Those who apply for a Space Clearing, per old fashioned mail, including a hand written letter, receive a Scholarship.


Holistic Hellen
Niderstistrasse, 6375 Beckenried, Switzerland

E-mail: hellentiethoff(at)

Whatsapp: +41 – 76  505 63 63

Space Clearing

by Holistic Hellen at your Home
$ 3000 per session, DIFY
  • Home mapping
  • Geomantic check up
  • Scan for ghosts etc
  • Clearing of all life disturbing obstacles

Hus heilig

nur für Nidwaldner
CHF 350 Beschränkte verfügbarkeit
  • Hus Heilig
  • Check uf Erd- & Wasserlinie
  • Scan uf Geister usw.
  • Scan uf Geister usw.

Space clearing

remote, partially per Skype
$ 999 per session, DIY aspects
  • Skype intake
  • Clearing geomantic issues
  • Clearing of ghosts
  • Check on elementaries

Intentioning ° Prayer ° Mantra ° Affirmation

May we become an implement of healing and commit ourselves to the healing of pain and suffering of mankind. May it be with the blessings of the creator so it may manifest in a state of wisdom, love, and compassion.