12.) Shyna’s magical Journey; meeting the centaur Chiron

In this last blog I share a story, written in 2005 about the teaching I have received from the mystical being, the Centaur named Chiron about the Universal rules between student and mentor

11.) Shame. Going Harry Potter style to clear it.

How come others are more self-confident than you? Does this make you angry at yourself? Does it make you feel sad? This week we are going Harry Potter style to clear dumped layers of Shame.

10.) Being grounded, aligned & centered

When we are grounded, aligned, and centered, it is much easier to make healthy choices. When we are well-grounded and centered, we are not easily persuaded to do something against our will.

9.) Complete Karma

What benefits does it bring to complete the karma for the rest of the day? Here you find answers and as a Bonus, you are taught how to complete your karma for the rest of the day. Effortless

8.) Golden Sun Fill up

An easy method to strengthen your personal space, is by Recalling energies in a cleansed, in a higher vibration. Via a Golden Sun Fill up., it is according to a methodology I encountered in a bookstore in the year 2000.

7.) Did you get into a fight, do you want to make up?

Relationships are always subject to change, sometimes positive, sometimes very negative and limiting. When the energetic space of a relationship is trashed, you can implement this tool to clean up the interference effortless.

6.) Did you lose some energies of yourself?

Nice to have you back. Did you have a good time sending back the energies of others? Have you been training yourself to recognize fast what is you and what is not you? Great work! It took me 2 weeks to write this blog for you. I had to experience […]

5.) Did someone drop their trash in you?

You might not believe it because you have not learned to feel it or to see it happening, but we tend to drop feelings and thoughts in each others space all the time. Some times this is plain irritating, sometimes it helps us understand each other better. So this week […]

4.) How to disconnect communication cords

Have you ever had that after you met someone your stomach ached? Or that after you spoke with someone, your heart started to feel sad? Or once your parents stopped yelling at you, you almost couldn’t talk? That is more common and normal than finding French fries in a foreign […]

3.) How to protect your heart/mind space

This blog is part of the blog sequence written for kids. I publish these blogs to offer solutions to implement in no effort for issues which are spiritual of nature and affect the mental and emotional well being, without having to charge you for a 4 figure fee. This if […]

2.) Boundaries, where ends my space?

Is it the edge of my skin? Is it the edge of my personal space, is it the edge of my energy field, what is called the aura? I am talking about the boundaries in the spiritual plane. So no, we are not going to talk about the edge of […]

1.) Basic rules for Magic, what not to do

I share these blogs knowing there are more children out there who have personal issues, which are spiritual of nature and affecting your mental and emotional wellbeing. It is my way of helping you without having to charge yourr parents for consultancy. Magic is for fairies, wizards, magicians and what […]

Empowering spiritual aware kids

Announcement: new sequence blogs for Kids and their parents. During this sequence, kids and their parents will be given tips and tricks they need how to deal with issues of spiritual nature, which affect your mental and emotional state. Some influences of your subconscious mind shall be cleared, influence coming […]

Letter from your Holy Guardian Angel

I know we have not met, but I am asked to write you this letter on behalf of your guardian angel. She came to me asking me if I was willing to give her a helping hand. She observes your pain and suffering for many lifetimes now. To your Holy […]