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Whether you feel the need for more trust, courage, love or joy in your life. The fact that it is missing, means something is with holding you. The origin may have several sources. It can come from bloodline, the way you were raised. It can come from life’s circumstances where you felt betrayed, not seen, not taken seriously.   It can come past lives, from the way you have been sabotaged to learn and integrate certain life lessons. Whatever it is, it is life’s most interesting and valuable journey to find out, clear it out and start to design your life from out your pure heart’s desires.

At Holistic Hellen we offer you mix and match options to match your needs. 
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Mix and Match

Clearing the marriage vows –
“till death do us part”
Once you marry it is normal to agree to this vow. Once you divorce almost no couple executes a ritual with their to be ex-partner dissolving this vow. In the subconscious mind this vow keeps being executed. For one thing this can bring much discomfort in daily life with new life partners, or even prohibits the entering of your new life partner into life. Dissolving these vows is wise.

Training: Relationship space rose
a tool with instant relief
Have certain communications changed? Is it almost impossible to talk with each other without raising ones voice? Do you feel the urge to change something drastically in this manner of communicating with each other? Learning how to work with relationship space roses allows you to relief pressure instant. Learning to work with this spiritual gadget makes life much simpler for you.

Clearing blocks & wounds in your inner child with the Law of rhythm & cycles
This incredible feature enables for you to fill up what you have missed out in your past on a energetic vibrational level. Your subconscious will no longer be searching for circumstances where these missed out feelings are being replaced. It will provide the hurt inner child what it needs to grow up to total present time. This will have a huge impact in how your are able to handle current life lessons. It is a perfect match for those with mommy or daddy issues.

Training: Creating a desired future 
Learn the benefits of Flashing forward.
For this the fun aspect and the to be trained quality of “Flash forward” plays a leading role in the process. The more time one spends on discussing ones future, the more time one spends on dissolving all blocks on the road, the effortless it will manifest in Life. A whole bunch of strings of higher laws will become active and shuffle up your life lessons.  Time where you have to work hard to reach results are over. It does requires a change in mindset. Let us help you with that.

Integrating symbols of the higher universal laws such as the Law of Love, Law of Courage of the Heart, Law of Trust in your personal space
Do you feel the inner need to experience more Love in your life? Do you miss that feeling of inner warmth tied to love? How would it feel to feel trust in yourself, that you are worthy of Love and kindness. Do you wish for more courage so you are able to take steps to invite in more loving relationships into your life? This option alone will change your Life by lifting you up to a more positive place. If combined with a SoDH the results are intensified.

Training or as a clearing option
Shift onto a higher path of Destiny Healing – SoDH
A SoDH – Shift of Destiny Healing is all about understanding and integrating life lessons. Life lessons which might block your from having the kind of relationships you long for. A Shift your Destiny allows synchronicity to appear in your  life, where insights tied to certain life lessons will effortless come into your daily awareness. You are given the opportunity to eliminate lower paths of destiny. Realize this means to invite synchronicity fully in your life and get rid of traumatic events, unless it is your soul’s choice to live this karma.

Cleansing the heart space. Clearing of foreign energies & repairment work
The subject of cleansing the heart space might be connected with issues of different natures.i.e. With a broken heart you will attract partners who either have a match with your wounds, or you might attract one who has a helper syndrome. Sometimes issues are of other nature and might cause a partner who feels attractive to your caretaker, due to the excessive energies your caretaker dumped in you during childhood where you never learned to recognize these energies are not yours to begin with. Sometimes certain reactions are due to a chakra which got stuck in time and though you are a grown up, your heart chakra got stuck at age 7. To prevent a disaster and years lost, we will spend time to heal your heart space.

Cleansing the (fe)male sexual organs of foreign energies & false ownership
One of the energetic aspects of making love is that male tend to dump a certain ownership in your sexual organs. This is going on for centuries and through all cultures. The disadvantage is that it makes it more difficult to make a pure and honest choice when it comes to sexual partners. In some cases your subconscious recognize sexual partners from previous lifetimes, but that should not mean that it is okay to share the sheets. Another aspect is once you had a pregnancy some souls take over a part of your womb as their ownership. But this is legally yours only. To gain full ownership over your (fe)male sexual organs it is beneficial to cleanse it thoroughly and receive the highest level of karma completion possible. 

Clearing of toxic shame & bleeding humiliation and bleeding of guilt
Feeling ashamed for your looks, feeling ashamed with your partners choices. Suppressing memories where one has humiliated you deeply, which is now waiting below the surface to catch a moment where it can erupt like a volcano. This issues is more often either only touched and processed shallow or ignored. The aspect of bleeding is what makes it re occurring in your life. If you truly want to heal, if your truly want to change. You have to touch these feelings and you can heal this bleeding with this profound method. Let me share with you that it was the moment I’ve wrecked the car of my partner, I realized how much it was worth to me to avoid confrontation. After having fantasized whole scenarios it was my guide who asked me “Do you realize how much it is worth to you not to feel guilty?” And I did. I also realized I am not the only one.

False sense of righteousness.
Clearing of the charge

It is our family and it are our caretakers from who we’ve learned our sense of righteousness. Most often it is quit obvious and this sense fits right into the family patterns or your peer group. Sometimes it is the complete opposite and you, or you know somebody who reacts impulsively, even drastically in certain circumstances which are not conform ones beliefs of righteousness. Often one is aware of one own’s behavior but don’t see the harm in it. Most often it is until this respond (almost) blew up something important before one is ready to deal with it and the willingness to change peaks. Often it are ones childhood stories which tell a lot about the roots of this feeling of justice. This is where we will work on tied to past lives similar experiences and bring this whole story to a completion. 

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