You might not believe it because you have not learned to feel it or to see it happening, but we tend to drop feelings and thoughts in each others space all the time. Some times this is plain irritating, sometimes it helps us understand each other better. So this week we are going to talk about how it can feel when someone else drops their energies into your space, why it could enter and stick in your space, and how you can return it.

First of all, almost all of us human, do it

We haven’t learned how to keep our energies with us, and therefore we just landed in the era where we get aware of our subconscious dumping mechanism and how we can change this. Most families, cultures, regions, and religions have their unique habits and customs. That is perfectly okay, that is the way we humans learn and differentiate ourselves from each other. Besides this, for those among us who choose as spirit aware and conscious in which region and in which religion to start a new life, a new incarnation, do this to expand the learning curves of their own soul. Are you one of them, do you want to grow and evolve?

So, where ever you live, in whichever family you were born into, it has been the choice of your soul to go there, knowing it would bring you exactly that what you need to grow and evolve. But… A conscious decision of the soul doesn’t mean that it is all peace and pies for you as a person. Life can be hard and traumatic due to the choices of your soul. Just know that your soul has all the faith that you can handle whatever comes into your life. And if certain things do not happen, though you wish for it, consider the possibility that it is your soul to protect you from unexpected wounds which were covered up and which would be touched once you got what you deeply wanted in your life. Your soul has it best intrest for you in mind.

So, having said that

We jump into the horrible feelings you can experience when someone decides to dump their energies in you as if you were their personal trashcan. Are you a trash can? No, of course not. The problem is, many have no idea what is going on and treat you if you are that nasty horrible child, while it is them how are disrupting your personal space.

I am told by my own family I was a horrible child, getting angry all the time, yelling a lot. I do not remember a lot of my childhood, this makes it not fun to get this feedback because I don’t remember doing that all the time. What I have learned after 12 years of participating the Spiritual Arts Academy, which partially a mystery school, that getting upset, getting angry, forgetting what I wanted to say is often related to others dumping their emotional and mental trash in my personal space. So this is a perfect example of an issue of a spiritual cause, affecting the mental and emotional state.

And how about you?

Here you get 3 excamples: Have you had a moment that you got outraged without an obvious cause? Have you ever got very sad, without an obvious reason? But where you found out later that your mom was very sad and she thought about you and how she should tell the sad news? Or can you remember that you were telling a story and more friends started gathering around you and then you went blank, not knowing anymore you were saying?

Well, first of all, placing your separation roses each day will make these moments much less. You have learned to do that in blog nr. 2. Getting angry is an obvious example that another dumped their rubbish and trash in you. Best is to ask your guardian angel to complete the karma and return the energies in a recognizable neutral way back to the original source. You do not have to determine whose rubbish it is, and the guardian angel will activate for you the Higher Universal Law of returns, which will return it to its original owner. Meaning that if your father dumped it into you, but the original source is a cranky spirit, which accompanies your grandfather, it will be returned to the grumpy spirit and not to your dad. That is smart and fair isn’t it?

The reason to have it returned in a neutral state, is that it’s original source will accept it more likely. Imagine you are angry with your best friend and you wack the chakra of your best friend. That can happen you know, nothing to get upset about. If your best friend sends back your energy in its original angry state, would you be happy to take that angry energy back, or would you feel grateful if the guardian angel of your best friend discharged the emotion and send your energies in a neutral state back to you?

So now you understand why to discharge energies before sending back to its original source.

2. If you got very sad, chance is that your mom sent you via her small band telepathy her sad energies. Making you feel sad without talking to you. In this case, you can also ask your holy guardian angel to send back the sadness to the original source and clear the matching and connecting pictures of sadness between you and your mom. Your mom is an example, if you don’t know whose sadness you feel, then state, have it returned to the original source of this feeling. Chance is if you just feel sad, without knowing from who it came, it came most likely to you via broadband telepathy. The reason it could enter and stick is that you had already an emotionally charged picture filled with sadness of your own in your personal space. This emotionally charged picture (memory) could stem originally from the past of your life, or it was never processed and came with you from a past life. This way, it gets your attention, and you can deal with it, process it, and thank the one touching your emotion to be dealt with.

3. If you forgot what you said, it is most likely that another came into the center of your head with their focal point of attention, being inappropriately curious about what you are talking about. That this is possible is only a sign that you have to learn how to shield yourself from another. Most thinking occurs in the center of your head, so if someone is curious and did not hear everything, they tend to go inside your head, with their focal point of attention, to get the info, instead of asking you to retell the story from the beginning. Children tend to do this with their parents and sibling. Can you remember a moment you wanted to know what your dad was feeling or thinking, and in the middle of his sentence, he stopped talking? Probably you were in the center of his head, and when you where there, he could not catch his own thoughts.  It is a way of training telepathic communication, and it is expressed stupid some times. And hey, that is okay, that is the way we learn.

