Hey, you did it. Nice that you have clicked my link. I will continue on English, assuming that is the language most of you understand. I mean, can you imagine writing this page in Swiss German? Besides the spelling mistakes, only a handful would understand that. So, you agree? We stick to English then. 

I am thrilled you are willing to help me boost my career. Years ago in the Netherlands, I lift off thanks to friends recommending me to others, which turned into clients. As you all know we moved to Switzerland December 2016. My wish to return to the Bürgenstock has been fulfilled. Since 2017, the Bürgenstock gave me joy and hardship. During my second burnout last year, I had to face that I am not suited for a job which does not support me as a human being any longer. Asking guests several times a day if they want another cup of coffee is not my bringer of Joy and happiness. Asking confronting questions, bringing them to a place where deep healing can occur, that is what excites me to interact with people. Every cell in my body is now ready to move into the “job” I came to do in this life. Helping people to Shift their Destiny, to help them to become aware of unprocessed suffering, preventing them from living the life they came to live, facilitating a high level of Grace to leave their pain and suffering behind.

To be honest, I am taking a leap of faith and set my goal to start a viral going business. I would love to have this happen, but… I am no Marketing guru. And to be frank, this kind of work, in my humble opinion, should go viral organic, not bought. And for that, I would need your help, your willingness to pass on my phone number, website, or whatever you think is best. 

Having friends doing this is crucial now, so please read further.

I have in invested in writing blogs the last few years

If you take a look at the main menu, which you will find at the top of this page, you see I have divided into 4 sections. You will see that 2 of them are Blogs, 1 training section. Coming month I will start to offer services.

The Children’s blog sequence is initially written for kids like my son Sun. A way to offer them spiritual gadgets to make their lives more comfortable. I noticed that the blogs are suited for anyone interested in clearing their issues, call it mindtrash. Here you are getting the information presented in a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) way.  These blogs are to help you clear spiritual influences, having their effects on the emotional and mental state. Many never paid attention to this fact, that emotional and psychological issues can be caused in the spiritual plane, which makes working on them solely on those levels, effectless, there the cause is in another plane.

These blogs are not necessarily that what I ask you to promote for me.  Of course, if you have a friend, family member or colleague of whom you think (s)he is interested in the topic, feel free to send them there. You can share the blogs of your interest via the Share buttons below each blog. 

What would really make me happy… And perhaps you do like it to see me happy. I don’t know, do you?

To start a career, I need clients who are able and willing to receive and pay for my type of healing and training. I feel comfortable in 5* hospitality, and I feel comfortable to talk to a certain level of guests, which I would like to maintain. I am sure you can understand that for me meeting the most interesting persons without having to work in restaurants is essential to me.  That is my why it is my goal to work with the clients in the higher segment.

If you know someone of whom you sense who needs practical spiritual help from me as a healer and metaphysical mentor. 

Send them this link of a Friend-of-a-friend-special-offer-page. There they will find the opportunity to get a huge Bonus if they book a VIP training until the 31. of August 2019. 

What is in it for you?

First of all, I am grateful for your help. I hope you will have a good feeling about helping me, your friend, boosting my career. 

Further, there is not so much I can offer, I have no affiliate program which will make you rich. I do not offer a weekend stay at our place with each evening a BBQ and a bottle of Prosecco. Though that does sounds appealing…

Oh, there is this one thing I can give you. As you know me, I love to paint. Recently I picked up painting business card-sized mini paintings, which my Angels of High Magic will charge with Higher Universal Laws, attuned to your current personal process. It is something you can put in your wallet, your car, next to your computer or whatever place you choose. You get this after a referral booked me, you will receive the card in October.  But only if you want. If you do not want that, just say it.

End of September I send you another link, where I offer these cards for sale. 

If you want to book an appointment with me yourself;

There is this chance you would like to book me for a private consultation. Great, I have time this week..! 
You can either do this via the booking app you find below, or contact me via Whatsapp. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time, Till soon, Kind regards/Lieve groetjes/Liebe grüsse,



Intentioning ° Prayer ° Mantra ° Affirmation

May we become an implement of healing and commit ourselves to the healing of pain and suffering of mankind. May it be with the blessings of the creator so it may manifest in a state of wisdom, love, and compassion.