Have you ever wondered why on certain days a lot goes wrong, like your whole day is one big mess, you feel either annoyed or sad, and on other days everything goes smoothly, and you feel okay? This blog is for children, teenagers, and their parents. For younger children, I would use simpler words, but I notice on a telepathic level that a lot of teens and young adults are reading my blogs, so most of you you will understand. If not, ask your parents or older siblings to simplify this blog. As I have taught you in the beginning in the blog sequence, is having your separation roses be placed around you at the edge of your aura a good way to make a statement where your personal space begins or ends. What the separation roses also do, is that they keep out 90% of the energies you would typically have to filter out along the day. 10 % what passes when you have yourself surrounded by separation roses, is purely karmic. Do you know what that means?

Misconception about karma

When something is karmic, it means you have with either the person or the situation unresolved business. Usually you bring karma with you from a previous life with you into this current life. Karma could be a vibration holding the sort of emotion or thoughts which enters your space with what you have some unfinished business with, stemming from a past life.

I am going to give you an example. If you have lost your loved ones in a fire in a previous life, which was lit by that crazy guy, it can result that you in this life choose to be a fireman, this way processing all the unresolved emotions of that past life. Or you respond mad when you hear on the news that someone lit a fire, and then mad in a way it is not healthy how intense the reaction is. Or you meet this new flame of a friend of yours, and you cannot explain why, but you hate his/her guts. Or you are touched with sadness each time your hear sirens of a firetruck and your thoughts go to those whose building is on fire, in a way that you are so distracted that your mates wonder what is on your mind. 

In each situation, you see the sign of unresolved or unprocessed emotions, which is called karma. Karma is not what many think “ What goes around comes around” Sure that might have something the do with the original core karmic issue, but it is just a tiny aspect of it.

Can you Accept, Forgive and move forward?

Karma is something which needs completion to stop bothering you in your life. Karma is the unresolved or unprocessed life lesson. If we are aware of it or not, karma is not the bitch many states. Karma is like life fuel, and karma reveals where we have wounds which we have covered up, so we do not have to feel the pain. Karma is like the sniffer dog, finding everything we need to process and resolve, so we can move forward in life. Forgiveness is an aspect of completing karma. It allows us to let go and move on.

Now I have good news for you

We are landed in the era that processing karma is blessed with Divine Grace. 

Meaning, with the worldwide awakening spirituality, we are offered ways to process the unresolved past life issues much easier, faster, and effortless. One of these easy methods you can learn right here in this blog. So it is time to pull your library card out. Do you have it? If you do not see it, check your hands off your astral or spiritual body, I bet the library card is being held in either of those. Ah, there it is, it did appear where I told you to look.

You will get used to it to have daily contact with either your higher self, and your guides. Also today, your holy guardian angel will receive the instructions of the Angels of High Magic on how to proceed, if it did not have the information already to help you in miraculous ways. We live in an Era (time) where so much Grace is being provided, that is so awesome.

Basic instruction How to complete karma

So I want you to connect with the pyramid of the rose, connect with your higher self and your holy guardian angel. Have your separationroses be refreshed and have the seperationroses balance you within your aura. Reset your grounding to total present time. Now ask your guardian angel to complete the karma for the rest of the day for you.

Be aware of the sensations of shifts you feel. Each of us is a unique person and will have other feelings. Some will feel a tingly sensation on specific spots in their body, and others notice a shift in their mind. The more you do it, the better you train yourself in noticing.

The extended version of Karma Completion

The extended version is something you do if you want to emphasize the importance of that day. You ask your guardian angel: 

“Can you please complete the karma between me and those persons/human I meet along the day? Can you complete the karma between me and the entities I meet along the day? Please complete the karma between the entities I carry in my space with all humans I meet along the day, and also with their entities. Thank you”

Doing this it results in a day, which is a few nudges easier to live through, without that you have to engage in difficult challenges. Insight will come easier, so you understand what needs to be resolved or finished. This one question of having your karma be completed for the rest of the day could save your life. It could make you make different decisions. It could prevent the loss of friendships, it could prevent you not to meet a nasty person on the streets, it could make you meet a new friend. It provides miracles. So it is all about the choices you make. It is all about the decisions you take.

