What is Destiny again?

You find so much on the web, so let’s first see what to me, the author of these blogs Destiny means. I see destiny as the choices of your Soul what life lessons to work out for this current lifetime. So before incarnation, a certain set of destinations are set and they are like landmarks through your life. To achieve this, one will before incarnation, choose events to occur, agree to meet certain persons, with which whom one might have heavy karma or the opposite, which provide the opportunities to learn and integrate life lessons in the several levels of self; among this are the subconscious selves, the I, and higher selves. Higher selves have the permission and ability to shift future events onto a higher path of Destiny, whereas the to be learned and to be integrated life lessons will enter in one’s life in a much milder level, due to the raised awareness of one’s current incarnation.

How does one recognize shifts in Destiny?

One of the most important give away for your shift onto a higher path of destiny is noticing that you are able to respond different in certain habitual situations completely effortless.

As human we tend to learn and grow from the dark night of the Soul. Obstacles in life makes us grow stronger. But to be honest, sometimes life gives us so many obstacles that we pray and ask the Universe to please give us a break. This is when a shift upon a higher path of Destiny can suddenly appear into your life. It is an angelic way of saying that your prayers are being heared, here is your opportunity to get a break and life offers your insights in a more relaxed way.

I can give you excamples out of my personal life

This week I had some incidents in my life which made me realize how grateful I am living on a higher path of destiny.

Just 2 moments of feeling upset, was enough to gain huge life insights. No traumatic experience, no losses, no abuse, nothing, just 2 minor moments counting on a whole lifetime. This is like a moment you buy a lottery ticket and the next moment you see you have won millions. 2 Moments changing life forever.

I had 2 mornings left to work for Bürgenstock. Some simple incident with a steward lit me up, made me angry. My blind anger let me throw away my stuff, I was clearheaded enough to wave goodbye to my colleague and left. I got into my car and while driving down the hill I activated my perfect symbol representing the connection I have with a High Lord of Karma (Warning: Do not attempt to contact them without having received the proper initiation, the extreme differences in vibration between us as humans and them as whatever they are, can be harmful for our personal space). With more or less words I asked him what was the past live karma what was touched upon so that I reacted so strongly on this African steward. 

Well, I could have known better, when I ask, they show me. So, driving down I saw images like a movie showing me past lives. With a few I was already familiar, and these are for me the most horrific past life’s I recalled till now. Even though  it was only a 20 minutes’ drive home, it felt way too long. Happy to have reached the highway exit. Once I got home I felt myself drowning into the panic of observing these past live memories. I mean it isn’t as if I see these memories with my physical eyes, so there is no easy turn off button, which usually works for me. 

When you have a large social network it is easy to snap out of it, but I am honest, it is not so easy to share your darkest memories. Not many like to know about this darkness and suffering. My partner wasn’t home, so I could not ask him to help me through the process, neither did my teacher respond, due to the time differences. It was my guardian angel who asked me with a warm, gentle tone of voice what I normally do in situations like this. Well I write and follow the healing steps. Okay, what prevents you now to do that? Yes, seems a good way to proceed. So I did. The first thing I did was clearing out all forms of panic. And I can only recap my experience as a profound intense experience in the underworld, also translated; I got released out of hell. Meaning stuck self-aspects of myself from this life, or from previous incarnations where given grace and being released from hell. My Angels helped to transform these aspects and helped them to integrate on a soul level. 

So, in a manner this short quarrel gave me an opportunity to become more whole. That is a pretty good result I might add.

Why do I see this as recognizing this is living a higher path of destiny? Well pretty simple. The cause of activating this process was no more than a 40 seconds quarrel with a table between me and this guy I met in my torturous past lives. 
From experience I know that lower state of destiny would have involved other forms of abuse to become aware of the same outcome. I was not raped, I was not tortured in a sadistic way. I even think the guy had no idea what happened besides he enjoyed getting me upset.


Well, even I cannot blame him for his ignorance.


Core event triggering pursue of alternative methods

But this was not the only event what hit me this week. Read further if you want to know what drove me to tears when my psychiatrist suggested me to pursue other forms of mental care. 

