I have been mentioning the Golden Sun Fill up in almost every blog now. So why is this so important? Why would I mention it so often? Take a moment to think about this question. Allow your intuition to come up with an answer. During the last 2 months I have been guiding you through a process where you have learned and developed a deeper understanding of the energetic aspects of yourself. I have guided you through exercises which could make your life a lot easier. Cleaning up your personal field of energy makes it feel calmer, you might have noticed that it is easier to focus better. Or that you respond differently to the people you see daily or regularly. 

When you do a lot of mediation and healing on yourself, but forget to fill yourself up again, you end up being depleted, and with an auric field which becomes very thin and porous instead of being a strong, healthy boundary for you and your surroundings. 

If you have skipped some guided exercises, you can return to those blogs at any time you like. Just click the Children’s Blog Sequence.

The goal and purpose of cleaning up the mindtrash

Clearing away al those foreign energies, the goal of cleaning up the mindtrash is to make your life of better quality. To make better decisions, to be clearer in your head, knowing what you want and what you do not want — being able to respond calmly and not hysteric. The goal is to be you. To get here, we clean the trash dumped in you. All this space filled with trash is now opening up and being emptied. 

Now I have to share a secret of the nature of space with you

The nature of space is that empty space wants to be filled. This is an important aspect or detail to become aware of. Space has no preference with what it wants to be filled, just filled, that is the way it goes. Do you think it is healthy to fill your space up with anyone who passes you on the street? Would it bring you joy if you allow your space to be filled with the grumpy energy of your neighbor walking the dog? I urge you to realize that your energy needs to be filled with your energy alone. So once you know this, can you imagine that it is most healthy for you, once you clean out foreign energies, to fill the voids in your personal space up with cleansed energy of yourself? This is what the spiritual tool the Golden Sun Fill up does for us. 

The Golden Sun has an organic spiritual intelligence to retrieve back all of your cleansed out energies. Energies tend to be cleansed out during a healing, a meditation or some other moments. The Golden Sun knows how to separate your energies from another person. It knows how to call back your energy into the golden Sun and how to cleanse it from any mental or emotional charge. It knows how to bring all formerly charged energies, thoughtforms and emotions back to a neutral state. It knows how to raise the frequency and vibration of your energies. Once that process of calling back, purifying your energies, raising its vibration, is complete, the Golden Sun allows the energies to flow back into your body, back into your auric field, where your chakra system functions as an internal distribution system. With this process, you become more you, you make your fields of energy firmer and more stable. You become less vulnerable to the energy input of others. Which results in that people around will react differently on you. They will be able to perceive your better, to see you for who you truly are.

This spiritual tool I have encountered twice in my life

I first came across this simple but effective exercise in that square blue book in the summer of 2000. There I started to use the sun fill up each morning when I was showering and preparing for work. I was 26 years old then. The second time I encountered this tool was when I started at the Spiritual Arts Academy in 2008. While I was pregnant with my son, during classes, I always imagined 2 Golden Sun Fill ups, one for me and one for my boy. I am acknowledging that he is his own being and giving him his own experience. Now that I write this paragraph, I feel amused. It seems that my son must have liked the exercise, there he gave after participating a few classes, while growing in my womb, his daddy his name via a vision. Can you guess what his name is? Indeed, my son has the name Sun, which is pretty unusual for a dutch boy.

Having used this spiritual tool since the year 2000, you can imagine that I am experienced in using this tool. I also have been experiencing the benefits of this tool, versus the disadvantage of forgetting to perform a golden sun fill up. All I can state that the Golden Sun Fill up (GSFup) is a wise and for me a required closure of any form of healing, reading, or if you had an inner world travel experience, being either astral or mental traveling of nature. It fills you up with being you, it completes you.

Oh, 1 more thing. My guide insists on sharing this

They want you to know that the tool of the golden sun is derived from information of the angels. So the origin of this tool, the information about it, what it is, what it can do, how to perform it, comes from angels. In my case, I started implementing it under the supervision of my holy guardian angel. In the year 2000, I was more or less aware of my guardian angel. Nowadays, our communication is much more precise. Since 2008 I have the Angels of High Magic either supervise the Golden Sun fill up, or have them perform the golden sun fill up when I tend to forget to do it after a reading and or healing. Nowadays, the Angels of High Magic encourage me to have my spirit or my higher self take charge of performing the golden sun fill up. Angels don’t tend to talk so much, they tend to communicate in flashes of images, flashes of feelings, knowingness, or they simply show it by doing the experience. So now that it is clear for your how long I have personal experience with this tool, now that you are informed where the information comes from, Shall I guide you through the Golden Sun Fill up? I will first guide you through the simple version, then, only if you like, I will guide you through the spiritual advanced extended version. So let’s continue with this exciting moment, the moment you will receive seniority over a tool which will make you own your space. The Angels of High Magic are telling me that this tool will be added on your library card, which exists as long as you need it, with the maximum until the end of this current lifetime. If you want to access it for future lifetimes, ask your soul, by intentioning, to guide you to the information in that future lifetime, if it fits your future life incarnational goals and purposes, you will be led to the information. It is as easy as that.

