Hi, nice to have you here. So your friend referred you to me. It must be tough in your life, perhaps you have a load of work stress, or your family is making it complicated. What people often oversee is that specific emotional and mental issues have their core wound in the spiritual. This is why working in the spiritual plane to have the core issue dissolved, resulting in a change in your emotional and metal world makes a lot of sense. Whatever the problem is, I am someone who can help you to move forward. 

What I can amplify in you, is the courage you carry within you, the courage you need to facilitate the change in your life. Change you are dying to see happening. No matter what kind of change. It al comes to acting upon the courage you have, which you covered up for many reasons. But I promise you, it is still there…

With my reading and metaphysical skills, my ability to deal with negativity and darkness, and your willingness to change your life, your switch to a higher path of destiny is inevitable. If this is what you want, I invite you to make your appointment with me. If you are not sure yet, we can schedule in this week a Skype call of 20 minutes. You can decide then if you want to book a private training or consultation. 

Let me share something about myself

My name is Hellen, I am a 45-year-young Dutch lady, living in Switzerland, at the most fabulous place on earth, at Lake Lucerne. I have a loving, supporting partner; Gerard. My son lives with his dad in the Netherlands. I love to paint, and I can enjoy the view of the lake, embedded by mountains for hours. I grow fruit and vegetables on our balcony, to make sure the fruit and vegetables are free of toxins. I collect enhydro crystals. We love to have friends over for a couple of days, and have in-depth conversations, have fun with a board game and have a BBQ with 1 or 2 bottles of the finest prosecco. I am highly psychic since age 25.

I have a past filled with shock and trauma, caused by losses, and I am lucky to have been trained in processing personal issues on several levels. I have no degree, nor am I a certified life coach or whatsoever. I support all books of the medical Medium. I do participate in teachings of the Spiritual Arts Academy since 2008. I am one of the best in the field you will find.

Are you ready for change?

As your friend might have told you, I work with people who want to change their lives. To achieve that, I implement spiritual gadgets to enable a relieve in your current suffering. Often people don’t care how I do it, just that it works. Others are thrilled to have found someone of whom they can learn so much in no effort. I do want you to know that I will teach you some essential tools. What about the release of your suffering? I will take care of that for you. Does that sound good to you? Good, I want you to take your agenda and pick a date. Shall we first schedule in a call, so we can decide if we’re going to work with each other?

You must know that my work comes with a fee. You will find my offer below. This offer only stands until the 31st  of August, after the 1st of September the price goes back to its regular pricing. 

The sessions take place in my practice in Beckenried, Switzerland. If your health doesn’t allow you to travel, I am willing to come to you. Additional travel expenses will be charged.

Requirements to unlock the Discount

To unlock the discount, you have the chance to agree with the requirements

·           500,- discount for reading my list of Blogs I will send you as homework.

·        1.000,- discount for setting separation roses each morning and evening 28 days in a row.

·        1.000,- discount for performing a Golden Sun Fill up after placing your separation roses 28 days in a row

·        1.000,- discount if you start your day with a clear intention, writing it down in your journal for 28 days.


·        1.400,- discount if you drink each morning 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach for 28 days.

Let's have a call to feel how I trigger your cour courage

Intentioning ° Prayer ° Mantra ° Affirmation

May we become an implement of healing and commit ourselves to the healing of pain and suffering of mankind. May it be with the blessings of the creator so it may manifest in a state of wisdom, love, and compassion.

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