Now our worlds finally met ...
Why do I say this? What does it matter what decisions you make? For an adult, it might be normal to know that making the right decisions during a day could make or break the day. You as a youngster are still learning about life, so if an adult has not explained to you, I will. Making decisions influences the outcome of events. Like do I play with my friend this afternoon, or do I go home where my mother takes me to do weekly groceries? In the first event, you have a nice day, in the second choice you are grungy, picking up energies of others in a store. If that happens perform the steps I taught you in another blog, I think it is number 5 or 6.  When we are fully centered, grounded, and aligned, it is easier to make healthy decisions. When we are centered and grounded, we are not easily persuaded to do something against our will.

In most cases, this being grounded and centered stuff is something we have to learn. If we do not take care of learning how to be grounded, aligned, and centered, we give away our authority and seniority over our bodies. Did you know that there lies a danger in it, a danger almost no one in society talks about because they are too afraid that is a reality? 

Sometimes entities love to play out their karma between each other, using your body or that of your friend or another person, and the human becomes the victim of their karma, and thus gains additional karma there it has been played out via his body. Yes, people even die or end in prison because they were not present in their body, allowed another spirit to enter their body, and the results were a karmic playout, and the owner of the body ends up in jail because while being out body, he did something tremendous bad. 

That is amazing, isn’t it? Not many people dare to talk about it. For me, talking about it is my job, that is why I came to live this life on earth, to wake up people with a lot of knowledge many have tried to deny and ignore for many centuries. Thank God J.K. Rowling came, and thanks to her Harry Potter books and movies, this worldwide fear or repressing magical consciousness has been wiped off the table.

A relevant question

So knowing this, that makes the question why it is essential to be grounded, aligned, and centered pretty relevant. When you are born, you are the original contractor of that body of yours. Take a moment from this screen and look down. Yes, exactly, this is your body, you own it, and it is your responsibility to take care of it in a healthy way. Everything that is being done with that body is your responsibility. Even when you as spirit are out of your body while you are awake, when you allow another spirit in and while this other spirit is in your body and you harm someone, it will end up as your karma and not the spirit using your body. This seems fucked up, but that are the rules. And cosmic laws cannot be dodged or escaped from. It will come back to you until you accept and learn the lesson of the situation. Not being in the body could happen because you are in emotional pain and don’t want to feel the pain. Well, I am going to tell you, except when it is your incarnational purpose to leave your body alone while you as spirit are out partying, it is wise to take up your responsibility to learn how to be grounded aligned and centered.

I will talk about this more next week. For now, I hope you understood the present it is that you can ask your Holy Guardian Angel to complete karma for the rest of the day.

Before you leave this page, I have a small gift for you. Is there anything troubling you? If you are feeling tension or bad about something which happened in the past, you can now ask your Holy Guardian Angel to complete the karma for you of that event you just remembered. Can you imagine something else of your past? Is there another memory with a lot of highly charged emotions tied to it? Now ask your Holy Guardian Angel to complete the karma of that particular event you have in mind. Give it a few minutes to process and then feel in that memory. Does it still feel the same?

Your Homework and Next Week's Topic

So I would like you to start each day with placing your separation roses around you, requesting your karma to be completed the rest of the day for the coming week and let’s see if you notice any differences. I want you to test if this is a spiritual tool which is useful or not. The topic of how to be grounded, aligned and centered is something that we will dive into next week. You will also be introduced to the spirit of the center of the Planet, many know her as Lady Gaya. So that is a really exciting Blog to read, to experience. So, let us meet again next week here, online, so mark this website as favorite, or bookmark it, to find it easy next week. Till then, take care, have fun. Holistic Hellen

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