This blog is part of the blog sequence written for kids. I publish these blogs to offer solutions to implement in no effort for issues which are spiritual of nature and affect the mental and emotional well being, without having to charge you for a 4 figure fee. This if for free, my gift to you. As you practiced last week the separation roses, you might have noticed that your emotions have calmed down since you use them on a daily base now.

Protect your heart and mind space

I compared the separation roses with using an umbrella for the rain. It helps, but you still get a little bit wet, is that true?
I also promised we would discuss and practice this week the use of a form of protection for your heart and mind space, are you into that? It is more like wearing a long raincoat, which you use together with your umbrella; the separation roses. When you use this, it is more likely you do not get wet, is that so?

Well anyways. I just mentioned the heart and mind space. You can imagine this as a sacred space, but it gets intruded by others. That is just the nature of being human. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  What we experience is sometimes intended and more often innocent. There is this sibling of you who wants to know what you are thinking and it sends its thought energy into your mind space, and then it gets blurry for you, it is more difficult to think now. You cannot blame them, chance is that they copy the behavior from your parents or others in your life. Can you imagine that you probably do this sometimes too? If you want to know what your mom, or antoher is thinking, you almost want to crawl into their head from curiosity. Better is not to do this.

Or this boy at school got upset with you and threw his anger energy into your heart space, causing you to feel sad. But you do not understand why, because no one never yelled at you. Or it is your mom, dad, or somebody else who wants you to do what they want and cord you on your third chakra, which gives you stomach aches. But you don’t know how it came that your belly is hurting.

Pull your library card for the piramid of the rose out

If this sounds familiar to you, and you want this to be different for you, I want you to pull your library card out, which the angels of the Higher Laws gave out to you last week on a spiritual level. If you not have read last weeks blog, I suggest you to do that now. This Library card gives you week by week more access to information of spiritual tools ans roses stored in that Unique spiritual based Library. This means that you can google it, but Google maps will not show you a location. This one exists in the spiritual plane and you will have to use your imagination to access it. You can do this. 

Protecting the Heart space

So let’s connect with the pyramid of the rose and ask the library which is called the pyramid of the rose to bring forward to you a protection rose and have it placed in the center of your heart. Now it is vital that you know that just having this intention, this thought, on a spiritual level this roses appears with a protective function, warding off energies which are not yours, to begin with. Can you bring your attention to your heart space? This heart space beholds not only your heart and your chest, it also beholds chakras and aura layers. Do you feel that bringing in this protection rose brings subtle shifts there? Perhaps you feel a relief of tension, your breathing goes deeper, into your belly now, or your feelings of sadness begin to flow away from you.

Protecting the Mind Space

Let’s now try and test out another protection rose. Again, do you have your library card with you? Good, now ask for another protection rose from the pyramid of the rose and allow it to be placed in the center of your head. I sense that many of you feel an immediate shift, that thoughts are calming down, that you become aware of a thought of which you now know that it was not yours to begin with, and slowly it leaves your mind space and flows back in a neutral state to its original owner. Good job, do you start to feel how easy it is to work on a spiritual level, which has their immediate effects on your mental and emotional self? 

So, that is it for this week, try to bring every day a protection rose into your mind and heart space, while you have your higher self bring the old one out of your space, splashing it to pure energies. These creative energies of you will be brought back to you via a golden sun fill up, which you will learn in a few weeks. For now, train yourself in it, and we will meet next week, where I will talk to you about singing rings. These are a fabulous tool to clean out all excessive communication cords which often go from chakra to chakra, and sometimes there are stuck somewhere in the aura.
The aura is your personal space, at it’s best at 1 armlength surrounding you.


Take care, be nice to yourself and others this week,

Till we meet again,

Holistic Hellen


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