I am grateful for how my doctor backs me up and assists me to get another view on societal rules. Here in Switzerland I am being supported by doctors. Which is a very contradictive experience with the practitioners in Holland, who always gave me the idea that they work for the benefit of the company and they had no interest at all to help employers to get better.

Breaking into tears made me understand I hit something important. It was touched upon by this suggestion of my doctor. It took me not too long to understand what this was. I had a traumatic experience what made my subconscious selves’ belief that mental care equals death. Not so funny is it? 

One of the biggest impacts in my life not to pursue accepting any form of medical and mental care occurred when I was a teenager. My mother remarried after the divorce when I was 13 years old. My stepdad was a farmer and I grew to be very fond of him. I liked his clarity and his way of parenting. I loved the farm and later the house with an enormous yard he bought for us in our original hometown. In my teens I really had the feeling I had found my true dad. But this dad had a downside, which was depression and according to the practitioner psychosomatic pain. This pain burdened him so much that he sold his farm. Not feeling recognized by his practitioner, he followed the advice of his brother in law, who had over 10 years of experience driving an ambulance in Germany. He led himself check in on the psychiatric department of the local hospital. What he didn’t foresee that he was drugged, which he could not handle. He let himself be dismissed out the hospital after six weeks. Meanwhile I had started my first year at the Hotel school where my mom sended me to as a way to overcome my shyness. I enjoyed getting great results and I remember on this sunny day in the fall, how my stepdad and I got into a fight once he threw away my resume I had made for school. Can you imagine how it felt as a teen to get into a fight with your stepdad the first day he got back home?

Well, this was the last time I saw him, he died that night.

Ironic the day he was cremated the hospital had indeed scheduled in a keyhole surgery, that what wasn’t possible before he had himself admitted.

Deep burried into my subconscious mind, my hurt inner self saw from then on mental care equals death. So, I, my subconscious selves did everything what was in my power to explore alternative methods to overcome pain and suffering. Life threw many more traumatic experiences into my life to overcome. I had plenty of opportunities to test several methods on my own and later I saw how it benefits my clients. Now I can feel grateful for being left in the dark as a teenager.

My first aware experience of a shift onto a higher Destiny

Oh man, I can recollect my first experience thrill so easy.
First you must know, though I am Dutch, for a dutchie I have a bit of an unusual southern temperament. I was known for being quick to anger.  It was in 2012, I was working in a pharmaceutical environment for almost 3 years already. One day one of the manager came telling me that I had to change work if I wanted to keep working there. Further he said some stuff which out of the blue made me very angry. I also realized that I would not accept such and such and would walk into his office to  quit my job just like that. I didn’t want that.

So once home, I sat down and took time to set up the healing space and so I requested my Angels of the Higher Laws to set up and perform a ritual of higher Destiny concerning me to be able to keep my temper and with that, keeping my job, my only and very necessary income, being a single mom. So they did and after 3 hours it felt complete. Those where the days it took a lot of steps, time and much awareness to allow my angels to shift my destiny. 😉 

Well everything said and done I went back to work. Again, on the bike, my Sunny boy with me, dropping him of at daycare. And just as expected the manager came, addressed me with I thought to be BS. I kept doing my job and suddenly, I realized all he did is touching an unprocessed pain caused in the marriage I had just left. My strong reaction would be totally in appropriate. I felt a huge relief coming over me, feeling the level of truth in this inside and I just felt grateful towards my manager for having touched this inner wound, So I would take care of it and heal it.

Instead of walking hot tempered into the office I just sat there with a smile on my face, excited about the first results of a shift of Destiny with a clear intention. Being able not to respond with grim firmly intentions was quit an achievement for me then. You know how it goes in life, you takes little steps at a time till you learn to walk and then you can make giant leaps…

So, why do I like to provide online training programs?

The fact that you can open the videos and training files at any moment YOU need it, this is what I like about it providing you training programs. Simply because I know it takes training of communication with angels and other healing agencies the way I and other trainees do it. From experience I know that it helps to be able to listen to a teacher at moments you have the time and the need for it. And this is all about your future. So, what do you think? Wanna sign in for the enrollment of the Shift your Destiny training?

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