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Health and Family

I can imagine you thinking “Why are these topics tied together in a package?”
Let me explain my simple point of view. It were your caretakers who taught you taught you how to deal with certain circumstances. You have learned from them how and what to eat. It is most obvious you have catched some viruses and bacteria’s from them. If we want to work on your health, we have to work on family issues also. This is what we do during this mentor ship package

Training: 90 days thyroid rehab diet from Medical Medium Anthony William
Nourishing yourself is important. If you want to deal with all the demanding aspects of life, feed yourself so you can handle life better. If your health is not in order, it affects everything. It can destroy relationships, it can make you loose a job. Knowing what to eat is the next step. I am grateful to have found Anthony William and I am convinced his clean und untampered source makes it for my clients worthwhile investing in a healthy life style. This option is for those who do not want to read all of his books self, I can explain a lot and why certain foods are key in your health. This will turn your life around, as it did for Anthony’s tens of thousands of clients already. I am not affiliated to Anthony.

Clearing: Starvation in bloodlinefrequency & past lifetime issues with starvation
To start your path to a healthy flourishing life style, a few clearings can add up to the journey of this goal. Here you can sit back, relax, close your eyes and let us be the intermediary to the right healing agencies you need to clear out the undesired influences of starvation. Did you know that starvation in bloodline, can also effect you ability to provide financially for your family. Have you considered the possible negative impact on housing? It is something we all have to deal with in our society. No matter in which continent you live now, we all have ancestors who had to deal with starvation. Starvation caused by poor weather, war, or other causes. Do you feel resonance? Choose this option and allow yourself relief..

Training: How to deal with long distance relations
Expats are the first who come into my mind when I think of Long distance relationships. It can be completely different also. It can be parents being separated of their children due to their choice to work in another country. Whatever the cause of the distance is, whatever the from of the relationship it. During this training I offer basic insights about  long distance relations. Such as that there are the 2 kinds of telepathy. You will be trained in both and you will receive practical training how to clear your personal space from a another who has dumped their energy in you. You will be trained in how to differentiate of some ones god or ill will intentions. If it was meant to say a friendly hello or was it meant to control you? Simple tools will make life nicer once you become more aware of subtle communications on a distance. Of course feelings of guilt we be discussed. How often is it that once you have made the choice to move elsewhere, temporary or permanent. Others have their opinions about it and those who are perceptive of others, who are sensitive it can burden you. So let’s allow  you to be able to deal with your guilt feelings so you can live the life you choose and suits you.

Bloodline healing is a nice method, it is useful, it is practical. Bloodline is cause of much of your troubles in life. As a matter of fact. It is neither their vault of you to blame, it has been a choice and acceptance makes is easier to cope with. You choose to incarnate with this particular set of parents and siblings, based upon resonating vibrations and life lessons. For one person this can be tied to poor health, to another to the ability to transform negative emotions, for another it is issues of domestic violence you want to live through for this lifetime. Other want to deal with the results of starvation issues in your bloodline. Some came to dissolve issues they have caused themselves in a previous incarnation in that same bloodline. Perhaps you are like me and wanted to transform the issue of being the outcast of the family. Whatever it is. It are the Angels of the higher laws who have permission and the ability to set things straight and will help you to move forward in life. The enormous wide range of topics tied to bloodline makes it almost an obligated options if you are willing to deal with change. As you help yourself with a bloodline healing, you also assist all of your ancestors on a spiritual level with the roots of the issues you want to work on, or which the Angels advice to work on. It helps you to move forward and to transform any stuck emotions or situations you are trying to deal with. You do your offspring a favor when you work with bloodline issues.

Training: patience…
will be published June 2019

Clearing: patience…
will be published June 2019

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