Why on earth write a blog about Demons..? This week a former colleague and I met. She shared her painful experiences. Life has been hard on her and she is on the verge of a huge breakthrough. A friend made her realize how deep she fell. I shared with her my darkest memories. She was surprised, she never thought that I was someone who met inner darkness as well. She thought I always had a grip on life. Yes, so? That doesn’t mean I am unfamiliar with the dark side of life.

To be honest, when I was in the middle of it, I thought I was alone in this. When others asked how I was doing, I told them I was fine. I felt scared to share the truth. Thanks to the caring support of my close ones I came through these periods, but I can tell you, aspects of them were horrific. It made me feel deeply lonely. Others loved it when I shared my spiritual knowledge and they loved it when in a blink of an eye I could take them on an inner journey. But the side which was hurt, the part which almost broke me, was not easy to share.

For me, the time has come to open up. Because I know that there are many more who suffer from darkness, which is not an easy one to share. It is my gift and my burden, being able to perceive both angels and demons… One thing I am aware of, it is one of my life tasks to normalize these topics.  If you’re interested, read along.

Movies do a lot of the explanation about magic

Sitting on the balcony enjoying the winter sun, I overthought how I could explain to you, readers of my blogs, my inner world, me being the female version of Harry Potter. Mentioning Harry Potter alone, allows you to gain insight without having to tell you what I can perceive, think of the movies, and you know how daily life can be for me.

It became so easy thanks to the creativity of Disney’s creative minds behind the movie “Ralph broke the internet” Have you seen that movie? I totally recommend it to watch, it is a funny and great way to spend some time with the screen while you zone out, amused. It gave me insights on how to explain my world in a simple way even a kid can understand it. At least mine does.

On earth, there are several layers of existence. Most of us are only aware of what we see, humans, animals, plants. Beside these, there are numerous more. These layers, planes, worlds of consciousness such as an Angelic realm can be compared with a platform such as Facebook. I am pretty sure you have or had an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or what else is hot in your country. So, you have a sense of how platforms interconnect and connect humans all around the world. Well, in the Angelic and Demonic kingdoms it is pretty much comparable. 

be compassionate and forgiving, this helps them to step up and shift their destiny

Angels and demons do exist. An updated version of March 2020

A not yet well spread universal rule is: “Higher awareness can perceive lower awareness, lower awareness cannot perceive higher awareness.” This states levels of awareness and consciousness, as in it is well developed or not. This has nothing to do with the awareness being an entity, or an angel or demon. It just expresses it’s level of understanding and comprehension of the world as it is. Whatever your belief systems are, everything has to do with education and training. Whether you are a field officer or a heart surgeon or a high magician, all take levels and phases of studying, training, and understanding before evolving onto an expert in the field. For some, it comes naturally, and they are born with seeing beings no one around them can see. Others have to train themselves and rely on others who do perceive to accept that angels and demons do exist. It is due to my connection with angels and massive experience in the past of this life and many past lives, I can navigate through the existence of demons and other kinds of darkness, without losing my sense of my true nature. Once in a while, beings of light and love teach me stuff, beings of darkness do it also. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world that is dualistic of nature. Centuries we have been misinformed and told what not exists. Witches have been burned or drowned to death. The church has tried to ban out different belief systems. Then movies like Harry Potter came, and all disbelief of magic has been swept of the table.

Denial doesn’t work with other forms of existence on this earth, either. Sure, we can deny that Angels and Demons exist, or state that they are no more than a silly fantasy. That doesn’t mean they cease to exist just because we deny their existence. In this, we are like infants who do the “kiekeboe” game—placing their hands before their eyes, and you are not there. Removing their hands, and they can see you again. “Kiekeboe!” we say in Holland. I think it is a game which is played all around the world, what do you say in your language? 

But the question is, does it work? Do you cease to exist when an infant holds its hand before its eyes? Nope… So don’t demons when we choose to hold on to a belief system saying they don’t exist.

To me, it is just like the story of the founder of the Spiritual Arts Academy, who tells clients who tend to be a sceptic. “When you spend the whole day on a sunny beach, not using sunblock. Does it mean that you do not get sunburned just because you do not believe in radiation?” Yeah, you can tell by this one sentence that he is a nuclear engineer. You should meet him one day, he is a funny guy, looks like Einstein and is a great teacher, reader, and healer.

Before you can dig into my personal stories where I tell about how I have encountered beings of darkness. I want to explain some basics, so it makes it easier to understand why only some of the world’s population are very aware of the existence of many kinds of beings in many planes. At the same time, the majority only know them from the movies like  Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvels and numerous tv series like Charmed, Flash Forward, The Magicians et cetera. Numerous television watching peep are this shuffling it off as pure fantasies. But are they pure fantasy?

