Oh my gosh I am só sensitive,
I must be highly spiritual.

For many sensitive persons it is a burden to walk around in a crowd or even have a steady job. They think they feel what others feel and think. They have a feeling they carry the burdens of the pain of many others. These persons like to be adressed with silk gloves, to prevent their feelings to be hurt. They shovel all experiences on spirituality. A pain in the ass at the work floor I can tell you. Do you have a collegae or friend in your network who is like this? Or do you recognise yourself in it? A few years ago I came across an article where was stated that many of the sensitive persons who called themselves highly spiritual, where in fact no more then emotional deeply wounded and not grown up emotional. It baffled me. I was one of those who called myself highly spiritual. But in fact what this article helped me to recognise, is that I was on an emotional level not grown up. Things have changed. I am still highly spiritual aware, and I can handle emotional situations better.

When my partner and I met in 2012, it was as 2 worlds met.

Gerard was in those days a truckdriver, money and business oriented. I was spirituality and “how to create abundance in my life without financial means” oriented. We argued, we laughed, we fought and we loved. Nowadays I recognise his tactics in pushing my red buttons. He has been my most important help in growing up emotionally. I have been his guidance how to trust and implement his gut feelings and spiritual connections into work life. He changed his career and is on the edge of changing his career again. We are a team on many levels, thanks to our commitment to grow with each other. Personally I think that in order to grow, regardless of the field of expertise, an accountability buddy is life changing. This can be the difference you need.

An accountability buddy is not here for you to make you feel loved, that you are right all the time. A true accountability buddy is not scared to share his/her point of view, to reflect your weaknesses and to push your red buttons, even if you warn them not to do that. A true accountability partner will not walk away when you scream of anger, caused by your pain. Pain you feel when your inner wounds are being revealed. When he/she stays you can have the safety to face your inner wounds to grow and evolve. So do yourself a favor, do not walk away yourself once you found this compatible accountability partner. Start being honest with yourself.

So back to you. Can you recognise the difference between your spirituality and being emotional not grown up? Can you see that this aspect you left to develop because of inner wounds you have probable tucked away deeply? It might be that your family used the strategy to make you feel guilty early in life, which caused so much distress in you, that you are now simply not able to even go there. Once your inner wounds of Guilt are being touched today, you either deny the feeling, or you get angry. Your ego might take a flight with you and let you blow up the importance of yourself in the company, club or family. Telling, no almost shouting to everyone around you, how important you are. Or by showing off how rich your social life is. Social Media is an perfect roadway to show this. Or are you more like the example every one knows? Buying your kids/spouse presents to make you feel good about your time of absence in the family. Telling every one, I do this all for my kids/spouse, Thanks to me they have good future! Making your family feel guilty when they miss you. Shaming your family when they adres you and ask for your presence at a special day. Humiliating them in public by using shaming and making them feel guilty over your own actions, making them look like fools. Boy, this can hurt the family interactions deeply. This can hurt work relations and turn in less profitable results. Is this how you want to live?

Or are you the type who doesn’t want to be delegated by your team leader? Do you do positive affirmations, to make you able to handle the atmosphere at work? Does it feels like you are blasted away when some approaches you in an angry mood? Do you walk away and try to use breathing techniques or mindfulness to bring yourself in a neutral state? Does it even hurt you when you see (passive agressive) violence on a tv screen? Do you start an argument with those who have a laugh about it? Do you cringe when you see others fight across the street? Do you have the audacity to send spiritual light so they can heal, without asking f.i. angels if you have permission to do so?

And you know what? That is okay, this is simply a fase in your life. You cannot handle certain emotions. Welcome in this western world. Guess what? Now is the day to grow up. Face yourself, do not walk away from yourself. There are so many techniques to help you in this proces. Let me share a few.

  1. Step:
    Have faith and trust in your future. Allow your guardian Angel to assist you with each step of the process. It is okay when this process takes a few years. Trust you will be able to change.
  2. Step:
    Commence with a daily practice of a Golden Sun Fill up. When you see yourself as highly spiritual and at the same time you are hurt easily, a fragile aura is not helping you. Others being angry with you can cause rips and tears in your aura. Energy is leaking and this must be healed today.
    Sign in to this blog to receive the steps how to perform for yourself a Golden Sun Fill up. This life changing secret will come to you by blog and Soundcloud audio.
  3. Step:
    Bring your liver in a healthy state. The Liver is the most important organ and we cannot act and behave properly when our liver does not function well. Healthy organs makes you able to process trauma of your past much better. Healthy organs and a healthy nervous system will support you unconditionally. You can heal yourself with foods, with the right foods you will heal.
    Follow the diet guidelines of Anthony William medical medium to restore your health.
  4. Step:
    Find your accountability partners. This might be your spouse, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a health practitioner, a therapist, a coach.
    Be sure responsibility is in balance. More about this in a later blog.
  5. Step:
    When you are in moments of deep pain, make the decision to change the situation. God will send his helpers to assist and guide you through this process of growth and evolution. There are so many tools in the Universe at our disposal, allow them to help you. If you have doubts and are burdened with negativity, think about this statement: “When God wants to built, ‘he’ first sends his angels of darkness to demolish, so ‘he’ then can send his angels of light to rebuilt again.”
  6. Step:
    Bring awareness in your own process of growing up emotional. Give yourself acknowledgements in moments you or others see improvement. You will see that spirituality is less longer a hiding place.
  7. Step:
    You will find that your pains are splendid indicators of the trauma’s which occurred in the past of this life and other past lives. I agree that you have not purely created your life’s situations out of own bad behavior.  You are not having bad luck caused by having done bad thing in past lives and that you have to face this burden of bad karma. In fact your anxieties and illnesses are marvelous indicators what unprocessed trauma from past life’s need to be adressed to become whole and living a life on your highest path of Destiny. When you’re ready, you are welcome to apply for a 1 minutes reading by me. Perhaps you are one of those lucky ones who will be able to work with me.


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