Let’s recapture my last blog about the 12 senses

The reason I wrote this blog is to make it more accessible for you. The Story of Melissa gives you some leads of how to practice the intuitive use of your senses.

  1. Sense of Sight,
  2. Sense of Taste,
  3. Sense of Smell,
  4. Sense of Hearing,
  5. Sense of Balance,
  6. Sense of Touch (and intimacy),
  7. Sense of Movement,
  8. Sense of Thought,
  9. Sense of Speech (language),
  10. Sense of Life,
  11. Sense of Temperature,
  12. Sense of “I”.

Extend your use of the sense of taste or smell:

When you think about your taste sense, what is the first what comes into mind? Are you a person who plays with your senses? Meaning, have you used your sense of taste for the less obvious? There is this one sense, for many people an uncommon sense to use, which I personally like when I sense that my people judgement is clouded. When I cannot make up my mind in which degree to trust another. When it is not clear how one feels about me there they show me a smile, or when I feel Love for them but I see in their hand gestures that they repulse me without I understand a direct cause.  When my gut tels that something is off, that nags me. When I want to know how some one is truly thinks and feels about me, I ask within my self “How does that other person feel about me in taste? This taste reflects the true opinion from another person about me. I have noticed that way of using the sense of taste is time bound, meaning, the result, the answers can vary. So I always pick a specific moment.
One can be surprised about the results. Sometimes these results is a combination of senses, like you taste ash, you smell ash and you see an ashtray. That is fine. Allow yourself some unexpected playtime. Step 1:
If you like you can try this for yourself. * Take a moment and pick some one in your mind. Now ask yourself “How does this person taste about me? * Now have a moment in mind that your had a disagreement or an argument. Ask again, How did this person taste about me in this moment? * Now tune into another moment where you were acting harmonious with each other. Ask your self again, How did this person taste about me then? Now you gained a baseline by asking how another taste/feels/thinks about you in 3 different moments. You can investigate further and you can write these down. Once you write these down on paper you train your mind better in remembering using these additional sense which are at our disposal to use. What I find to be important is to be honest with ourselves. This is sometimes difficult when we have trained our self so well in pleasing others that we lost touch with our true feelings. A way to overcome this is to do this same exercise reversed.
Step 2
* Take a moment and pick some one in your mind. Now ask yourself “How do I feel about this person?” With intention have it reflected in a taste. * Now have a moment in mind that your had a disagreement or an argument. Ask again, “How did I truly taste about this person in this moment?” * Now tune into another moment where you were acting harmonious with each other. Ask your self again, “How did I truly taste about this person in this moment?” Have you noticed the differences? Have you noticed how honest a sense like the sense of taste and smell are? If you do not taste or smell during this exercise, this doesn’t mean you are incapable or stupid, it simply shows, like a thermometer, the ability to function of that sense. It can be an indicator that you have suffered in the past of this life or in the past of past lives tremendously with this sense. Imagine the damaging effects of being poisoned to death how that effects shutting of a sense, or being burned alive, how that shuts of the senses of temperature, touch, taste and smell. Simply caused by an overload, leaving the sense in shock, even frozen. So no worries if you do not sense it so easy as I suggested. The perfect moment that you as whole will allow healing on your senses will come one day.
How to use this exercise on the job.

