By Shyna:

If you travel beyond all boundaries of the human mind
If you allow the cosmos to be your guide
You’ll find so many strophes to write
You’ll see so many lines
Lines like whispers in the wind
Whispering voices…

Willing to share with you their love
Willing to share with you their knowledge about worlds,
soon to be discovered
so many earth citizen will remember where they came from
So less will be true bringers of Light
Many will carry aspects of darkness in their soul
This can be healed and transformed
This can be taught

Connect with the soul
Connect with a source which is throughout the universe and several galaxies known as thé Library.

Yes my dear
You all live on this beautiful planet called earth, which is much more as one of many. This planet is unique, this time is unique. You all are showing, no one excluded,  the cosmos that free will is a great treasure. You have moved into another dimension, many of you didn’t even notice it. You have moved, and it is your host planet who gave you all this possibility

Connect with nature
Connect with all earthly beings
Hard work by dozens of enlightened human shows the result of love
Loving every living being is the key to pass the biggest test ever

You made it to the gates
Though many thought humankind was doomed and the game would be over soon.
Well, you are showing that you are able by connecting worldwide from heart to heart
Many of you acknowledged that distance and time don’t matter if you live on the frequency of love
Many of you accepted the offered help from interplanetarians.
Many of you accepted the existence of the angels and asked them to help you and the entire humankind to wake up

And so you did…
Many of you think most people are still sleeping
Well my dear, don’t blame them
You have slept for quite a while also haven’t you?
You have also been awakened, haven’t you?
You have struggled with life also, haven’t you?
Give your fellow beings time to realize time has come to wake up
Give your fellow beings time to realize life is the worthiest Gift
Help your fellow beings where ever you can
Help your fellow beings however you are capable
Sense where your fellow beings in her or his development
Sense how you can help them to find the most beautiful path of life
A path which vibrates of love,
A path vibrant of trust, peace, compassion, forgiveness peace, and harmony
Feel the faith deep inside of your being that every being will find this path of life

Till then…

Have faith in how you are guided to move on on your own path of light, of life
This is no longer a time of concurrence and competition
This you have explored eons-long
Now is the time to realize that we all are one

Together we are
Together we are one
We are one
But we are not the same

Have faith in the pat we are showing you over and over again
We show you heaven on earth
This is your path to follow
This is your message to the world
You are more than capable
The light your soul carries is tremendous
Play with it
Feel the joy of this unique lifetime

This is why you came to earth
This is why you have traveled so many eons
You have visited so many galaxies
You have gained knowledge on how to spread your light
You have gained knowledge on how to spread your light
You have gained knowledge of how to bring heaven on earth
You know how to spread your light to bring heaven on earth
Together with you, there are so many with you who share this goal

And you do know…
Together we are strong
Together you are strong
Together you shall bring heaven on earth
This planet is so precious that an extreme amount of enlightened souls are now entering the earth, being born as your children. All willing to help to carry the light which is needed to evolve in alignment with this planet you live on. As far it goes quit successfully if we may add, this tremendous light flows steadily through the grid.

It flows from heart to heart
It feeds nature when being loved and cared for
It feeds nature by being loved by grid-connected humans
This tremendous amount of Light is amazing
This tremendous amount of Love is amazing
All these living beings on this planet earth
In separate from each other
So many humans who still think they live separate from nature
So many humans who still think they live separate from their fellow being,
but you are not seperated.
You are all connected by existence
You are all connected through life and love
We are all connected

You are connected with me
Just by simply reading these words
Receiving the telepathic broadband transmission of my angels

You are all connected with the light beings just by reading these words
The beings connected with me, all the angels connected with me, are now connecting with you
Can you sense them?
Can you sense their unconditional love they have for you?
You are connected with earth collective consciousness just because you are being alive

You are important to us
You are alive
You are
You are you
You are important to us because every thought of you effects us
You are important to us because every action you take effects this worlds collective consciousness
Every decision you make affects all living creatures, all beings on this planet earth

You matter to us…

We would like you to follow your dreams
We would like you to listen to the language of your soul
We would like you to be aware of the light you are
We would like you to feel the light you are
Feel the light you carry inside of you
Feel the light you carry around you
Feel the light spreading while connecting with the heart of a gridconnected human

Can you accept it if we told you that we love you, unconditionally?
Can you accept that you are deeply loved by beings you cannot see?
We exist on other frequencies
We speak the language of life
We have spoken with your soul
It is your soul who agreed that time has come that you are ready to read these words

Welcome in this magical wonderland which we call earth
Welcome into this magical wonderland which you call life
Welcome into this magical experience of thoughts and emotions
Welcome into this magical experience of spirituality

Let us tell you that we have never abandoned you
It was your choice in free will to forget the connections with other dimensions than the one you can see, hear, feel touch and smell.