 I am a Holistic Healer, Space clearer, and blogger. I am spiritually awakened in 1999, and since 2004 I work as a healer. I have completed my High Magic Mentorship. It is since 2020 I withdraw my work as a healer and focus on writing only. Thanks to my experiences in the past of this life and previous lifetimes I learned how to deal with darkness in a cooperative way. I am no lightworker who holds on to the belief system that we should fight darkness. I believe that everything has a functionality. And from this point of view, I am being shown in many metaphysical planes of existence what is alive out there. And belief me, this earth offers a home to many species, many more that we have discovered in the physical plane. We are spiritual beings who have a human experience, oh wait, or is it the other way around? Are we humans having a spiritual experience? In which category are you in?

Anyways, media is showing us a tremendous amount of movies and tv series about magic, about demons et cetera. Some come pretty close to reality, and sometimes I am just amused about how far off they are.

First of all, you need to be acquainted with some basics.

People tend to misinterpret being psychic a lot. So I’ll try to explain it so simple as possible. If you see beings, others cannot see. Most of the time, you are looking from out your astral body, also known as your dream body, the body you step into when you fall asleep and go dreaming. Some look through the eyes of the mental body, others through their eyes within the spiritual body. If seeing aura’s, chakra’s, or beings in other dimensions go effortlessly, your soul has trained itself in the previous incarnation in all sorts of ways. Where you had encountered good or evil spirits, sometimes you are still connected to those, and those are the ones who can effortlessly show themselves to you. Whether you can accept we have the same organs in our subtle body as in our physical body or not, the fact is that there are many people all around the globe seeing fascinating levels of existence. Whether they look through the eyes of their dream body, or use their 6th chakra to perceive, doesn’t matter too much. What matters is that we are more than our physical body and that simple biology within these bodies enables us to see stuff beyond the physical world. No tricks, no BS, just simple being interconnected, and a healthy wiring between the physical body and subtle physical bodies.

Now let’s go back to ghosts or entities who can connect with the human species. First, I would like to talk about guides. Some present themselves as a guide, but be careful of their intention that they foresee your future and can read you very well, doesn’t mean they have noble intentions for you. Have the angels bless your connection and ask the angels to get rid of astral bumps. I mean, in real life, would you hook up with drunks and criminals and let them advise you what steps to take for your future, I don’t think you would, would you? So why accept any voice as a trusty advisor? I talk about this topic in the Blue Book for a good reason. If they radiate a lot of love, joy, and wisdom, be grateful for that. But if their advice is to derail your life, please think again. Remember, if some loved one died, that doesn’t mean they show up as your guide, they need their time to process their own life and have to fully go through the phases of transition from a physical body into their spirit being. So don’t keep them earthbound just because you cannot face the pain of letting them go. If you want to walk the safe side, only communicate with angels. Know this, they are not chatty of nature, as some angel specialists claim. What occurs is that we human have a translation system in our mind what is able to translate the energy pulsation from angels into words. Sometimes your mind is not able to translate the true nature of their being, so don’t blame them per see, just train yourself more. Communicating with angels requires also to trust your senses, due to their nature of communication, their flashes of information have to be translated by your senses. Often ideas come from the input of angels, and that is okay. On the other hand, I have known beings presenting them as guides, but gave ill will intended misleading information, they tend to be very accurate, and it requires using your common sense to listen to their guidance or not.

If we are looking to the existence of beings, living in a dualistic earth we tend to divide them into darkness or light beings. Further on in this blog I will enlist some species of darkness and light.

Let’s start with the fun ones. The Light Beings

Angels – Angels are a species on its own, meaning, they never cross incarnate into the human form. Highly evolved souls sometimes incarnate, but they are beings of light, not angels, not to be confused. Angels have no permission to incarnate into the human form. Angels do a lot for us human if we ask them to, they cannot act without our request. 

Holy Guardian Angels act upon our choosen life path, in alignment with our highest path of Destiny and our choosen life lessons, they accompany us through several life times. Sometimes they get upgraded by a new guardian angel, fitting with our spiritual awareness.

There are many healing agencies all well known around the globe who assist humans in their processes of healing. I would say that healing is another word for processing unresolved painful and stuck emotions and transforming them. When I think about these healing agencies healing spirits like Lady of the emerald mountain comes to mind, Pele from Hawaii, White Tara, Green Tara, the Ladies of Dharma, Lady Demeter, Anjana, spiritual psychic surgeons, there are so many out there, willing to help us in any life phase. 

Besides healing agencies, there are many elementals, fairies, sprites, gnomes, and trolls. These earth-related beings tend to be among nature, as long it is not sprayed a lot with pesticides, and they tend to like people who have an affinity for them. So yes, it is possible to come across these lovely spirits in a skyscraper, they then love the personal space of a person and choose to stick around.

There are many elemental spiritus, being governed by the elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Akashic who govern nature.

But in this blog, I would like to focus on the beings of darkness, simply because too many of you feel fear, which doesn’t help you remaining your seniority over your space. I write these blogs to diminish ignorance and create a field of knowingness among us humans so we can evolve and grow as a species, which is, as you might understand, is necessary in these times.

WHERE DO DEMONS LIVE? How do they nourish themselves? 