Here you get tools to communicate in a more healthy way

By now you have received tools to mark your personal space, the seperation roses. You have received acces to using the singing rings, to clear out useless etheric communication cords. Now you have received access to activate higher universal laws on situations or feelings, like the law of returns, which will return by Higher Law that which is not you. Besides having the law of returns being activated for you, having an extra set of separation roses surrounding your trance medium center helps a lot. Best way is to always ask your guardian angel to use or refresh these tools for you, your guardian angel is schooled to do this in a correct way. It will always respect your life lessons and free will. It will stop doing this once you leave this life.

If you like to be creative, you can even ask your guardian angel to create a magic shield around your head, your so called trancemedium center. The shield will look like a cinema, or a terrace with tables and chairs. Anyone who is curious about your thoughts is cordially invited to take a seat there and watch on a screen what you are thinking. This shield keeps another outside your head. This shield will be maintained all your life and will be fully dissolved the moment you leave this life. Once every few years you can ask your guardian angel to update your shield, adjusted to the person you are then when you request that update, and in full alignment with your highest path of destiny. Realize it is your personal responsibility to ask to have this shield upgraded. I suggest it to do that, but I am not responsible for requesting your guardian angel to do so. What I can do is give you a tip to ask your guardian angel now to upgrade this shield every seven years for the rest of your life. When it is in alignment with your highest path of destiny, it will happen. Go on, ask your guardian angel to connect with you and ask your guardian angel to upgrade your protective shield every 7 years, if it is in alignment with your highest path of destiny to do so. Did it? Good job.

A big part of thinking happens in images, not only in words. Have you ever noticed this?
At school, we are trained to think in words only, but in truth, that is such a restricted way of thinking, there is so much more to communication than only using the right words. Many of you notice when you read my blogs that I write while I see a lot of images. Many of you notice while I write my blogs that I communicate with my angels and with the higher selves of many of you. Some of you even notice that I use more senses than the 5 we are taught. If you want to know more about that, go to my blog

we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Before I forget, I did tell you I would mention why trash from another could enter your space and how it is possible that it could stick.

First of all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. All of us have many lifetimes, independently of the culture or religion you were born into. The culture and religion you are born into give you a framework of belief systems, habits, and customs. They might be in total contradiction with the natural path of growth and evolution of the soul. Like believing having one life only. That is not wrong, and this is an excellent opportunity to make life experience without the knowingness of the journey of the soul. Just the fact that you are here, reading these blogs, means you have to accept that I write from out of the perspective of the journey of the soul, containing many incarnations on earth and beyond.

In those many past lives, it could have occurred you have lived under the circumstances you gave permission for others to enter your space without having to ask permission. Sometimes it was fun circumstances, in others, your soul wanted to experience hardship, and pain, and you choose to incarnate in a family where sexual or physical abuse was a daily business. Sometimes it is necessary to ask your higher self and guardian angel to help you to dissolve these permissions given in past lives, so you do not have to experience undesired abuse from any kind, due to the given permission in past lives. If you want, we can do this right now together. Growing older, you will be very grateful to have this done now. If you don’t want to, skip the rest of the blog. That is okay, and we will see each other here next week.

For you who would like to clear out the rubbish now. I am asking my Angels of High Magic to identify and overview all of you who read my blogs, to create for all of you, in alignment with the highest path of destiny of all concerned, a safe reading space, which will dissolve the moment you have processed it all. I ask my Angels of High magic, together with your holy guardian angel, and with your spirit as a witness, to set up and perform a ritual to dissolve all past given permissions which are no longer in your highest path of destiny to maintain. If there are any magical influences present, they will be dissolved by law.

This is just one of many aspects why another can trash your space. It are my angels and guides who know how important it is for you youngsters to clear these past given permissions, and that is why I add this information and exercise to this blog.

You are given this week a lot of information

To me it felt that many of you needed this information to proceed with the blog for next week. I ask you to be aware of the coming month when you fall into certain emotions. Did you know that you have feelings and that you are not the emotions? Having and being are not the same. We just mix up words, and this is confusing. So you have an angry mood, you have a sad day, you have a moment of stubbornness, this does not mean you are always angry, sad or stubborn. You might have created a mask of pictures, so others read that mask and think you are always stubborn, but that is fake, that is not the real you.

Try to remember that you have now the tools to return energies, which is not yours. Remembering is one of the hardest things, and for all problematic situations, there are always tips and tricks which makes life easier. You can ask your higher self, your holy guardian angel and your head guide to help you remember if you are reacting on an emotion dumped into you as if you are a trashcan. If you respond to that, have them help you remember that you can send back their rubbish, even if you do not know whose it is. Knowing whose rubbish it is requires training. Many of you have trained themselves already in past lives, and for those, it is easy to know whose rubbish it is, for others you train it for the first time, and that is fine, it works either how.

Next week we are going to learn how to call back your own energies which are all over the place. The more energies is withdrawn in your personal space, the better your life gets. The better you understand life. The more you grow and evolve as a  human being. The more comfortable your future will be. Are you up for that? Great, then we will see each other here next week.


Kind regards,

Holistic Hellen





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