Below the picture you will find the guided exercises of the Golden Sun Fill up (GSFup).

The picture below has been shot from the Bürgenstock resort, at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. This place has a profound influence of my life. During the summer of 2000 my room had this view while I practised the Golden Sun Fill up for the first times in my life.

Golden Sun Fill up, 1st exercise, the simple version

Imagine a Golden Sun above your head, at one armlength above you. With intention, call back all your energies, into the Golden Sun above your head. Allow all energies to be raised to its highest vibration purified, call in divine qualities such as divine trust, divine wisdom, and divine joy.

Allow these energies to flow from out the Golden Sun, down into your body. You can see this as a waterfall of light falling down on your head and flowing into your body via your crown chakra. Allow the Energies from out the Golden Sun to expand filling up the whole flesh body which is you, filling up your head, your neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, and hands, filling up your upper chest, your belly, your hip joints, allow the light to fill up your legs, knees, and feet. Allow this light to expand out, filling up your aura in front of you, right from you, behind you, left of you, above you and below you. Imagine how your aura surrounds you at one armlength around you — forming a healthy boundary between yourself and the outside world.

The advice is to perform this once a day, either when you wake up, come from school, or when you go to bed, whatever you prefer.


If you like to can play with firming your auric boundary. Request your spirit to refresh your separationroses and have the separation roses balance you within your aura.

If you like, you can be guided through the extended version below here. If not, I ask you to play with the golden sun exercise until you feel you are ready for more information, you are welcome to return then to this website and read through the next blogs which will be posted over the coming weeks.

Extended and advanced version of the Golden Sun Fill up


I want you to connect with the pyramid of the rose, connect with your holy Guardian Angel and with your higher self. Once you have established a sense of connection, you can proceed. Perceiving them can be very gentle or very clear, both are fine. Ask them to guide you through this exercise, for this time and any future time. This was, it will be a safe and warm experience for you.

Now let’s imagine a nice Big Golden Sun above your head, at one armlength above you. With intention, call back all your energies, released and made available through space place and time, allow your energies to flow back into the Golden Sun above your head. Allow all foreign energies to be returned to its original source. Now let’s raise the energies within the golden sun to its highest vibration purified, call in divine qualities such as divine trust, divine wisdom, and divine joy. Have these Divine energies influence your own purified energies.

Allow these energies to flow from out the Golden Sun down into your crown chakra, flowing down into your 6th chakra, flowing down into the 5th, the 4th, the 3rd, the 2nd, through the 1st chakra. Allow the Energies from out the Golden Sun to expand filling up the whole flesh body which is you, filling up your head, your ears, your eyes, mouth, and cheek — flowing down through your neck and shoulders, filling up your thyroid and flowing out to your upper arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingertips, Flowing down via your upper chest, filling up your heart, lungs, stomach, and diaphragm and flowing down into your belly, filling up your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, small intestine, colon, sexual organs and your hip joints,. Allowing it to flow down filling up your upper legs, knees, legs, ankles feet, and toes — expanding out filling up your area in front of you, right from you, behind you, left of you, above you and below you and filling up the first aura layer, which is closest to your skin, the 2nd aura layer, 3rd aura layer, 4th aura layer, 5th aura layer, 6th aura layer, and 7th aura layer, which is at the edge of your aura. Allow via the law of microcosm macrocosm fill up all of your subtle bodies which is you, etheric body, astral body, mental body, and spiritual body.

My methaphysical teacher at the Spiritual Arts Academy likes to add:
Now bend over, tap with your fingertips on the ground and come out of trance.

How was this experience for you?

You can leave a comment below about how you have experienced this Golden Sun Fill up exercise. 

To keep the website clean and honest, I do moderate the comment section, so no trashing occurs via the comments section. If you have sincere comments, I will be happy to publish these. I also would like you to consider a blog topic you have questions about. Please post the topics you would like to see answered via a blog, post them below. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and do the exercises, and I wish you love, joy, and synchronicity in your life. Let’s see each other here, next week, the same website. 

The topic for next week will be a fascinating one. I will disclose all secrets about being grounded, aligned, and centered. What it is, why this could be highly important in your life, and how to achieve it.


Take care, till then


Kind regards, Holistic Hellen


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