Is it the edge of my skin? Is it the edge of my personal space, is it the edge of my energy field, what is called the aura? I am talking about the boundaries in the spiritual plane. So no, we are not going to talk about the edge of your body, which is your skin. No, we are going to talk about the unseen side of your self, the spiritual aspect of self. Let’s find out about the aura and experience this for yourself.

Why is this important to you to know about it?

During my childhood, no one ever taught me about my aura, chakra, and the boundaries of my personal space. And now that I am in my mid-forties, looking back over 20 years of spiritual awareness development. I can only say, my God, what a bunch of problems I would not have to live through if someone would have taught me all about this during my childhood already. I would have made other choices about my school, career, friendships, and life partner. So this is my gift to you. Explaining stuff no one else does, so you can live a more pleasant life, a more joyful future because you already know why struggle and communication go that difficult and how to change it yourself.

Experience personal space

So how shall we approach this? Do you want me to first explain all about the definition of personal space? Would that interest you? Well, I thought so, as you are like my son, you want to experience and not have me to talk that long. Ready? Let’s begin with feeling the aura that is this field of energy all around your body. It contains all these unseen sources of information about yourself, about your life and the lives you have lived before this one. If you are alone, you will have to experience this by imagining this all, I call this option A. If you are with a friend you can use your hand palms to feel the boundary of your aura, I call this option B.

Let’s do it — option A: Alone

Imagine you can see your field of energy around you, which is named the aura. Can you see or imagine where it ends? This is for everyone different, the way you see it is your truth. Now we are going to connect with the pyramid of the rose. This is a secret place, a kind of library where all information about the spiritual tool which is identical to a rose has been stored for thousands of years. You can tap into this library because each of you who reads my blogs receives this library card spiritually. So now you feel connected to the pyramid of the rose I would like you to call forth a separation rose and have it by your intention placed at the edge of your aura. You will see while you imagine this separation rose, there are more of these roses coming. They often come with 6 at the time, so one is being placed in front of you, the 2nd at the right of you, the 3rd comes behind you, the 4th comes at the left of you, the 5th comes above you, and the 6th comes below you.

Now you can see or imagine where your aura ends. Exactly where the roses appear around you.
Cool isn’t it? To have this tool to make it easier for you to know where your aura ends.


Now I would like you to ask these 6 separation roses to balance you within your aura. Just by put in the request in your mind. How does that feel? Do you feel any changes? Can you now see how your ara is balanced around you, everywhere at one armlength away? This is something you can feel stronger the more your train this. It is like sports or learning to play a music instrument, the more you practice, the better you get at it.

Let’s do it — option B: Together

Stand up, be at least 5 meters or 16 feet apart from each other. Have nothing standing in between you. Now I would like you to open your hand palm and walk toward your friend and notice when you start to feel with your hand palm a slight change if you walk into a wall which you cannot see. Now have your friend do the same by walking hand palm open towards you. Does your friend feel at a certain point this change in density of the air? You have now both felt the aura of the other. How did it feel that the other came towards you, could you sense when it walked through the edge of your aura? Was it pleasant or did you dislike it? Now repeat the steps of placing separation roses as you had read before in Option A. Have these separation roses appear on the edge of your aura by your thoughts/intention.

Separation roses shift perception, they define your auric space, and define the separation between you and the rest of the world.
It is possible that you feel less pressure and less tension from the outside now. It gives your more space to be you.

Now do the same test. Walk towards the other to feel the edge of the aura. Now have your friend walk towards you.  Now I would like you to share experiences. How did it feel before, without the roses? How did it feel while being surrounded by these separation roses? Is there a difference?

This is something, isn’t it?

If you like, you can from now on have these 6 separation roses be refreshed each time when you are on your way to school or home. You can do it yourself by bringing the roses outside of your space, have them splashed to pure energy and receive 6 new fresh separation roses. The roses function as a filter system between you and the world, so not all information enters your space.  It will help you to be more yourself where ever you go. It is a light form of protecting yourself of all excessive information in the world around you. It is like putting an umbrella up when you walk through the rain. In 8 weeks you will learn here how you call back the energies of the separation roses you splash to pure energies. Here you will learn to do the Golden Sun Fill Up (GSFup).

So, that is it for today, next week we are going to talk about spiritual protection roses, that is just like you would wear a long raincoat when you go out and walk through the rain.

Remember, you have received your library card with unlimited access to mystic roses. Only when you abuse this access, such as by ill will intentioning your acces will be canceled. Otherwise, with sincere and nobel intentions, you can use and access it till the end if this lifetime.

Have a good week, bring in awareness to what makes your heart sing and what makes you happy,

till soon,


Holistic Hellen


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