Where do demons and angels live then? Are they hidden in a mountain, do they live deep in the sea, are they below our feet? Where is their home? That is a fair question I would say. I am not a marketeer who claims to have the one true answer. I am an explorer who relies on what I perceive in my inner world. I do not write about the opinions of others. I can suggest you read certain books, but I am and merely no more than a blogger, You can call me a journalist who explores the subtle realms of this world if you find that more fancy.  I prefer to share my personal experience instead of being a message regenerator. Does this sound fair to you? Great, let’s continue my story then. 

20 years ago, I was shown an atlas where all the caves and other locations of heavens and hells where mapped out. Unfortunately, I cannot recreate it for you, but who knows, perhaps another traveler stumbles onto this blog and knows what I am talking about and can map it out for us.

It is not so that they are purely located somewhere on earth the way we know it, so no, they do not hang out in the neighbor town, and from here, they connect with others. They all live on different frequencies and vibrations, which are called planes and realms. I do see them cluttering up in certain places, which I do not intend to share here for safety reasons, for theirs, yours and mine. As they live in their place called Home, these are like other worlds, covering our own. It’s like the worlds of the people who have died, they share the same place, just exist on a whole other frequency and vibration, And it is because they are vibrating on different vibrations and frequencies, we can co-exist within the same space. It is the vibrational space, the event space, the time-space, which makes us living side by side, without perceiving all of us at the same place or moment.

That is a relief, isn’t it? Because otherwise, you would constantly bump into someone. And when you walk into an area where they reside, you have a fair chance of feeling it. You can notice it when your thoughts go more negative there. But feeling negative is not the primary way to identify that a demon lives there, because negative thinking can easily be caused by many other causes. So don’t pin it on that remark will you, it is wise to read further and inform yourself.

So, what does darkness do for us?

 In the spiritual world, loads of people state that they are lightworkers who fight against darkness. From my perception, their expression of fighting against makes it per definition a lost cause. Fight is not in the true vocabulary of a lightworker. A lightworker knows that acceptance, appreciation, gratefulness, compassion brings far better results than going into resistance and stating that fighting against, is the solution. Many of them have no clue about functionality in our dualistic world, which exists in light and darkness. There we are not yet evolved beyond our dualistic base. We should start to honor our duality. It is what allows us to grow and develop. It is what will enable us to become more whole.

Meaning, if you suppress unresolved emotions because the charge was too high, the shock was too big. It is on these pain-points that darkness can hook into to reveal the hidden pain. They show us where we have unresolved issues, so why not be grateful for that and stop resisting what makes the process usually longer then you might find desirable. As long these pains and traumas are not processed properly, you give darkness an access-pass into your inner realms and fuck with your mind and emotions. Is this what sounds logical to do? So if you become slowly aware of the functionality of darkness, is it then wise to get rid of them as quickly as possible, or would it be worth your time to investigate the story behind their connection with you? Why do they influence you? What caused the entrance in the first place? Your thoughts while feeling depressed carry pearls within the range of your thoughts, regardless of how negative they can be, show you exactly where you need to spend healing on. They float around as unseen dust particles within their planes of existence.

So, taking a demon as an example.

For demons to perceive us, there must exist a common ground. As I described in the above, feelings of guilt, panic, fear, anxieties, shame, and humiliation, to name a few. One day a demon showed up in our house and took me into his world, he let me know that this was a tutorial experience and my angels indeed guided me so I allowed it. What it showed me was a way they perceive. So to say, he let me look through their eyes. And I must say it was pretty impressive.

The way they see us is not by seeing us as we see ourselves in the mirror, but what they can see is, for example out chakra system, which resides in the etheric body, which is pretty close to the physical body. I have been shown one day how they perceive chakra’s and that persons who have healthy rotating and shiny chakra’s are the ones they cannot bear. So they avoid people with healthy chakra’s. What they do connect with, is, for example, persons with chakra issues. This can be caused by depression, grief, panic, or only because someone is missing a chakra, or having a deformed chakra, so it radiates almost no light. These are the persons they can hook onto and zap their energies.

Once connected, a form of agreement exists, which can be dissolved by a higher power. Some agree willingly with a demon because they think they can benefit from their perceived relationship. Once made a pact with a demon, not realizing the devastating results for future lifetimes, many think they sold their soul to the devil. What a misconception is this. The movie industries make more out of it than it should be. No worries, it can be dissolved, and an exorcism can be performed. And an exorcism is not like shown in the movies, exorcism can be performed by ones who are in a neutral state, fueled by joy and love. It is done respectfully and there is a whole kind of angels, namely the angels of exorcism, who work closely with spirit counselors who guide the foreign entity to the place that is their true home. These angels of exorcism are specialized in doing this work. Always let an angel of exorcism do the ritual, never be tricked into letting another entity do it. Okay, some Arch angels might be helpful in the process. Why work with angels? Because they are able to see the greater picture, they see what your previous incarnations have been up to and see the whole story, knowing what to dissolve or complete. Most important, they have permission to identify, dissolve, complete, clear and heal humans.

