How does one know if intentions are pure and honest?

Let me be clear on this. As long you have not mastered gaining insights and healing your inner wounds, they are not.
Intentions are the most coloured aspects of self. Influenced by Family, Culture, Media, demons.

Driven by greed, lust, shame, guilt, anxieties, insecurities, you name it.

Most people try to manage their lives built upon intentions and creations formed in a lower state of consciousness. First what do I mean with a lower state of consciousness? Well those states do not contribute to a fulfilling and whole life purpose. Lower states of consciousness are by many tagged as negatively. We prefer to say lower instead of negative. Why? Well simple because of the principle that lower consciousness is not able to be aware of higher consciousness. It is less judgmental.

Have you ever been very angry, and in that moment could you feel any reason or love inside this state of consciousness? In that state of anger, which is one of many examples of a lower consciousness state it is very most likely that one part of you decided or formed an intention never to ever wanting to deal with the situation in your life again, you would do different in the future. Or you would put effort not to ever meet this person which made you very angry.

Many of us carry these lower states intentions in us. Our subconscious selves are often very successful in bringing repeated events in your life, completely in sync with your intention formed during that angry moment. The problem is, is that almost no one is aware of how unconscious intentioning rule our life’s. One can try to change their life with repeating affirmations, but that intention formed in a lower state of consciousness wouldn’t care less about your higher purpose affirmation.

Remember that it is our Soul which aspires to process all inner wounds, regardless if they were created in the past if this life or in other incarnations, also called past lives. Once the soul decides it is time to process certain wounds, it will create an unfolding string of events in our life, bring it into action, which triggers us to resolve and evolve. This is higher consciousness determine and pulling strings. Because what is very clear for me, is that we are no victims of life. Sure, life may be hard and difficult to understand, accepting that it is ones own Soul who aspires to be fully healed and whole again makes difficult life situations easier to embrace. Because one can think one might have a change fighting life, but guess where this brings you? Does this fighting attitude bring you to a state of love, peace and inner wholeness? I can guess your answer. Be honest, look around. Those who choose to fight, are they radiating of joy and love? 

No, they are not. All one can do is offer them information, so they can choose how to respond in life


Of course, often one chooses to repress all sorts of lower states of consciousness creations, but do you know what the problem is with this strategy? You loose tremendous amounts of life force to repressing undesired stuff. It exhausts you. So would you like to live your life with a certain low amount of available life force, or would you like to take your chances and take action to free up your life force and make it available to the phase in your life you create and attract events into your life which makes you feel happy, joyful and free?

So here is the great news

Intentions, regardless in what state you where in the moment they have formed, no matter the age you where in, these intentions can be dissolved and stop messing up your life.  


To do this, one needs a higher consciousness, a healing agency of higher awareness and conscious to do so. Why? Simple because of their ability of overview your life plan if the intention has a purpose for your higher good. Some pains are to bring you upon a path of research so you find out causes of your disrupted health and life. But there are also cases, where it really has no use to pursue a career which is making you unhappy, just because you belief this is the way to gain that car you have played hours with as a kid, in a grown up version.


Here is the fun part

Every single one of us, regardless if it is supporting your belief system or not, granted by Universal Laws, are provided with the tools and connections to have more aware agencies clear this for us. No obligated need to see a shrink, a doctor, a coach or a trainer. They might add value to your process, but the difference is the lack of neccesity to have others do it for us.

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