This is one of the most read blogs on my webiste. People seem to be interested in the metaphysical point of view of how to finally get rid of Mindtrash. Assuming you know a little bit about spirituality, psychology or you are at least interested how to calm your mind; you first must understand that mindtrash, as in thoughtforms, pictures can enter your mind, thus bother you, when:

1. There is an inner connection in your subconscious selves, where your long lost and forgotten memories and emotions reside, some highly charged, some not.
2. You allow yourself not to be aware of your thoughts.
3. You have metaphysically not defined your inner space clearly.
4. You tend to agree with othermens opinion, allowing theres to overrule your true self and inner authority.

This makes your mind cluttered, and you can help yourself regaining a clear mind. Besides taking up a healthy foodstyle such as advised by the medical medium Anthony William, there are some more steps you can do.

1. Make a decision you want to change your train of thoughts
2. Gain your power and self-determination
3. Commitment and Trust your lifepath
4. Allow assistance from friends and spirit guides
5. Learn to recognise mind trash in a split second
6.Letting go comes with insights and awareness of life lessons to be learned
7. Heal your childhood wounds

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1. Make a decision to slow down, become silent

Your decision is the most powerful ignition you will encounter in life. Decide you want to have yourself changed. To change the situation you are in. To change the train of thoughts always rambling in your mind. Focus on the main feeling you would like to feel on a daily base. Decide what you do not want. Decide for what you want. The intenser the charge of an emotion of a decision, the intenser the results. Do you wish for a mind filled with nourishing loving thoughts? Would you like to be kind and generous to yourself and others? Yes or yes?

2. Gain your power and self-determination

Decide for yourself you want to free yourself up from that which is not you. That which is not you is the ultimate mind trash and clogs up your ability to live the life you came for. Did you come to live your own life? Well, you need to get in charge of your life again.

One step to do is defining your personal space on a metaphysical level. I have published several blogs about this topic. read those after you finished this blog. The more you rule over your inner personal space, the more power you attain over a life of self-determination.

3. Commitment and Trust

Commit yourself to your personal development.  If you truly desire to have your life changed, you will have to work for it. Allow your spirit and your higher self to assist you in the big changes you need to achieve. That you have to work for it, does not necessarily mean you have to work hard for it, it just means you have to let go of stuff. Trust in the Divine plan that you will find your way to your true Self.

Ask your higher Self to open up the path and show you what you need to be freed of mind trash. Sometimes all you need is a daily half-hour walk. Sometimes you need to follow a course where you are trained to gain more awareness over your thoughts and how to tame your negative thoughts. Why don’t you allow help from your higher self, from your guardian angel to make life easier for you? Call upon the Universal higher Law of Trust to work for you so you can trust yourself and what your life will offer you suits your learning process completely.

4. Allow assistance

That you want to change and get rid of all the mind trash does not mean you have to do this alone, heck no, you can even do this without buying a service from me.
I want you to allow assistance from your holy guardian angel. Are you willing to allow your guardian angel to help you with helpful insights and meetings? This is a missed out opportunity for many, we all have one, regardless of the family beliefs systems you are born into. Get to know yours. They know instantly when you speak to them. Give it a try. Allow free assistance to be provided in your life. 

And do you know the beauty of having a holy guardian angel and how to connect with them? They always know you are directing your attention to them when you call upon your holy guardian angel, it instantly knows and is there for you. You might need some time to train your communication. So here is a small hint. They do not use many words, and they guide you while using flashes of images, flashes of a sense of direction, flashes of ideas. So do not expect them to be in touch with you for meditative hours and hours, that is more a thing for spiritual guides. Holy Guardian Angels are different; they have enough on guiding you by in split seconds. Trust that. Allow them to guide you and feed your intuition.

They will set up meetings to bring you the information you need to move forward. They are truly creative in finding ways to reach you in a way that you listen and understand. Be amazed.

