Nice to have you back. Did you have a good time sending back the energies of others? Have you been training yourself to recognize fast what is you and what is not you? Great work! It took me 2 weeks to write this blog for you. I had to experience first hand how it was to find energies of myself in another person, and how that felt uncomfortable until I retrieved it back.You can pull out your Library card right out and we are going to dive in while I explain in a personal story how it might feel when energies of 2 persons are mixed up and needs a form of exchange so all concerned are more themselves again.

The stuff I teach here are spiritual gadgets we use on a daily base

In my case, it was the dad of my partner Gerard who made me retrieve back energies I lost over the years. My father in law, granddad of 5 grandchildren in the age 6 to 11, comes to visit us a few times a year. He loves to drive 800 kilometers to see us and enjoy the beauty of this region of Lake Lucerne. But spirituality is not his thing, he thinks it is a load of Bullshit and those weeks he visits we don’t talk about it. Like a silent agreement to do that, so we prevent a lot of discussions, which makes us all feel uncomfortable. Can you recognise that? Perhaps you have a parent whose parents or friends where they seem not to be completely themselves. Or do they show only a tiny part of themselves when they are somewhere, to fit in? 

Well, anyway. There was this morning that my father in law was already up and reading an ebook. I followed his example and starting reading a book also and playing a game on my iPad. I kept being distracted, and it felt as if my father in law kept observing me via his crown chakra as if he was checking out what I was reading while his face was turned in another direction.

Another way for you to understand comes as a tip from my son. He asked me to share his story. I will share his story a little bit further on in this blog.

I set up this protective and confidential reading space

While feeling getting annoyed by the spiritual interaction between my father in law and me, I started setting up an protected space. This is something you do when you don’t want to be disturbed by ghosts interfering what you might find out. I do this by asking my angels to create 2 concentric circles around my aura, with a shield on the outside so that whatever happens within is protected and confidential. I also ask for a shield on the inside when I am among other persons, so that I do not bother others with my processes, which can be caused by reading a person, a space, a building or a area.  Arch Angel Uriel likes to help me to create this shield. Try it yourself and see if you can perceive it and if this makes you feel more comfortable. When you have read the previous blogs of this series, you already have the spiritual information written on your ‘Library card’ how to do this yourself.

Activating Higher Universal Laws

Reading if my father in law was indeed scanning me, and for what purposes, I felt something odd. I was surprised to find my own energy in that part what made me feel being observed, feeling something pulled my attention. Quickly I realized that my father in law never recognized it was not his energy to begin with, so he drew a layer of his energy around mine, making the both of us identify this energy as his energy on a first look. But beneath there was this energy of myself, that for whatever reason was in his space, at the height of his 7th chakra. As you read in the previous blog, a lot of energy dumping is not a conscious process. 

So I requested my angels to call in the law of consciousness, had it activated. This higher universal law allows the person who carries energies of another person to recognise that it is not his, to begin with, so he will let it go more easily. Now I asked my angels to activate the Law of Exchange to retrieve my energies.  I asked my angels to complete all karma between my father and law and myself, this is sometimes needed to get energies freed up. Then I perceived how my energies were flowing back. I directed it to a golden sun above my head, where it got cleaned up, brought to a neutral state before it entered me via the top of my head, flowing down as I was standing in a shower.

Once I completed this process, I could continue to read without that annoying feeling to be observed. I felt separated again.

Another way for you to understand comes as a tip from my son, who is 11 years old. He showed me that in his case, when he is on Whatsapp with his friends, he sometimes cannot wait to know what the other is typing and that he enters the space from another to read their mind. For being a kid, he is forgiven, he is still learning how to be him. My son needed a nudge to understand what is occurring when he does this. He enters another personal space with his focal point or another self aspect, and when forgotten to retrieve or to return energies to original source, Sun starts to feel more and more uncomfortable. In his case, it is also because out of curiosity, he draws in energy from another person. But what happens when you have something what is not yours? You can get irritated and annoyed, not understanding why.  Which is, for not only for an eleven year old normal, but for pretty much anyone normal. I mean, this part of telepathic communication is not being taught at school is it?

Can you relate to that?

Let's show you how to clean up this mixed up energies

What you do is very simple. You connect with your higher self or spirit, connect with your holy guardian angel. Ask them to help you to be fully grounded. Being grounded means that you step as spirit into your etheric body and are well connected to the spirit of the center of the planet. Become aware of your breathing. the way you hold your device where you read this blog at in your hands. Say hello to your higher self and subconscious self.

Take a good friend of yours in mind with whom you spend time on social media. Ask the higher universal law if Identity and the higher universal law of consciousness to be activated, so your spirit and holy guardian angel can start to identify what is your energy and what is the energy from another. Now ask your guardian angel to activate the Higher Universal Law of Exchange to return the energy influences of your friend back to its original source, and to recollect all of your energies which you have left in the personal space of your friend. Now you can repeat these steps by taking another friend of yours in mind, repeat the steps while you this law of exchange is active for you. Allow the returning energies to flow into a nice big golden sun where it will be neutralized and brought to its highest vibration possible before it flows back filling up your personal space.

Remember, we are human, and we all dump our energies in each other all the time. We are now in the era of becoming aware that we are doing this, and receiving the tools to clean up our own messes. The more we clean up, the more we call back our energies back to ourselves, the more access we have to our creative energies, which is the foundation of our lives, and how we live it. You are the co-creator of your own life, creating scenes your soul needs to have you learn and integrate life lessons.

That is it for this week.

Try to play with calling back your energies the way I describe it. When you feel relieved, you know, it was a good moment to call back your energies. Also, when you got angry at someone, there is a big chance, you have dumped your energies as a way to stop the situation. So no judgments, call back your energies via the Golden Sun. In a few weeks, you will get the tool of the Golden Sun Fill Up (GSFup) explained into detail. Next week we are going to talk about something you will deal with whole of your life. Relationsships and how to keep them clean from trash.The tool you will receive next week is one of the most harmony bringing tool in relationships I know. It is awesome and worth your time to come back here, to gain access to that cool spiritual gadget. It will shift your life. So what do say, shall we meet again here? In the digital world, allowing us to explore telepathic and spirit to spirit teaching?


That blog will be named: Did you and your BFF/parent/sibling get into a fight? Relationship roses


Till then, take care, enjoy life,


Kind regards, 

Holistic Hellen

Would you like some help to integrate these tools?

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