1. Make a Decision

Decide you want to have yourself changed. To change the situation you are in. Focus on the main feeling you would like to feel on a daily base. Decide what you do not want.


2. Gain your power

Decide for yourself you want to free yourself up from that which is not you. That which is not you is the ultimate mind trash and clogs up your ability to live the life you came for.
Did you came to live your own life? Well, you need to get in charge of your life again.


Commit yourself to your inner development.  If you truly desire to have your life changed, you will have to work for it. Allow your spirit and your higher self to assist you in the big changes you need to achieve. That you have to work for it, does not necessarily means you have to work hard for it, it just means you have to let go of stuff. Trust in the Divine plan that you will find your way to your true Self.

4. Allow assistance

That you want to change and get rid of all the mind trash does not mean you have to do this alone, heck no, you can even do this without buying a service from me.
I want you to allow assistance from your own holy guardian angel. Are you willing to allow your guardian angel to help you with helpful insights and meetings? This is a missed out opportunity for many, we all have one, regardless of the family beliefs systems you are born into. Get to know yours. They know instant when they are spoken to. Give it  a try. Allow free assistance to be provided in your life.

5. recognize

 Recognize that you have fallen into family and cultural
belief systems which are no longer working for you.
These systems exists so every one in it, behaves in a
certain way, obey certain rules. This may have provided
benefit in the past. Time has come to live according to
your own set of rules and commitments. Overthink your life
and pay attention to the insights which systems are holding
 you back.  
Ask your guardian angel to help you to
recognise what is yours and what is not yours and how
to let go of it all. You might receive tips for online and/or
offline help.

6. Letting go requires a raised awareness

Letting go of information is a process of raising your inner awareness. Information which belong to your parents, friends, boss, clients or co workers ask you to become aware of what is happening in your won train of thoughts. Here your guardian angel comes in handy, it is trained in providing you with the most powerful insights you need to let go of that which is not you, that what I call false information. It is false because it is non real, it is not yours to begin with. It had the opportunity to enter your space, due to this wound you carry with you which you have covered yourself with non-consciousness in order not to constantly be reminded of or feel the pain. Raising your awareness can be achieved by mindfulness, meditation, coaching, reading while tapping into your inner wisdom.

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF ALL: Heal your childhood wounds

During childhood you have suffered of events which caused certain levels of shock and trauma within you. During puberty or as a young adolescent you have relived the script in one milder or more aggressive form. You are now primed with life lessons you will face during your life. As a personality, you have given your best to cover up these wounds. This has served its purpose. I tell you now that it is exactly the pain points others can grab you on. The pain you feel is of yourself, recognise this, bring awareness and healing into it. Free yourself up of your own inner wounds and you will find yourself in a place where mind trashing is less easier. There are no wounds any more where it can tap in to. You have freed yourself up. You have achieved to gain your own power back.

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