Have you embraced your true self yet?

I have embraced myself after life’s experiences hurted me deeply, after I fell low, after I stumbled down and after I rose up again.

Most people are brought up being taught we have 5 senses. Perhaps you have heard some mumbling about a sixth sense. Or you just watched many years ago the movie “the sixth sense” with Bruce Willis. 😉 Maybe you have experienced yourself stuff you cannot explain and you are seeking for answers. Most hurt and pain stem from ignorance of who you truly are. For centuries we are influenced to be helpless, unaware. For centuries God/religious devoted people from churches murdered and burned those who had a good intuition and were able to heal themselves and assist others. Just because it was not inline with their devotion and religion. Well, you might remember yourself a few of these scenes, either by past life remembrance either by a tv serie of movies. The best remark I heard via my mentor was that he heard someone say how the movies of Harry Potter single handed wiped out centuries of efforts by churches and the justice systems to banish out magic from earth.

A problem is that most people have certain belief systems and commitments which not allow good information to pass their attention. Certain information may touch shock and trauma which lies deep buried in their sub conscious, which they do not want to have touched. Can one blame them? No of course not, one would not like to have their traumas touched without the information how to proces that trauma. One who lacks information, or call it capability, how to process their own shock and/or trauma is easy out of balance and falls easy into lashing out on others. No one likes this behavior. The undeniable truth is, it happens on a daily basis. Perhaps you have seen one of the chefs on your work floor lashing out on a colleague, or even on you. That did not feel right did it?

It demands a developed level of compassion to remain calm and see and recognise the pain of those around. It requires awareness to process any touched pains inside yourself during these moments. Because, be honest, do you like it when you feel out of balance during work of at home with the kids or your spouse? For a matter of fact, relations ships are most relevant in life. To live a life of fulfillment you have to take one step at a time. The fact you are on my website means you as a human are ready for a leap in developing your awareness. So let’s take the next step together.

Am I really more then my physical body?

Let’s go back to our senses. I am here to tell you we have many more sense. You might have heard it already somewhere else, so this is just another piece of information you need to become better aware of who you truly are and how you can rely on your own awareness. You can learn here which senses else exist and more important, how are our senses connected to our physical body and to our subtle physical bodies. So lets start with sharing that we are more than our physical body. I will list here the rest of which I have perceived many years myself and have tested and trained over the 8 years of spiritual arts academy education.

  1. Physical body
  2. Subtle physical body, as wherein your meridians resides, cannot be lifted out of the physical body.
  3. Etheric body, the body which also beholds our energetic organs and chakra’s.
  4. Astral body, the body we experience emotions, the body we as spirit step into when we fall asleep and go off ‘dreaming’.
  5. Mental body, suited for aware mental wandering. Is a matter of training.
  6. Spiritual body also known as Causal body.

Now let’s go back to our senses. After all these years of training I have realized one thing. I am psychic and can talk to for example people who have died, guides, guardian angels, demons and angels because the connection between all off my subtle bodies are reasonable intact. Once in a while I complain that I either hear or see less then I am used too. Than it is my own experience that it is simply a matter of healing and cleansing shock and trauma on my sense of sight in all of my subtle bodies. Then I can switch it on and off in a second if it is asked for, just because I have cleansed that particular sense of any influencing information.

Shock and trauma causes sense to shut off or lay low.

To make it better understandable. After years of seeing psychic during readings, healings all sorts of traumatic stressful “pictures” is like watching a few weeks in a row horror movies. can you imagine how your system gets overloaded by horrific scenes? Those past lives which are influencing your life right now are often not the ‘sun-see-beach-cocktail’ experiences… It is the subconscious mind who is not always able to determine that what I psychicly see is threatening to my survival, so it is normal that my system shuts off the sense who keeps perceiving life threatening information.

If you regard me saying this, can you look back on your life and remember if you saw much trauma, either in real life, either via television or the internet? Have you? Have you been burdened yourself with watching awful images of people dying or being tortured? Have you not recognised how deep down you have felt ashamed how you saw others abusing others? The topics of shame and humiliation, blame and feeling guilty will be discussed in a later article. We are spammed by media with images of war all around the world. They touch past life shock and trauma and how do we expect ourselves to be healed and live in a compassionate, healthy loving community if trauma-processing-tools are lacking for so many of us?  So please do not blame yourself if you are spiritual interested but not able to see or hear the messages of your guardian angel. Please forgive yourself, do not be so hard on yourself. It all might change if you allow yourself to receive some basic training and become aware of your subconscious messages. It is a journey to reconnect with all of your senses. It is a journey to reconnect with yourself and doing this requires you to learn to recognise what is you and what is not you.


