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Shaming, how it tears down and/or builts up relationships

January 28, 2019

A CHALLENGING RELATIONSHIP GLUED TOGETHER WITH SHARED lIFE GOALS & HEART WARMING LOVE. What if I am the only one reading my blogs? So there is nothing to be ashamed of and I can simply spit…

Letter from your Holy Guardian Angel

December 25, 2018

I know we have not met, but I am asked to write you this letter on behalf of your guardian angel. She came to me asking me if I was willing to give her a…

How do I recognize living a higher path of destiny?

November 28, 2018

What is Destiny again? I see destiny as the choices of your Soul what life lessons to work out for this current lifetime. To achieve this, one will before incarnation, choose events to occur, agree…

7 Steps how to Shift your Destiny

November 21, 2018

Many people think it is impossible to shift your destiny. Not being educated about this at school, so naturally lacking basic information about how life is formatted, one cannot be blamed. Once you understand the…

Conscious Intentioning & Creation

October 20, 2018

How does one know if intentions are pure and honest? Let me be clear on this. As long you have not mastered gaining insights and healing your inner wounds, they are not.Intentions are the most…

Trust, how do we manage without it?

March 21, 2018

​ What happens when trust has been broken? What happens is that we start to repair it. ∞ We ask ourselves questions such as “How can I ever trust again?” Often we find ourselves in…

Mind Trash – 7 Steps to clear out the garbage

February 15, 2018

1. Make a Decision Decide you want to have yourself changed. To change the situation you are in. Focus on the main feeling you would like to feel on a daily base. Decide what you do…

Confusion about Spiritually gifted and emotional immaturity

January 24, 2018

Oh my gosh I am só sensitive, I must be highly spiritual. For many sensitive persons it is a burden to walk around in a crowd or even have a steady job. They think they…

Time to say goodbye to garbage in your personal space

January 17, 2018

​ Do you want to co-create your own life?   ∞ First to-do step is to clear out your personal space from foreign influences ∞ Now let’s dive into what is all about immediately. We…

The failure and succes of Melissa

December 5, 2017

Let’s recapture my last blog about the 12 senses The reason I wrote this blog is to make it more accessible for you. The Story of Melissa gives you some leads of how to practice…

What do you mean we have 5 senses? We have 12!

November 28, 2017

  In one of my latest blogs “Factors of influence on your well being” I promised to go deeper into our 12 senses. Let me start with some storytelling before summing up our 12 senses….

Factors of influences on your well being

September 10, 2017

Have you embraced your true self yet? I have embraced myself after life’s experiences hurted me deeply, after I fell low, after I stumbled down and after I rose up again. Most people are brought…

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