virtues vs sins


I am a High Magician, being a High Magician flows through all aspects of my being.


I am not going to lie to you to prevent that you feel offended. This is not about you; this is about me. Being a High Magician is not a sentimental projection of a female Harry Potter role, it is real life Magic. No BS, no humbug. It is a divine mastery of the practice of High Magic and the Universal Higher Laws, performed effortless, for the purpose of holistic healing, growth & evolution on a personal & soul level. 


And I am who I am. Sure, in real life I am a Mentor, I am a Burnout Consultant, I am a Life Coach,  I am a hobby photographer, I am a petrol head, I am temp staff for a 5* superior hotel with a phenomenal view, I am the author of the upcoming book “the Power of …”, I am a guide for mankind, I am a mother, I am a spouse, I am a co-worker, I am a neighbor, I am a friend, I am a sister and I am a daughter. 


And most of all, I am that I am. 



And this I am, this being that I am; is magical, my being is magical therefore I am magical.



Apprentices will show up, crossing life paths with me

Being a High Magician brings up whole new levels of responsibilities compared to black magicians. As a High Magician one aspect is to identify and dissolve lower magic, so called Black magic, which we prefer to call mind magic. Being a High Magician requires to have a noble character, it requires commitment.


I am being supervised by Angels of High Magic, Lords of Karma and some more beings within our Solar System. Once I misuse my power, I will receive guidance to correct it, if I choose not to listen, I will be reprimanded by for example losing my connection to great healing agencies and powers within this Universe. Having no desire to experience this, I live my life mindful and choose my career steps careful. Even if they might seem odd for those who are with 2 feet firmly grounded in their professional life.


Making career as a High Magician is in tune with my life Path and Incarnational goals. The way I choose to mentor others is guarded and my High Magic Mentorship is not available for everyone, even not for all those who have the funds to finance the HMM, which is reevaluated yearly on option of continuation. If I find you no full fit you will be referred to my Life coaching. My burnout consultancy & life coaching has whole other levels of availability, this is my daily job and regular source of income. 


Being a part of this High Magic Mentorship requires passing some tests. Some given by me, some given by life itself before even having heard of me. I know that this is an aspect of my business I will not market, I know that you will show up someday. I also know that those who show up for this type of Mentorship are having a respectable role in society and carry a fair awareness of responsibility. We will respect our strict rules of privacy. And most off all, you are ready for a Quantum Leap.



We will have one common goal. Change society for the highest good from within.

If you want to know more about my goals, check the page containing my mission statements.



Are you in for a Quantum Leap?

Contact me for a meeting here in Switzerland and let’s see if you fit in.