5. Learn to RECOGNIZE mindtrash in a blink of an eye

 Enabling yourself to recognize Mindtrash is one of the most important steps. It begins with regonising that due to current incarnation circumstances you have fallen into family and cultural belief systems which are no longer working for you. Why would you otherwise read this Blog? You know that your mind feels trashed. These systems exist so everyone in it behaves in a certain way, obey certain rules. Fitting into a system which does no longer resonate with the life path you would like to live can be hard. This fitting in may have provided benefit in the past. Time has come to live according to your own set of rules and commitments. Overthink your life and pay attention to the insights which systems are holding you back.  Ask your guardian angel to help you to recognize what is yours and what is not yours and how to let go of it all. You might receive tips for online and/or Offline help.

 Recognize the art of your thoughts. Are the thoughts which go through your mind yours, to begin with? Allow that which is not you to become apparent for you. Like having expressions in your mind which you have picked up from a family member, a co-worker or tv. This is mindtrash. This is not yours.

6. LETTING GO requires a raised awareness

Letting go of information is a process of raising your inner awareness. The information which belongs to your parents, friends, boss, clients or co-workers asks you to become aware of what is happening in your own train of thoughts. Here your guardian angel comes in handy, it is trained in providing you with the most powerful insights you need to let go of that which is not you, that what I call false information. It is false because it is nonreal, it is not yours, to begin with. It had the opportunity to enter your space, due to this wound you carry with you which you have covered yourself with non-consciousness in order not to be reminded of or feel the pain always. Raising your awareness can be achieved by mindfulness, meditation, coaching, reading while tapping into your inner wisdom.

I personally prefer to utilize a Universal Higher Law which is the Law of Returns. Invoking this law will gentle return the thoughtforms or energies which is not you return to its original source, in a way the recipient who is the original owner recognizes it as from him or herself and will accept it back due to its neutral state. Or do you think that a very irritated woman, dumped that angriness would like to take that irritated thought back? She would if it is in a neutral state. A Universal Higher Law is accessible for anyone, no matter what your culture, religion or degree at school is. It is more intelligent then us and knows how to operate perfectly attuned to your personal situation. Why don’t you give it a try?

Think of something inside you of which you suspect it is not you. Got it? Now invoke the Higher Law of returns and allow this to return to it sender, have all the karma be completed by your holy guardian angel and become aware of what is occurring. Any tingling sensations, a pain or ache here or there, a calming in your mind is proof that something is shifting.

You are letting go …Nice, good job!

7. The most important step: HEAL YOUR CHILDHOOD WOUNDS

This step is the most critical step. This reconnects with the theory I gave at the beginning of this blog. This is the main reason why mind trash can hook into your mind in the first place. You carry unprocessed wounds within you. During childhood, you have suffered from events which caused certain levels of shock and trauma within you. During puberty or as a young adolescent you have relived the script in one milder or more aggressive form. You are now primed with life lessons you will face during your life. As a personality, you have given your best to cover up these wounds. Covering this has served its purpose. I tell you now that it is precisely the pain points others can grab you on. The pain you feel is of yourself, recognize this, bring awareness and healing into it. Free yourself up of your inner wounds, and you will find yourself in a place where mind trashing is less easy. There are no wounds any more where it can tap in to. There are no more memories with what trash can connect to. You have freed yourself up. You have achieved to gain your power back.

Be patient and forgiving towards yourself in this step; this can take a whole lifetime. Depending on the level and intensity you have been trashed, to begin with. Nevertheless, When you truley choose for a life of self determination, I have faith in you that you can do this.

If you would like to commence healing your inner childhood wounds, why dont you read severall of the blogs I have put online, which help you to make a nice leap in your healing process?

7 Steps, now what?

Somehow we as human are receptive for a 7 step programme. We love to google it; we love to believe that what we need to change will be done in a few steps. That radical change is done in a blink of an eye. That it will cost no effort, that reaching higher goals is simple. After all, the media shows us this on a daily base. Our minds are trashed with illusions and make beliefs coming to us via movies, television, youtube, advertisement.

The truth is that we are unique beings. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. To master a qualitiy it can take many lifetimes. Each of us come into this world with a unique set of incarnational goals; each of us has a unique package to be processed past life karma. Just as each human has a unique fingerprint which differentiates us from another, we have an astonishingly more differentiating aspect which makes you different than me, karma. And simultaneous we have analogous stuff of the life processes you will recognize, which seem to be the same.