Another way they perceive us is by smell and taste. They can smell and taste negative emotions. Each emotion has another smell and taste. Can you imagine that someone who feels intense guilt because they know they have to hide a dark secret if they want to maintain their current lifestyle,  smells, and tastes totally different then someone who enjoys the moment she and her kid are amazed by the fascinating colors of soap bubbles? So smell and taste are not only for demons a reliable sense to recognize humans they can connect with, I know we humans have the same ability. So why don’t you test it? Ask yourself how someone feels about you and then smell or taste how the other person feels about you. That’s cool, isn’t it? Use this tiny tip in your advantage before asking someone on a date, or applying for a job, or asking for a loan. It even works for you with the question, should I get a flu shot or not?

So what do we learn from this? Senses are way more important than we think. It is important to have your chakra’s in good condition, do some chakra gymnastics once in a while. I mean with this closing and opening your chakra’s by intention a few times in a row, clearing your chakra’s of useless cords like I describe in the Blue Book, which is sold on Amazon, or which you can find the exercises to do so in the blog sequence I have written for kids, teens and their parents. You can find this on this website.

How come some perceive demons, and others don’t?
What is a safe way to perceive demons?

One day a demon came to show me some stuff about their worlds. As this demon connected with me, my Angels of High Magic created a protective circle around my aura as I traveled with him into the underworld. I felt awed with what I saw. I had never seen such worlds before, not even in the movies.  He showed me where he lived, and he projected a memory of him where a light consciousness invaded his world. These lights disturbed and destroyed his world. His world got ripped apart by an uninvited guest, calling himself to be a lightworker. Seeing the broken world, feeling his emotions, it became clear why he saw the light as evil. His perception felt honest and sincere to me. Words cannot describe what he showed me. My inner compassion changed my personal view of demons.  Since then, I am very aware that if I go to the underworld for healing purposes, I do it within a protective environment, you could say like wearing a cloacked forcefield, so I don’t show my radiant light while being in a realm where light is not well appreciated. 

The danger of unaware use of social media

 Just recently, I was shown how many years ago, demonic beings took energies and used it against me, draining me of energies and made personal connections I had with people not so pleasant. So how did they do that? I have 2 examples. I share these stories so you can benefit from them if you feel that what I described happened to you, ask your Holy Guardian Angel to have it dissolved for you. Remember, you can ask for your self, but you do need permission to have this be done for another person, even if they are your loved ones.

Years ago, I made a remark on Facebook post where a lady posted about her surgery of removal of her galbladder. It was not intended to hurt someone’s feelings but to make them aware that the energies of aggression, being pissed off, is tied to the gallbladder, but unfortunately, I did blunt, lacking empathy. Like each organ is tied to emotions. My comment wasn’t appreciated by some of the comment readers. What the demonic beings did is take all that energies of non-appreciation, and with a magical ritual, they misused it and placed a bit of that energy in my gallbladder. Years I had pain in my gallbladder, not understanding why. Not being aware I was feeding that demonic community. The moment the demons showed me what they did, my angels showed me how I in those days did not recognize it was not my energies which was being placed in my gallbladder, I covered those energies up with my own energies, from that moment on thinking it was mine. The angels dissolved that magical ritual and retrieved back all energies to its original source. The angels of High Magic are now ready for you to do the same for you if you have a matching issue. You only have to state yes or no in your mind, and you will be cleared of a matching condition anywhere in your body.

The second example of how demons can misuse energies is what is partially my personal karma and life lessons so I can pass it on to all you guys. I felt for a while a lot of resentment towards all the people I knew. I almost didn’t recognize myself anymore. In 12 years, I went from a happy, joyful, naif girl to a bittered woman, distrusting many. I could not even enjoy the relationship with my spouse and son. It made me really feel depressed and lonely.

One day, I was shown by my angels what happened that I was in this place of misery. I was taken in a safe mode int the underworld where I was shown that back in the days where the relationship with my spouse was fresh, they misused energies. It was in the days I had gatherings in my house with spiritual people, but my then-boyfriend was a whole different type of guy, Though he is spiritually aware, he is the opposite of a hippy. He luckily still is, by the way, in my books, I call him the Youtube-kind-of-guy. Back to the story. The spiritual people got easily annoyed with my spouses present, he was loud, had sarcastic humor, and life was one big amusing joke to him. What the demons did is taking all the feelings of being annoyed by him, from the spiritual people I was close to in those days, from me being not well able to deal with that. I only can share the results, and it completely shocked me.

Can you imagine that between 2 people who have a relationship of any kind, a cord exists between chakra’s which transfer energies and other forms of information like pictures and thoughtforms, which can be loving and caring energies? What happened in my case, is that all those communication cords got infected by that magical ritual they did, while having a hold of my energies. When I observed psychic how it looked like, I saw, for example, between my spouse and me a communication cord between our heart chakra’s, but not even 60 centimeters away from the body, it was completely dark, the light vanished. Can you imagine it was really difficult to feel love for my spouse? Or for that with anyone around me? We suffered really. And the funny thing is, the moment this was shown to me, my angels performed a counter ritual to dissolve the magical influences, and all of my cords have changed. For a few weeks, my smile is returning, my joy has become authentic, my connection with those I had shut off is loving, and I sense no longer the resistance I had for them.

