other 7 step programs which will Shift your Destiny, there I need to make a living also. What I offer may seem to me like baby steps, for one who is in search for real change it, might be giant steps and I have to respect this in you.

Life purpose and sense of life purpose

This life is for me meant to make a huge cleanse on all of it. Completion of Karma, while building up more Dharma. I am happy with the prospect of my future lives to be purified. Which I translate to live easier lives than this one and easier than my previous ones. So facing my karma means doing myself a favor. It is not pleasant, but it ensures a gift in the future. It does mean that I have to process bunches of stuff this lifetime. Meaning I have to become aware of all the unprocessed emotions I have tried to deny, ignore or pushed away in order to not live through all sorts of painful emotions. Does this sound like you also? 

Well, having the pursue to be in the path of knowledge and wisdom to cleanse rubbish and stuff I find wise spending of my time and awareness. How about you? Do you have a sense of your life purpose? Or were you secretly waiting to read the mystical recipe for finding out what your own life purpose for this life is? Well, who knows, I might do that for you in a future Blog. Would you like that? Let me know via the comments below this Blog.

*Depending on the business this can be pretty exhausting I can tell you. You can imagine that reading a business space of 7 employers is much easier than reading a business of 800 employers, where to differentiate between invited and uninvited guests. In the last 2 years, I actually was an employer of a Hotel Resort which reopened and sized up from about 100 employers to currently 800 employers. With a flow of guests coming and going from a few hundred to a few thousand on a daily base. Pfff.  Not having the permission to realign al invited and uninvited guests, working there has become impossible for me. A personal dream has shattered due to incapability with dealing continuously changing boundaries. Still, being part of the reopening phase of the 5* superior resort the Bürgenstock has been a huge gift for me.  Not only was I homesick driven to return to this place. It is foremost proof that what I foresaw then in 2003, how I described the Bürgenstock in the future became reality. With a bit of remorse, I say goodbye now to this dream. 

Are you open for healing?

Besides blogging, which are free to read, I offer VIP Training.

During these training, you are guided through the past of this life and previous lives. I am clearing blocking issues such as karma. If you are interested, I invite you to make a free Skype appointment, where we spend 20 minutes together. Where I read you, and where you decide I am the metaphysical mentor for you or not. The first of 3 levels of the VIP training is accessible for everyone. For the 2nd and 3rd level of VIP training, you will have to show to make progress in life, utilizing the provided tools and information. Apprentices have to be aligned with my values to be able to receive the more advanced training.

The 2nd and 3rd training are in the 5 figures. The 1st level of VIP training is in the 4 figures.

Intentioning ° Prayer ° Mantra ° Affirmation

May we become an implement of healing and commit ourselves to the healing of pain and suffering of mankind. May it be with the blessings of the creator so it may manifest in a state of wisdom, love, and compassion.