That is how my 7 step programme can work out well for you, but less for your cousin. I can guide those who want to step onto a higher path of destiny, where life offers insights tied to life lessons easier, less traumatic. But you do have to embrace your spirituality as a practical self aspect in your daily life. You have to be willing to become aware of who you are.

If you have to deal with a lot of mind trash, it can be caused by past life karma or by specific incarnational goals. Whatever it causes, on a spiritual level it can be completely okay and fine, while on a personality level it can be a depleting experience. Having found this website, you can be pretty sure that your soul has guided you here. It is time to awaken, and being guided in this process makes it easier just as mentors and guides made my pain and suffering easier to heal.

We as human we can handle only one or two true impacting changes a year. Is it then fooling ourselves with all the marketed blogs of x steps programmes? And to be honest. Being an explorer of the mind and spirituality, I find it a bit incomplete. It is more a string of events, a string of realizations one needs to grow and evolve in life. It is the journey in life which you can cut back to bits and pieces. You can see it as chapters, as phases in your life. As for each life phase you went to another school, you need different mentors for your different phases in life. I can be here for you if you are on a path of self-detemination. And in the end, you will find out that you are the best guide you could ever wish for. And that is a goal you can cherish.

I do.

Holistic Hellen on- and offline Business about Hellen Tiethoff

From a spiritual perspective These are the steps I recommend

I would work with Universal Higher Laws. These can be activated consciously if your level of awareness is well connected to these laws. I don’t know you, but I know myself and I am one of those who can activate Laws to bring changes in life. Activate the Law of Identity is the first thing you do, bringing into awareness which is you, automatically it will become easier to perceive which is not you. What is not you is the mind trash. 

    1. Activate the laws of Grace, Justice and responsibility.
    2. Activate the laws of return, recollection, and recovery, sending back which is not self and recollecting what is self and recovering what is rightfully self but is being captured by others.
      UPDATE 28.12.2019 Since a few months my Angels fused these laws into a new law; The Law of Exchange, which does all this, just 1 step instead of 3 separate steps, pretty cool, powerful and useful.
    3. Connecting with my Holy Guardian Angel, Head guides to set me up and to find me a human mentor to guide me through this life lesson.
    4. Clean up the analyzer, a mechanism in the head which can cause overthinking. Shut it off once in a while.
    5. Refresh separation roses on a daily base to define personal space stronger.
    6. Create a protection ForceField which prevents intrusion of useless thoughts, clocking up your mind and which are not karma related, meaning. Lots will stay out, but personal karma can still fuck up your mind. Making your mind less diverted of that what matters. I offer trainings to create Force Fields. There are limited spots available.
    7. Create a master Force Field for the minds, so 90 % of negativity stays out. this silences the mind.
    8. Becoming mindful of what to feed the mind. Be mindful with your smartphone use. Watching fewer to none newsfeeds, watching fewer media packed with violence, also those movies meant to entertain. It distracts and is unhealthy. Commencing to feed the mind which media which helps to grow and evolve.
    9. Repeatedly doing regression sessions to uncover what pain and suffering have been covered up while having processing tools at your disposal.
    10. Allowing spirit to be guided through several STL-healings. Such as dissolving previous agreements of giving away ownership on an incarnational String, FamilyTree/Bloodline and TimeLine Healing.
    11. Spending time to dissolve casted black magic, spells, curses, etc. Receiving Grace for whatever misuse of magic in the past.
    12. Talk less BS. Reacting more gentle to self. show compassion to self and mind.

You might wonder why I do not implement meditation in my list of steps, but whatever many think of me, I seem to fail to understand what others mean when they say, “ meditate”  WTF is meant? Is meant reading possible futures? Is meant going into other planes and realities? Is meant becoming mindful of what my body aches are telling me? Is meant to silence the mind? Is meant directing awareness on pain and suffering and observe how Universal Higher Laws and healing agencies help me heal inner wounds? Is meant doing household chores with a focused awareness? I don’t know and to be honest I don’t give a bleep. So no, no meditate chores in my list of steps. Oh wait, you think making a Force Field is a form of meditation? Aaaaah, now I get your wondering. 

Sorry, a metaphysical and spiritual awareness is normal for me for the last 20 years. I just know how to switch it off and on.

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