Years were thrown away, years of being able to have pleasant friendships or family connections. And I do know, this is part of my destiny and personal karma to go through. And I do know now what I experience I can share with all you guys and help you heal from the same matching conditions. That is my task in this world. I do not have to have thousands of clients or seminar participants. True healing occurs from the inside out, like the healing process of others makes it easier for me to heal; my healing process makes it easier for you to heal. Now you have read this far. I think you are ready for some raw information.


For the nerds among us who would love to know what kinds and sorts demons exist, I give you a some-up. I will go deeper into it in the fourth book of the Book series “Shift your Destiny”, which carries to the provisional title: “The Black Book.  Not yet to be disclosed.” Why give an overview in a blog? Well, some of you will never read more than these blogs, and I do want you to leave well informed. Because if you ask your Guardian Angel to end your past life relationships and contracts with all of your demons, and in reality, it was with another species, such as a diabolic being, the suffering will maintain in your life. I mean, when you go to a restaurant, and you order a steak, you would not fancy the waiter to bring a tuna steak, blaming the cook who cannot differentiate a tuna from beef. So, inform yourself. Know what you can ask your Holy Guardian Angel to separate you from.

  • Demons
  • Diabolic Beings
  • Hungry Ghosts
  • Parasitic Beings
  • Incubus and Succubus, living off sexual energies
  • Aliens, living within our Solar System, thus under the ruling of the Lords of Karma.
    (Aliens can be from the opposite side also, from the light side)
  • Extraterrestrial: Aliens living outside of our Solar System, thus not falling under the central ruling of the Lords of Karma. Additional Justice governing guys need to be called in for these, of which I only have the connection with the extraterrestrial or inter terrestrial Angels of High Magic to deal with these intruders)  (Extraterrestrial can be from the opposite side also, from the light side, such as some of the Pleiadian).

    I mean, it is like your local police station cannot operate as the FBI, the FBI cannot operate as CIA or MI6. Those who saw the movies Men in Black, it is not how I perceive it, but it does make sense that there are agencies or councils who govern the spiritual and astral realms. Bout aliens and ETers, I am aware that Wikipedia defines the last 2 different than I do. Well, I can’t blame them for their ignorance, that is forgiven. But for this blog I have to differentiate these species, if I do spiritual healing work together with the Angels of the Higher Laws, the Angels of High Magic, The Spirit of the Center of the Planet, the Lords of Karma and the Ladies of Dharma. They expect accuracy from me.

Can you really be possessed? How can a demonic being enter you?


 It must have been 10 years ago that I learned the hard way how it feels to share my body with another entity. You might call it being temporary possessed. I had to find out the hard way why it is not wise to check out a prison on sorts of entities floating around, without having set up a protected healing and reading space. So please learn from my mistakes, and always place a magic circle around your aura.

Whole my life I am known for my curiosity. I remember how my caretakers tried to teach me to think first before I speak. Well, that is flushed down the toilet, that is my part of being. It is an essential aspect of my character.  And you might have noticed through my blogs, that I am quite a character, I admit to that. Personally, I think doing the work I do. I must be. Otherwise, I am squeezed within a blink of an eye. Being like this taught me a lesson or two the hard way. I was getting smacked flat in the face, so to say. And I did promise you to tell this story in one of my previous blogs, so, finally, here it is.

I was on my way home from a healing session, given in the Netherlands. It was in the same village as where my sister is buried, so I visited her grave on my way home. It is this strange obligation I feel once in a while. Do you recognize that? Anyways, I drove in my car, passing the village Zutphen. This is a lovely Hanze-city next to the river, the Ijssel. As I drove on the road crossing the Ijssel, on my left, I passed a prison. 

Curious as I am, still being in the mood of the readings I did during the healing, I wondered what sorts of entities float around a prison. So, while driving 100 km/h I looked with my inner eyes and saw a few. One of them noticed me and flew hundreds of meters away from me, and in a split second, it was hanging in front of my front window. As I looked at him while looking at the road, I was a bit amused and shocked by his sudden appearance. He stared at me and all of a sudden, he intruded my personal space, he entered my aura and what the **ck? He entered my body. OMG, this felt totally uncomfortable. I became dizzy and instant cranky and had to laugh at the same time. What did I get myself into this time??? By the time I passed the river, I felt this entity getting into my body and instant I connected with my healing angels, the angels of High magic, having them set up a healing space, trying to get rid of that entity. Well, sadly, without any success. 

