Have you ever had that after you met someone your stomach ached? Or that after you spoke with someone, your heart started to feel sad? Or once your parents stopped yelling at you, you almost couldn’t talk? That is more common and normal than finding French fries in a foreign country. I am Holistic Hellen, and after teaching youngsters in the astral plane about magic and spirituality for over 15 years now, I start to share teachings also in the real world, via these blogs. You might have heard of me as Shyna, that is the name emanated by my soul. 12 weeks I share some of the teachings online, where you can access them for free and if you like, share them with your parents, siblings or friends. The tools are here for you available so you can assist yourself in processes which affect your mental and emotional state, but which are spiritual of nature.

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In the year my son was born, my mentor introduced the Singing Rings. Joseph has introduced them to me as Singing Rings. I liked to call them forth once I was on my bike from work heading back home. That is how I trained myself using them. The Singing rings origin from the music of the spheres, if you tune into them, you might hear the music emanating from the rings. Perhaps your guide or your guardian angel took you once to the music of the spheres to listen to an incredible soothing angelic choir concert. Perhaps you have no idea what I am talking about and here is where you hear first about the singing rings, connected to the music of the spheres.

Have you ever seen dolphins create Bubble rings?

Or perhaps you know someone who can puff out those rings when smoking. Well, you got the image, don’t you? Can you now imagine that the music of the spheres can create these rings also? Like music tones filled rings, which can effortlessly clean up all excessive, useless communications cord, which trashes your chakra space. Chakra is an energy center of which you have 7 major, many more minor or secondary chakras, which you will find in many joints inside of your body. Chakra is an old Sanscrit word, a language which isn’t as popular as English is, and which carries a lot of ancient wisdom.

Family values, culture, religion, nation, all influencers

Between chakras, cords appear when they are communicating with each other. In the Netherlands, people cord each other on their second chakra to sense how the other is doing. Here in Switzerland, it is totally inappropriate to do so. So there are differences in using these communications cords, depending on the family values, culture, religion, and nation. Have you ever felt that when you are in a form of communication with another, even when it is only laughing, communication cords between one of the 7 major chakras get created all automatically?

Have you also known that some cords stay useless?

Have you also known that some cords stay there, even if you haven’t seen that person for 5 years? That is what we call useless cords. Taking up space, influencing you somehow that is useless. There are several methods to release these cords. There is this easy way of working with these Singing rings so that it costs you no effort at all to clean up your chakras. Can you guess how? Ah, nice, I notice that some of you are already tuning into spirit to spirit teaching, so those already know how to. For those who are in training with reading my blogs, I will explain.

Can you connect with your Holy guardian angel, connect with the pyramid of the rose, which I introduced to you a few blogs ago. Now can you ask your holy guardian angel to call forward from the music of the spheres the singing rings. 

Most often they appear at one armlength above your head, the most common healthy distance between your body and the edge of your aura. 

Now ask these singing rings, which seems to be one ring, but are in fact 7 rings, to cleanse your aura top to bottom from useless cords and then once they arrived below your feet, have them cleanse you from bottom to top, till they reach the starting point of on 1 armlength above your head.

The Singing Rings will dissilve automatically and the music will return to the music of the spheres.

How does this feel to you? Do feel relieved?

The singing rings will cut and release andy cord, which is useless for you to maintain. The singing rings will optimize and maintain the cords you have on a daily base, such with your parents and siblings and schoolmates. It is normal to feel several tiny shifts and bodily sensations such as the relaxation of tension in muscles of, i.e., your stomach, or you can breath more easily into your belly. You feel that you as a spirit is more capable of being centered in your etheric body, from out which you can create a grounding, a communication cord between you and the center of this planet. If you like, you can read the quality of the cords getting cut, but not necessary.  A communication cord between chakras of optimal health looks silky and has soft color. An unhealthy cord looks like a 100-year-old thorned branch or looks like metal, so many possibilities. And if you don’t like to read psychic, that is fine. Trust that intention only works also.

What is most important to know

What is most important to know is that using the singing rings is for free, you can do it several times a day when you change the classroom or leave school. When you feel awkward leaving the grocery store, someone might have corded you, using the singing rings makes you able to dismiss cording in no effort. Having the responsibility to clear yourself from cording can feel like freedom. Test it out for the next 4 weeks. I advise it to use at least once a day, most beneficial just after you leave school or a store, and before you get home. Having the singing rings clean up your aura, makes you more you.

Next Week teachings: Returning energies neutral

See if this spiritual tool helps you as well as the separation roses. Next week we are going to practice how to send back energies. Others might not have known where to leave their emotions or thoughts, and they might have dumped it into your space. Or another wanted you to do what they want, and by willing so, they dumped their energies into your space. Next week you are going to learn how to send it back in a gentle way. You will also learn why it is not wise to send it back in the same way it came. Would you like your angry energy coming back to you, at a moment you a learning for school, coming back with the same angry charge, or is it more likely you would accept your own energy back in a neutral state?

Neutral is King..!


See you then, take care, be kind to yourself and others,

Kind regards,


Holistic Hellen


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