I had to overcome 2 burnouts in my life, the 1st one happened in 2003, it took me at least 12 years to overcome that one.

My recent burn out happened in 2018 and now, a year later I am back on track. The time which I saved myself, thanks to all the gathered knowledge which I applied is for me, as a spiritual and food-minded person, not only valuable, also the impact is tremendous. Knowing not to have too face years of a prolonged healing process, my god, what a relief.

It is my mission to save you a lot of time, pain and suffering. I wish a fast track healing for anyone who is facing the devastating results of a burnout.  The holistic aspect I offer is not only focused on nutrition, spiritual healing and coaching, it also includes a focus on providing support to those with whom you share your life with. They suffer too.

My mission with my Holistic Business

It is my mission and my Soul’s goal to influence and bring coherence in the social systems worldwide.

It is my mission to humanize the Social system, by focussing on processing emotions and traumas instead of the sole focus on facts of events. It is my mission to provide change by promoting a shift of focus on grace and forgiveness.

Humanizing the social system will affect not only those whose lives are touched by all arts of connection and communication, it will affect the justice system, school system, it will also affect our insurances and our medical care. Humanizing societies systems will shift our sense of self-determination, responsibility, and ability to know ourselves and act upon it.

I choose a Future where as humankind, our shared path, is away from the path of destruction, heading towards the path of a renewed healthy and aware connection between ourselves and others, between ourselves and our precious host Planet Earth, including all of her layers of Nature.

And this… 

Takes effort, 
Takes the commitment of millions to affect billions,
and this takes the willingness of those who have the power and the capacity to change their companies to just do it.

Are you one of those? Willing to choose a Future where harmony emanates in the people, companies, buildings, in our earth?

I am

Your decisions Affects several future generations

Then realize, you have to be willing to leave your inner shit behind. You have to be willing to uncover Holy Harmony. There are many ways to do it, and as a soul healer, I suggest you not to use a reprogramming or hypnotizing yourself overcoming this, which is trending now, but to do deep inner work. Don’t look for the short term solution, but the long term solution.

To have changes occur what affects the world, we need to go deep and face ourselves, stop blaming it on the other. The other only reflects what we have hidden deep inside of us if we like it or not. Let’s go inside out. Let’s become aware of our disruptions of harmony and challenge ourselves to do deep inner healing work.

Be aware that your decision to clean up your stuff, on a soul level, will affect your future incarnations, and it will influence the generations showing up in your family and all the families in the area you live. In justice it all comes down to wrong or right decisions, leading to acts of crime. Are you willing to make decisions which elevate humanizing the Systems?

I am