In the end, another had to help me to get rid of this entity that afternoon. And for me, the one thing I had to make lots of effort for, was getting home safely. Driving possessed is not so pleasant I can tell you. It was hard to connect with my own body, and I had to trust my ability to drive on automatic pilot. It was hard to almost impossible for me to stay in the body, which is pretty non-useful while driving a car I might add. I commenced Ki-breathing to help me to stay focused on the road. Ki breathing is a pleasant breathing technique picked up from Aikido. The entity tried to influence me with all sorts of unpleasant negative thoughts, which were easy to recognize as not mine, so you might think they were easy to dismiss, but still, they appeared over and over again. I tried all sorts of spiritual gadgets, to get the entity out, all failed. Sometimes you first need to become aware of the story behind the experience instead of just snap with your fingers and be healed.

In the end, the way I returned to my normal self was due the assistance of another healer that same afternoon. I was at home on the phone with a befriended healer, and the story unfolded. In a past life, my former incarnation made an agreement in the underworld to gain benefits by allowing this type of entity to do stuff for me. The entity which I noticed around the prison was of the same kind, which gave him a passage, and entrance card into my body. The whole story needed to become seen, ended on all levels. A karmic level, all forms of agreements needed to be ended, and all magical influences needed to be cleared. 

This requires the acknowledgments that we live a string of lives. These string of Lifes interconnect and influence each other. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. Sometimes it looks like a kitten playing with a ball of wool, which needs to get untied. Bringing structure in the interconnecting ties. Called working through your karma… 

Thank god I have the privilege to have a few friends who can do this for me. If I hadn’t, it is likely to end up as the guy this entity was attached to. In prison…

This is why this whole job of spiritual healing should be taken seriously.

This is why taking care of your chakra systems is important.

This is why showing and teaching others how to read in a protected healings pace is more than just wise. It can save your life from getting fucked up. It is not about showing you how cool I am. It is about letting you know that there are whole worlds of beings we can not perceive, and they can influence us. They can influence our lives anyways, if you believe in it or not. We have to stop being so naïve and start exploring save passways and methodologies. 


 I don’t know about you, I myself was pretty biased and never let them, the demons, close to me. I was taught that demons are evil and ought to be ruled out. Angels are the good guys. (To be clear, in my perception they still are) During life-altering healings during a Spiritual Arts Academy class or workshop, at home, in my office, or at clients’ houses, I experienced real transformational healings, where stuff from past lives needed to get cleared and released in the underworld instead of healing with a light source. A contract made in the underworld must be dissolved in the underworld to make sure it is fully completed. Here the remark makes sense, “If God wants to build, he first sends his angels of darkness to destruct and demolish, so God can send his Angels of Light to built up again.” This sentence came true to me, it became a simple rule. By personal experience, I understand what is said, and laid judgment aside.

But, before minds or readers go wild, and their fantasy runs wild, I have to state that this sense of approval for the existence of darkness doesn’t mean that I have any knowledge of Satanism. For that, I must pass. Sorry, no clue about that, and I have no desire to get myself into that. A fair warning because I am aware that not each single reader has noble intentions. There are boobytraps created for those readers who think to can get my energies used in Satanism, so please don’t try. Stay on the safe side.

What I do know is that I can and am allowed to work in the layers of hell as in the layers of heaven. In each layer, I encounter different beings. In each layer, I find connections, agreements past incarnations of myself, or a client’s soul has made. From my personal experience, the deeper the layer in hell, the more evolved the beings are. The more intelligent they are, the more approachable they are for a good conversation for healing purposes (meaning completion of karma, for example, and dissolving agreements or dissolving magical rituals where human energies where misused. From my experience, if you are like me, when I read something, I think, oh, cool, sweet, when that writer did that, I can do it! I have to pass on some warnings of caution. My results are not average. Do not try to go into the underworld without any form of protection just because you are also curious of nature. That would be silly, don’t do it. There is a chance if you are not evolved enough, you only get access to the upper regions of hell and are not allowed into the lower regions of hell.  The demonic beings in the upper regions of the underworld can be pretty stupid and a pain in the ass. I see them as less intelligent and more like the demon, living of feelings of guilt, panic, and shame. In our reality, they are overtly connected with many in our society. Think about money thirsty business (wo)men. Or success hungry politician.


 How are spiritual connections useful and practical in daily life?

As human we are way much less powerful as we tend to think. If news reaches me that a certain decision-maker, like governments or CEO’s, make stupid decisions in my perception, I send a sort of video file to the Lords of Karma, who live on Saturn and who perform the function of the high court of our Solar system. They can then decide how to proceed and bring Justice. Because I don’t know about you, I don’t have a phone number of highly placed decision-makers in my smartphone to give a call and tell them to take care of a situation, such as stop cutting trees in the rainforest, stop building dams, stop spilling oil in nature, threatening life on earth.  I feel grateful that after training 10 years, they gave me a VIP ticket to connect with them. 

