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Whether you feel the need for more trust, courage, joy or plain results in your  professional life. The fact that it is missing, means something is with holding you. The origin of this lack  may have several sources. It can come from bloodline, the way you were raised. Many don’t think about their family influences when it comes to career, & business. It might shock you that loads of career & business issues started in your youth. Issues which you are trying to work out, one way or another. It can come from life’s circumstances where you felt betrayed, not seen, not taken seriously.   It can come past lives, from the way you have been sabotaged to learn and integrate certain life lessons. Whatever it is, it is life’s most interesting and valuable journey to find out, clear it out and start to design your life from out your pure Soul’s desires.

At Holistic Hellen we offer you mix and match options to match your needs. 
If you feel your need is not listed, just ask us… Give us a call.

Mix and match

SoDH – Shift onto a higher path of Destiny Healing
A SoDH – Shift of Destiny Healing allows synchronicity to appear in your  professional life, where insights tied to certain life lessons will effortless come into your daily awareness. You are given the opportunity to eliminate lower paths of destiny. Realize this means to invite synchronicity fully in your life and get rid of traumatic events, unless it is your soul’s choice to live this karma. 
On a business level the impact is much greater then performed on a personal level. Can you imagine why?

intention, design and creation

You will learn how to align your desires and goals with your aspirations. You will learn the importance of the correct formulation on a spiritual level and how it impacts the subconscious aspects.
Attuned to an higher awareness you will set things in motion which will help you to acquire these certain desires, goals and aspirations. Allowing procedures for the workflow develop more effortless and aligned with synchronicity, so 1 + 1 = ………….

 Identifying Contradictions tied to your career or business and have these dissolved.
Spending time on diagnostics is an aspect very worthwhile in your process. This requires openness and willingness from your side if you want it to be effective.

Creating and/or dissolving Unities tied to business expansions and/or business mergers
This smoothens any work related process. It is an accelerating injection in the organic process of forming business related unities. It lessens feelings of conflict which is beneficial for any work process.

Grounding of the name (person/business/job title/village)
Doing this might seem so simple and with this not important. But is this idea true? Is it not of any importance? You will be amazed how a complexity of strings will shift the perception of your (business) name, once given the proper attention.

 Healing your inner child with the law of rhythm and cycles
This incredible feature enables this Higher universal law to fill up what you have missed out in childhood. A whole bunch of strings of laws will become active and give your inner child exactly what it needs to grow up to total present time. This will have a huge influence in how you are able to handle your current life lessons.

Training: Force fields
These typical spiritual gadgets are no longer reserved for science fiction projects. Force Fields can be used to protect, to transform, to generate. One needs to be interested and sensitive for spirituality to enable
one selves to work with these force fields and reinforce them to a powerful tool for one’s private life and business. Force fields are adequate, precise and powerful. One needs to be of noble character to form these, otherwise the law of justice will automatically dissolve them. Mind and personal will magic has no space in this training session.

Clearing black magical influences:
Dissolving any kinds of undesired magical influences cast upon you in the past of this life or any past lives which are still of sabotaging influence. Due to lack of awareness of this type of influence in our society, this topic is often rejected or discarded. The denial of its existence will not eliminate the effects of this influence. We can deal with it.

Training: Flash Forward;
Designing & creating a desired future
The fun aspect and the to be trained quality of “Flash forward” plays a leading role in the process. The more time one spends on discussing ones future, the more time one spends on dissolving all blocks on the road, the effortless it will manifest in Life.  Time where you have to work hard to reach results are over. It does requires a change in mindset. Let us help you with that.

Awareness training as a follow up after spiritual protection
You will learn how to be aware of yourself trashing others, and with this giving energies away, which can be used for manipulation by aware/conscious others. You will be trained in raising your awareness and to recognize when others trash your space and how to return this gentle and recognizable, without doing harm.

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