May we invite you to deepen your senses?
May we make it comfortable for you to guide you in this learning process?
If you let us, we will send you some teachers
If you let us, we will give you signs that you are following your path of light, of  life
If you let us, we will do everything which is in our powers to connects you with your own soul
If you let us, we will help you to remember to connect with the beacon of light of your own soul

Will you let us?   Do you allow us to help you find the highest path of Destiny for this life you came to live?

Lets reveill the veils together
We all have the same goal
To live on the frequency of light
To live on the frequency of love
Live in love
Be connected
Connected with life

What is life?
Is it something you can see?
Is it something you can feel?
Is it something you can prove?
What is reality?
Is it something you can see?
Is it something you can feel?
Is it something you can prove?
What is love?
Is it something you can see?
Is it something you can feel?
Is it something you can prove?
What are you?
Are you something you can see?
Are you something you can feel?
Are you something you can prove?

Aah, we noticed that you had found some boundaries, did you realize that you are capable of turning the key and passing the door?
The door to new realities?
The door pass you set boundaries?
You can put the veil aside
Step into new realities
Step upon a Higher Path of Destiny
Is your Destiny reality?
Step into your imaginations
Are you imaginations reality?
Step into your fantasies
Are your fantasies reality?

Aah, again another boundary…

In Life, you are allowed to accept anything you want
Is it wise to accept anything?
it is in your hands, your responsibility to give yourself the freedom of choice to choose your truth
It is your responsibility how far you can travel without moving…

Let your soul guide you through the process of opening up your senses
you are allowed to decide which sense you want to explore first
One of the main tools, while you are exploring your sense beyond the veils, is your focus on live, unconditional love. Never forget this, love is your main tool on your path of life, on your path of light. With love you will bring heaven on earth

Love yourself
Love your Physical Body
Love your Astral Body
Love your Mental Body and care for it
Love your Spiritual Body and care for it
see yourself as a human angel of awakening
No restrictions, no conditions
Love is the tool of your future life on this planet
Can you tell you that you love yourself? You are loved
Can you tell yourself that you are grateful for the way you have lived your life till now?

You are a gift…

Can you tell yourself that your soul will lead you towards your true self, into loving life.
Your Soul will lead you to make choices of how to live your life and love your life.
Can you tell yourself that you, your being is important?

You are important…

Can you understand that you, that your being, that your life is important?
Can you accept that you being alive is important?
Can you accept that life will show you why you came now to live on this earth?
You will be shown.

May we embrace you for being willing to be guided?
May we embrace you, as you were willing to be guided to this unique moment?
Take a deep breath, allow yourself as spiritual to take a few deep inhales.

You my dear
You are the master and the student
You are a master of life
You are a student of your life
Do what you came to do

Always remember…

You are not alone…

There are so many beings who are willing to help you
So many angels are willing to help you
Ask the angels to guide you towards the wisdom of your soul
Then listen to your inner voice
Listen to your heart and dreams
Are you doing that in your life which makes you smile
Are you doing that with your life what makes you smile?

What is it what makes your heart smile?
What is it what makes your being smile?
What makes you tick?

Come on, don’t give up that quick, take a good look at your dreams

Take a good look at your daydreams, the one which makes you smile. We are sure that there are things you like to daydream about, for hours and hours, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Dreams which keep on appearing, even when you thought you gave them up years ago. These dreams are the language of your soul. Through your dreams, your soul is trying to connect with you to guide you. Though your dreams your soul is trying to reach you and help you remember why you came to live this life of you, the help you remember what you came to do here.

So please tell me

What are your dreams?
Please write them down, if you think you are not well with words, try to draw or paint your dreams, place some keywords besides the drawing or painting. The way you choose to express yourself is perfect for me, just as long you take actions and express yourself. I am pleased that you are willing to share your dreams with me.  Even if you don’t show them to me in real life,  it is your action that counts.

Who am I?
I am just somebody which translates these lines of light I perceive into words.
I am just someone who translates the messages of the angels to us.
I am just somebody willing and able to translate the languages spoken by souls

May I be honest?
I am as curious as you are
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Which part of the puzzle did you choose to fulfill in bring heaven on earth?
You do know that each of us has a unique piece of the puzzle to bring in

This is why you are so important…

This is why it is so important to open up to the messages of your own soul
So let me ask you again
Why did you incarnate right now, during this era?
What are your attribution and contribution?
Don’t worry if you do not know the answer right now,
it will appear when your soul decides you are ready…

I am sure you choose to do something, something that you can do marvelous and excellent. That is why you choose to incarnate with your parents, they gave you the environment you needed to grow and evolve so you will be ready to punt in your piece of the puzzle when the time has come.
I have got a feeling your soul choose to bring it with a spark of light, love, and compassion in your heart, to fulfill your part of the process of bringing heaven on earth with inner delight.

Take care, till we meet again, somewhere, perhaps in the same circumstances, perhaps in other circumstances, let us be open to unexpected surprises.

It is you whom I cherish and love


part of Circles of Light guidance group


This message is written on January 10, 2006, in Meggen Switserland

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