Update march 2020. Last year the High Lord of karma handed me over to the ladies of Dharma. So a new phase in my life begins and new stuff to explore. The Ladies of Dharma are more tied to the heavenly realms, and they share whole other ranges of teachings with me. When I nowadays see stuff happening, and while I write this, the world is going into lockdown because of the Covid-19 aka the Coronavirus I see a lot happening, micro-economies crashing. Creating vulnerabilities to depressions. In this case, again, I make a sort of movie in my imagination, place it into a rose and have my higher self bless and duplicate this rose send these roses to the ladies of Dharma residing at Venus and to the Lords of Karma residing at Saturn. The instant I notice a response from both of them, and they both start to provide karma completion and provide dharma unlocking for whatever I projected into the rose, you can test it for yourself. I don’t know what your current situation is, but if you need some help, why don’t you let the healing agencies do some prep work, so life can show you results with deep layers of Grace and synchronicity. Why don’t you reap the fruits of the current situation? Allowing surprises in your life to show up, allowing trust to show up that all will be well for you-

Useful inner connections in stressful times, don’t give them the cold shoulder because you are in fear 

Another way is much humbler and more suitable for daily practice. I like to talk to my guides and personal Holy Guardian Angel. The one thing I request them, since I can remember, is to bring synchronicity into my life or to find lost contacts back into my life. Or I ask them to bring someone on my path who can help me with this or that. Either practical based, such as selling a car to someone who can use a good Volvo. Or I ask them to connect with others who could use the sort of information I share via my website. Or if I have a blockage of which I do not know how to bypass it, I ask them to guide me to the proper information which beholds Truth with a capital T. This is how I found the Medical Medium Anthony William, of who I am grateful to finally understand how to heal. Years of unexplainable pains and fatigue are left behind, thanks to changing my diet.

You can try this one yourself. Guardian Angels and guides love to bring people together, which you can see as co-incident if you prefer. Ask them anything. Let them run for you. They must be thrilled to have an active connection with you, let them prove to you that they exist. 

To be honest, I have not tried this out with demons, aware, and conscious. I do not yet intend to pursue the path of having a demon as a guide. At my education, I was taught the Main Rules of Magic. Never act out on others and with that giving your energies away. Never make an agreement with a being you have no real awareness of its background or true identity. Do not make agreements of any form with demons or any form of beings of darkness. I would say, even if you feel you must, put a time limit on it like may this be an agreement for 1 year, with no automatic extension. See it as if you are accepting a mobile phone contract for a maximum of 12 months. You compare the best deals and make sure you get the best out of it. You sure are happy you never allowed your first mobile phone contract still to be active, do you? So, with spiritual beings, it is the same.


 There is this one thing I have to get off my chest. That is the way many of us read another. This can be reading the future, reading one’s past, reading one’s health, you name it. And we spiritual, intuitive people love to do this nowadays, being such a trend. What many of us, including myself, not always seem to understand, are the mechanisms of reading. It is so cool to show off and tell others about their future. I have learned the hard way that I, and there are many others who do it like me, read by intruding another’s personal space, or even dumber, read the problems of another without having set up a protective space. 

Or do you really think that once you read information about another’s problems, the demons who have the interest to maintain these problems, that they don’t notice you? Well, bummer, they freaking do! If they don’t like it where you bring the person you are reading, they probably attack you. There are many ways to attack, and often it comes down to one’s own stupidity by entering the readee’s space, leaving traces of your own energies. Symptoms of all kinds can show up in the days after, and they can be mild to causing huge migraines or other stuff. For me, it was a reason to investigate many sorts of attacks, what caused it, what enabled it. If you are not so the explorer type, a warning might be just what you need. Create a protective space. Even it is something simple as requesting your higher self or your Holy Guardian Angel to create a magic circle around your aura with a magical shield on the outside, so whatever happens within this reading space is protective and confidential. It might look like a mirror on the outside, or yours looks like a purple flame, whatever aligns with you.

This alone is a reason to spend time and some effort on spiritual protection. How you do it depends on your personal preferences. In the future, I will offer an online course about it. It is wise to be protected while you grow and evolve to the place you do not need it anymore. Till then, do it like sex, do it safely. 

I would like to share something more about the Lords of Karma. I assume there will be readers who tend to be like me, give them information, and they will tend to explore themselves. For those, I give you some words of advice. It is the same advice Franz Bardon already gave in his books. I never ever call them into my space and urge you not to do that either. Their frequency is life destructing different than our personal human space. Not to be blunt, but this goes the same for angelic beings. It is for the reason that we human can perceive what we can perceive. And all this spiritual trending stuff is for those who make a living off it is nice, but most of them can be pretty clueless as it comes to safety comes first. Of course not all of them. So what is it you don’t do? Calling any type of entity into your home and not into your personal space without any form of protection for the difference in vibration and frequency between you and that being. I mean, you do use sunblock during the summer don’t you? So use a form of protection when working with other vibrating entities to cause no harm to your personal space.

