Announcement: new sequence blogs for Kids and their parents. During this sequence, kids and their parents will be given tips and tricks they need how to deal with issues of spiritual nature, which affect your mental and emotional state. Some influences of your subconscious mind shall be cleared, influence coming from your parents, grandparents and other influences such as media and your previous incarnations. It is the goal that you will live a life with less pain, where others understand you better, where you get more accepted.

                                    This remark is for the kids and adults who think I talk too much: Just scroll down to the bottom of this blog, or come back next week. My Son is one of you and that is fine if you feel like him. I only ask of you that if a topic attracts you, get over your resistance and do read the whole blog. The information you get by reading the whole thing could make the difference in your life and could allow you to throw your fear away as nonsense due to the way i explain stuff.

Like for example: I encountered a charming couple last night and he told me how his eleven year old son tended to be afraid of all the people he saw in their house, who his dad could not see. I told the father to explain his son that it is totally fine what he sees. To ask his son if he can imagine that he not only has a physical body, but also a astral body, the so called dream body. When he sees others which are not seen by his dad, he simply watches through the eyes of his dream body, making use of his eyes in his astral body. This is a bit of a mix up, but not to be scared off. 

What if your kid or you show behavior is out of sync with societies rules and or values?

Shall we just accept that a common reaction is sedating them with drugs, shall we just reject their behavior, or shall we give space to the child, growing up, adapting to societal rules and values while guiding him or her through this process of growing up in a to them overwhelming world?

I know me and my kid don't really fit in, we can manage this

Having some sense of realism, I am aware that I am not the only parent worldwide in the same situation, and for all of you out there, I write these blogs. Contributing my piece of information which might open your eyes for possibilities, while I give useful spiritual exercises you can implement on a daily base. And I have no intention to wait 20, 30, or 80 years till science can prove that the exercise truly works on a physical level. My son is struggling now, so might your son or daughter. They need help now, and more than a regular practitioner or psychiatrist can offer them. This has nothing to do with the quality of their work. I do not dispute that they have good intentions to help your kid. 

It has all to do with the cause being spiritual of nature.

It has all to do with the cause of their behavior, not being psychological of nature. The cause might affect their mental and emotional state. The root of their problems is due to an energetic intrusion they cannot handle, causing issues. The cause is spiritual of nature. So why try to help with a band-aid, instead of taking care of the causes? And keep in mind, if one has no access to spiritual information, you cannot blame them for taking the psychological turn

These blogs are for those with a spiritual background

First, let me make it very clear that these blogs are written for those with an aware spiritual background. Many of you reading my blogs are aware of some form of spiritual awareness, some become aware by reading the blogs and having a sense of remembrance, or it shows by the easiness the exercises go for you. Some of you are highly advanced and need just three words so they can continue their path, some will go in all the way, knowing this is what they have been looking for.  It is meant for those who like to live their lives, where self-determination and taking full responsibility is part of their life plan. You might be one of those who live a life opposite of taking responsibility, this doesn’t mean your life plan has nothing to do with responsibility. It is just that you haven’t got to the part where you are consciously taking responsibility for your own life. I am diving deep into this subject in my life, by choice of my soul to explore human behavior, including its rules and gifts during our trials and tribulations.

Wherever you are in life, I welcome you on this journey

This is a journey you can take together with your loved ones or other competitive souls. I am on this journey since 1999, being guided by Angels and demons and not being scared off when I encounter shock and trauma, having the ability and guidance for implementing tools and warm-hearted compassion for self and others. There is no indication I will ever stop with this work and sharing, so you can count me in for being a guide on your life path for a long time, If you like. No obligations. 

What drives me to write a sequence for kids?

I am the mom of an 11-year-old boy. I communicate on a telepathic base with him since 3 years before he was born. We do not only do this in lineair time, he also comes to me fromout his future to check me out. I am fine with this and I never told him that he could not trust his telepathic senses, I encouraged him to trust it and to make sure to differentiate  the sources. I taught him many tools while he lived with us, and then he went on another path, being a kid… I am not raising him now. He lives since 2,5 years with his dad 800 km apart from us. Not because I cannot take care of him, but because I had to face a reality as a divorced mother where society, the government picked sides to the parent who made a mess of his life. Taking sides because the dad would not be able to pay for the journeys to see his son on a regular base. Well, opinions can be formed. I know that I am in a place where I have found acceptance and peace with the situation. It is okay that he lives and learns about life while living with his dad and grandmother. I respect his choice. Strangely there are still people out there having a difficult time that I am able to accept the situation, this tell more about them than about me. Not being there for him in real time, makes me wish to do something for him, and for all those other kids out there who are struggling to understand life as a human. They have so much spiritual recollection, and somehow they cannot access their knowledge how to be human, so that is what makes me want to write blogs for children. 

Knowing that my son choose both of us aware and conscious

Knowing that my son choose both of us as his parents aware and conscious before actually being conceived makes a difference in my ability to accept the situation. There some more helping aspects. Mainly because I am able to explore mystical realms, becoming aware of the life plan my son choose before incarnating with us as parents. And for his dad, Sure, I can judge him what I want. I also notice he does everything within his power to clean up the messes in his life. All we can witness is that each time we think, wauw, he is making a step towards a normal, regular life, he and his environment take unexpected turns where a lot of struggle and tegenwerking makes us observe the turn of the housing situation in awe. Like Really??? 

What I really miss not having to see my son in our daily life

What I really do miss not having to see my son in our daily life, is teaching him the tools which made his life more comfortable, which made him understand the world which surrounded him. Which relieved him from his daily struggle at school, between the two households he lived in every other week. Coming from a society where the mother is expected to take care of the children, I tended subconsciously to punish myself. So instead of being hard on myself, I open up my horizon and have realized that there are many more kids who are waiting for my teachings via blogs or whatever gets developed out of this sequence.

I have developed this series of blogs for you out there.

It was my brother who told me during a phone healing that I should not under estimate the kids nowadays, they are really good in findung stuff on the internet they need. Stuff I would be totally unable to find via google. My brother raise his 7 year old and 11 year old also spiritual aware and with a certain respectfull approach. So I trust in that, that you young ones, you wise ones, will find these blogs and wil feel the transmissions and get your parents involved if you sense they are ready for it.

We are more than we can perceive with our eyes.

We are more than we can perceive with our eyes. If you are sensitive, you will be able to feel what I will describe. What you need to know is that besides that, I represent a holistic life view, there is a transmission of information going on while you read my blogs. Yes, indeed, you might call it a download for you, information which I have downloaded and sort of upload it in the blog. So might want to take some time for these blogs, allow yourself to read through the lines, make the time to feel how it applied in your own life experiences.  Once you accept spirit to spirit teachings, it will come to your more natural. Some of you will even get a new temporary guide appointed to you, which helps you to understand the teachings within these blogs and how you can implement it in your life that it helps you.

who is teaching who, the adults just have an older body, doesn't mean they are wiser...

So next week we are gonna start with this Blogsequence

Would you like some help to integrate these tools?

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