Who is in control?

Who is in control over  emotions, thoughts and actions? What if I have no control over who is reading my blogs, which is most likely in this vitual world named the Internet. So, if there is no control and I can simply choose to spit out what is on my […]

Pssst, don’t tell others this secret… Demons and Angels do exist..!

Why on earth write a blog about Demons..? This week a former colleague and I met. She shared her painful experiences. Life has been hard on her and she is on the verge of a huge breakthrough. A friend made her realize how deep she fell. I shared with her […]

Time to say goodbye to garbage in your personal space

What if my space has never been trashed with garbage of others? How would I ever feel the urge to find out how to clear my own space, how to help others to clear their space of junk and rubbish? I would not, I needed this stimulation to find out, […]