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Burnout Consultant Holistic Hellen

You had it all, nice job, nice cars, nice life. Yes, you worked many hours and you were dedicated. You were willing to give all your effort. Then the man with the sledgehammer came... You are burned out. Now what?


change your diet to regain your Health


Walk an hour a day to regain your Health


Bring awareness to the triggers to regain your Health


Find your way to a bright and shiny future

Being burned out is for each person a slightly different experience. Being misunderstood is painful and generates frustration. Often the cause of nervous system fatigue is being overlooked. It took me 12 years to fully overcome my first burnout which hit me in 2003 when I was 29 years old. Many years later another burnout hit me. This time it only took me a year to overcome this. This time I was prepared and had knowledge how to heal myself. I was able to pick up the pearls my soul left for me in the ashes. How about you? How are you handling your burnout? Do you have good guidance? Have you talked to an experience expert already?

Soul Healing

You are a spiritual being having human experiences. You grow and evolve by a string of incarnations. Bring in good experiences and process out traumatic experiences. Learn to connect the dots.


On a soullevel you chose to work in this company. They resonated with your life lessons. You knew that this work environment would provide you exactly what you need to grow and evolve

Tweak and turn

Who are you? With whom do you connect and create synergy? Who poisons you and distract you from why you are here? What would you like to achieve? Finetune and adjust your mindsets, belief systems.

What is right for you?

Are you not sure if burnout consultancy is the thing for you? Are you afraid to invest in yourself? That is okay, there are other means to restore faith in yourself. Once your Soul decides to give a total shut down (burnout) there are several ways to listen to the signs in Life. Perhaps you are one of those who benefits more when your Family Business gets Holistic coaching

Family Businesses​

Coaching is a very modest word of what your family can expect from me. I will provide all of you with that what you need as an individual and family system.

Space Clearing

You know something is off. You just need an extra pair of eyes who sees the causes and is able to clear it for you. I work for real estate agents and private clients.
Do you agree? Would you like some help with this?

Who you were before this life crisis determines who you will be in the future. Do you really agree with this? Is this your truth? Your suffering provides the need to find ways and means to overcome this life crisis. The way you are open and ready to receive determines the outcome. Are you willing to receive tools to change?

Hidden in the pain you will find the covered up wounds, screaming to you "please notice me..! please heal me..!" You have to listen if your want to heal to the fullest extend. I cannot make this choice for you, what I can do is offer you the holistic guidance you need to grow and become whole again.

Holistic Hellen

make restoring your health easier and faster!

Only The Best Features

As an experience expert I had to learn the hard way, allow me to show you a way you will save a lot of time and suffering.

Valuable Questions

During this time you bump into a lot of wounds, bringing questions leads to the next healing step. Appreciate thoughts.


To regain your value to the corporate world you have to track back your core values. I will support you on- and offline.

Family session

Overcoming your burnout is something to do alone. Your family needs attention also. A Family session can clear the clutter.

Allow yourself time

The biggest pitfall is not taking enough time to overcome your burnout. Take your time, give yourself time. You are worth it.

you are replaceable

Your ego sure doesn't want to hear this, your fears love to feed off it. Be aware that is beholds truth and search for open doors.

You are unique

Whatever others or you tell yourself, there is only one you in the entire world. You bring value just by being you.

Master your skills!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

While your body forces you to take many steps back, take time to dissolve fake dreams and goals. Take time to restore your alignment with your purpose on this earth. You came with a life purpose. Allow your Soul to communicate this during time you almost fall asleep, meditate or while you are walking on the beach. Allow your Soul to guide you. Your Soul can empower you in a way no one else can. Allow your Soul into your Life. Allow awareness to make life easier.

Burnout Consultancy

the Holistic Approach
$ 48,000 Yearly
  • Personal intake at your place
  • Tailor Fit Game Plan
  • Holistic Healing aligned to your needs
  • Tailor fit nutritional and exercise plan
  • Package for 12 Months, serving you

Burnout Consultancy

the Holistic Approach
$ 4,200 Monthly
  • Personal intake
  • Tailor Fit Game Plan
  • Holistic Healing aligned to your needs
  • Tailor fit nutritional and exercise plan
  • Minimum 4 Months Coaching

Platinum Consultancy

including a 10 day retreat in excellent environment
$ 67,000 Yearly
  • Everything from Premium Plan
  • 5* resort is located in central Switserland, privat jet airport nearby.
  • 10 days fully pampered and taken care off​
  • 6 Holistic sessions to regain your health
  • Spend a day on the Diamant on Lake Lucerne