This is where I come in and pick up my task as being an incarnation of my Soul Shyna, guiding mankind through the current Quantum Leap, by sharing knowledge, This is why I write what I write. I like the explorations, and somehow, I am gifted to be able to travel safely deep into both sides. I can go into hell and I can travel into heavens without getting punished physically. At the Spiritual Arts Academy, I got taught to work with certain spiritual gadgets such as an evocation triangle, in which first the essence of the plane gets streamed into, and then allow the angels of high magic call in the entity you would like to communicate with. All respecting the natural boundaries and differences in frequencies between 2 beings wanting to communicate with each other. Not only is this a safe and wise to do, but it is also the method which ensures you that no connections are being created such I described above with the demon who lives of feelings of guilt.


 Did you know that spiritual experiences can influence your physical state of health? 

The one time I did clearly fry my nervous system was in 2002 when I stepped into the light and made my 50 steps in the light. I know, because I have counted them, that was my way of clinching onto our reality. And I can tell you, this enlightening experience is the deepest experience I have ever had. It is like one big orgasmic experience, where the light is lighter than any light I have ever seen on this earth, where I felt without boundaries, emerging with a oneness sensation of Love. Pretty cool and luckily surrounded by guides and angels to guide me through this experience. This is what I guess others call reaching a state of enlightenment. Well, it was fun, but there is this downside, once the high runs off after a few months, life is pretty boring, and it started an almost impossible journey to retrieving that state of love again. I did not know then that it would take a journey to clear out all covered up wounds from my past, past of this life, and previous lives. I didn’t know then that reaching that state of enlightenment would drive me through a severe healing period of nearly 17 years. This experience of enlightenment is not something I can sell you in a 7-step program, nor will I ever do that. I do not want to be responsible for any harm to your physical and emotional body. I do like to sell you other 7 step programs that will Shift your Destiny. There I need to make a living also. What I offer may seem to me like baby steps, for one who is in search of real change, it might be giant steps, and I have to respect this in you.


 This life is for me meant to make a huge cleanse on all of it. Completion of Karma, while building up more Dharma. I am happy with the prospect of my future lives to be purified. Which I translate to live easier lives than this one and easier than my previous ones. So facing my karma means doing myself a favor. It is doing the ones I had unresolved karma with a favor. It is not pleasant, but it ensures a gift in the future. It does mean that I have to process bunches of stuff this lifetime. Meaning I have to become aware of all the unprocessed emotions I have tried to deny, ignore, or pushed away in order to not live through all sorts of painful emotions. Does this sound like you also? 

Well, having the pursue to be in the path of knowledge and wisdom to cleanse rubbish and stuff I find wise spending of my time and awareness. How about you? Do you have a sense of your life purpose? Or were you secretly waiting to read the mystical recipe for finding out what your own life purpose for this life is? Well, who knows, I might do that for you in a future Blog. Would you like that? Let me know via the comments below this Blog.

Till now, these exploring I do does not bring financial wealth, but that will change in the future. Perhaps you will pay me for a personal, a family or business healing and so finances flow from one account to another. It is part of the circle of life, being aware of the several fields of reality.

And that is okay, it is time to change my Path of Destiny again.

Besides blogging, which are free to read, I offer VIP Training and Space Clearings for families with medium-sized businesses.

During these sessions, you are guided through the past of this life and previous lives. I am clearing blocking issues such as karma. If you are interested, I invite you to make a free Skype appointment, where we spend 20 minutes together. Where I read you, and where you decide I am the metaphysical mentor for you or not. The first of 3 levels of the VIP training is accessible for everyone. For the 2nd and 3rd level of VIP training, you will have to show to make progress in life, utilizing the provided tools and information. Apprentices have to be aligned with my values to be able to receive the more advanced training.

The 2nd and 3rd training are in the 5 figures. The 1s level of VIP training is in the 4 figures.

Update, March 2020. All seminars and training are on hold until further notice.

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2 Replies to “Pssst, don’t tell others this secret… Demons and Angels do exist..!”

  1. Hi .. thank you for this interesting and enlightening experience. This morning I was searching for some article about demons because I was informed by my Guides that someone close to me ( now deceased ) had earlier been possessed for a short time by a demon. This demon had been sent to my friend by another demon. What I was being told was that this other demon was a factual person ‘human’ acquaintance… someone I also knew earlier… so I was trying to find some evidence that demons could (do) incarnate as humans. So is this something you can answer with a simple yes or no? I.e. demons do incarnate here on earth ?
    (or at least they have incarnated here up until recently) ….why I say the latter is that I am of the belief that the astral / enteric planes have now been cleared of archons and other dark entities… Therese living in Sweden … I have a website since 8 years ago… http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net

    1. Hi Therese, as far as I am aware it’s not allowed/possible to incarnate as human beings. Possessing a human body is another story. I’ll take a look at your website later this week. Always interesting to meet other’s thoughts and experiences. I don’t know where you git the information that the Astral planes have been cleaned now of dark entities. Seems to me like spiritual misinformation. Because the Astral planes is where a lot of hells excists, which I do not recommend to visit if you are unaware how to. 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 Kind regards, Hellen

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