Melissa’s story

Now we choose a role for this part, you can use this exercise for your own job function how you please. Let’s imagine this story is about a young woman named Melissa. She works for a large company for the department of Human Resource. She finished college a few years ago and she is still in full development when it comes to judging people. Melissa gets with 4 other colleagues the offer of a lifetime to hire for a new Hotel all staff. This Hotel will contain several hundreds of jobs once it is fully staffed. She wants to perform highly with this career opportunity but she feels insecure to her capacity for character judgments. At Yoga class she shares her insecurity and her excitement about the job she is offered. A week later Melissa get’s from her friend a gift. It was wrapped in beautiful paper with a nice shiny ribbon. Once she leaves the building of her yoga class she can’t wait to open it. Once she gets home she opens the gift and finds a book in it. “Guilty” by Hellen Tiethoff, that writer’s name does not ring a bell. Melissa opens up the book and she finds it filled with exercises. She is into spirituality and finds it amazing how the chapters are built. She browses through the chapter and finds this one exercise. As if it was written for her. She can really relate to smell and taste and she feels ignited with joy that this exercise works so well for her. She decides to write down the steps in her agenda and brings it into practice the next day. Over the months that follow she uses the exercise regularly and she receive from her older colleagues compliment about her capacity of being good in judgement in character of the tremendous amount of applicants for the many open jobs. Here are her questions shared, she regular asked her sense of taste. You can imagine she held her method hidden for her coworkers, here she is willing to share it with us, so you can implement them for yourself. While Melissa would be browsing behind her desktop, she would take time to connect with her guardian angel and the guardian angel of the company. She would state to them that she is searching for answers which are in the best intrest of the highest path of Destiny of all concerned. Melissa followed her own protocol which worked well for her. The yes and no’s depended on the liking or disliking of the taste. * Is this candidate serious in working for us? If no, Melissa would decline the candidate. If yes, Melissa would consider this candidate and ask more questions. * Will this candidate perform well in the job? If yes, she would ask if the performance would be above expectations or moderate. Depending on her results she would either decline or considerate the candidate. * Will this candidate cause problems we cannot overcome? If yes, Melissa would decline the candidate. If no, Melissa would consider the candidate. * Is this candidate in alignment in the vision and mission of the company? If no she asked if this candidate would be able to become attuned to the vision and mission. If no, she would decline the candidate. * Will this candidate be able to grow and evolve? * Will this candidate be flexible in doing overtime? * Will this candidate fit in the team? * Will this candidate boost the team efforts? * Will this candidate stay more than 2 years at our company? * Will this candidate be satisfied with our compensations? * Will this candidate turn out sick, causing departments problems? * Will family issues of this candidate cause any problems in her/his functioning? * Will this candidate speak highly of our company once she/her leaves? * Will the demands of this candidate turn out worth while for our company? Can we give in? Sharing her office with her co workers, Melissa felt in the beginning nervous. Along the way Melissa realized that other could not see if she connected with her guardian angel. There the method of Melissa was efficient and no one could look into her head how she did it, no one questioned it. She became confident and enjoyed selecting people, confident she would not be fooled by the appearance of the candidate or the Curriculum. These list of questions would be a measure for Melissa’s hiring. She learned along the way that the average of her answers would be a good reflection of her judgement. 80 % positive results and even a similar taste of the several candidates for the several jobs in a department would create a harmonious team. The candidates with the highest scores would turn out to be able to work very well together.
A conversation between Melissa and her Guardian Angel
Years later, Melissa asked her guardian angel “Why does my way of making decisions turns out better than following strict protocol based on ration? Her angel replied that this way she allowed teams to form a unity based on the highest path of destiny. Meaning insights would not come via struggle, creating departments via a higher consciousness allowed individuals to fit as pieces of the puzzle aligned and in harmony with the companies vision and mission. This method of bringing people together for a company fits the age of the quickening. You implemented a tool given by the gift of being human. Having trust and faith in your own senses made up for past lives where your senses were shut down by several reasons. Your Soul has now experienced a gentle way of healing. Melissa asked “What would have happened if my friend at Yoga did not give me the book?” Her angel replied “That question is like the movie “Sliding Doors”. There are several paths of Destiny. Each of a different vibration and a different result. Varying from hard struggle to high synchronicity. In those days I saw your struggle and knew I would not be able to reach you directly, so I connected with the guardian angel of your friend and our solution was to suggest your friend to buy the book for you as a gift. I hoped it made you step upon another path of Destiny “Wauw, thank you, I did not realize you knew each other. And how did you know this was the right book for me?” I guide you several lifetimes and I have seen you burdened with feelings of Guilt, Shame and Anxieties. I have reached out several times to help you overcome these feelings. This time I choose to provide you with information which could help you process many of these feelings. We trust the information of the writer, there she is known in our realms to work with the Angels of the Higher Laws, the Angels of High magic. It’s her life’s work. She incarnated to write the books to guide mankind through their quantum leap. The difference is that we know her by the name “Shyna” and you know her as Hellen Tiethoff, aka Holistic Hellen. If you are interested in more spiritual information, please buy my Blue Book
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