Anger is one of the most misunderstood emotions. Anger is often nothing more as an emotion repressing reaction. Anger covers up inner grief, inner sadness, inner guilt. One who is not able to recognise one is feeling sad, grief, shame or guilt, often reacts angry which is no more than a defense mechanism. The downside of anger is that it can destruct relationships, it can feed addiction, it can even cost you your job. The upside can be that it fuels your will to get things done. When one feels angry do no simply hush it off, do not simple say that one is not allowed to feel the anger. If you care for that person who gets upset and angry, take the time to talk to them and allow the to feel safe and guide them to the emotions they are covering up. It does not matter if you are a mom, a colleague or a counselor/therapist. True compassion comes from within, independent of the roles you have to play/carry during the moments of your day. And belief me, after one has recognised anger is a defense mechanism, one will become sooner aware of what is going inside of them and they will less react out on others or on themselves.

Foreign energies

Let’s now discuss something very interesting. I am lucky to be sort of autistic of character. I am both sensitive and can become very angry. I am a type with what Paul Ekman named “Emotional delay” Meaning it takes time for me to experience the emotion followed in a situation. Sometimes just a few seconds, but sometimes it takes hours or even days. Then I follow the urge to understand why I have reacted like I did. One thing I have experienced several times on several occasions while interacting with different persons is one really interesting observation.  Getting angry and/or upset caused by another person entering my personal space…

The funny thing is that many imagine now how another stands within 2 hand lengths from my body. A general concept of one intruding another persons personal space.
I can tell you, there are so many ways of intrusion then standing almost face to face. The anger reaction comes partially from not understanding what is going on and why strong feelings of discomfort occur.

Can you imagine a manager coming to your desk telling you to do something which is not your task at all. You can decline but he just demands you to do it. Do you get upset and angry because you are forced to do something you do not want to do, or is it because he corded you on your third chakra? Did your third chakra close itself and are you now left with stomach pains and you think that is because you ate something not right?

Can you imagine how you can not get a certain person out of your mind and you keep thinking about them? Can you imagine that all of a sudden a simple request from your spouse makes you raging on them? Well, that might be because there is a from of energie of another person in your space which you have not managed to return to it’s original source. That source can be on the other side of the country, invading your space without physical presence.

Another is when your kids/parent wants something from you and get literally inside your head. They do it often just to know if they will get what they want if they ask you, or to know what your are truly thinking. But still, kids or parent or not, invading your space is not desired. It can block your thinking process or interfere so they get what they want, and you are left realizing that you just gave in on something you do not want. So it is wise to recognise what is you and what is not you, before you start living the life your kids desire, stop living the life your parents and friends desire and start living your life…

Step onto the path of healing, which commences with bringing awareness into your life.

How can this be? It is simple. The moment it is time to uncover an inner wound and have it healed, others come into your life to push the red button. This is what within the macrocosm plays out in the microcosm. When God wants to built, he first sends his angels of destruction before he can send his angels to rebuilt again. It is the most simplifies version one can give of hell and heaven, demons and angels. Do you really think that life is a journey you are in charge what occurs? Or are you opposite and think you are the victim of your life? No. It is a string of experiences where partially you as a soul, spirit and personality decided which life lessons to work out. It is our gift as a human being to explore our life’s experiences. It is our journey to heal.

What is being stated by Anthony William during one of his radioshows I support completely: “Once you are given the information you need to heal, you mind can connect with what is happening inside your body and start the proces to heal…”

There are many paths and I choose to offer you a higher path of destiny, where life lessons still occur, and the required life changing insights come much smoother and with more synchronicity in your life.

So tune in for next article where I will share more about the 12 senses we have explored since they got described over a centurie ago. It was Rudolph Steiner, Albert Soesmann and Joseph Holzer who worked this information out. It is my honor to offer you the experiences of all 12 senses so you can decide for yourself what is real/truth and what is not real/truth.

If you want to learn more about physical health, my advice is to dive into the information Medical Medium Anthony William is offering via his books, his Facebookpage, Hayhouse radioshow which is also on Soundcloud.

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