Hey, nice to have you back. Did you have a good week? Have noticed if the completion of karma is a useful tool for you? Do you recall that I talked about last week that the decisions you make are essential? What does it matter what decisions you make? The choices you and others make influence the outcome of events, have you started to notice this over the last couple of days?

When we are grounded, aligned, and centered, it is much easier to make healthy choices. When we are well-grounded and centered, we are not easily persuaded to do something against our will. So how do we become grounded?

If you don’t like to read that much, scroll down below the picture, then you will find out how to become grounded.

In most cases, this being grounded and centered stuff is something we have to learn. It is a matter of training ourselves to be grounded, aligned and centered. We usually learn this during the 5 years of our lives from our mother. As a kid it is normal to ground yourself via your mother, then, later on, you shift your grounding to other persons in your life. So you learn it from your neighbor, your teacher, the father of the kid you like to play with et cetera. And what if you have a mom who has no clue how to ground herself? Well, then you have to adapt and train yourself later in life how to be grounded, aligned, and centered.

Being aligned is a concept a therapist taught me within 30 seconds once she laid her hands upon my shoulders, aligning me with the planet and the cosmos. This alignment is difficult to describe; you just know what it is once you experience this.

Being centered is a technique many are being taught in martial arts. It is being in the center of your body, and it is named your one-point, your hara, your dien tieng. Being centered is more than just activating the Higher Universal Law of Centers. It is being the center of your Universe. It is an experience of being balanced. No other influences will bring you out of that balance because you are fully in charge of your center. It is an inner experience which cannot be explained in a blog. It is something to strive for.

Misconceptions about being grounded

The thing is, out there, there are so many ideas and concepts about these terms, that is confusing. What is meant with the words being grounded? How does it feel? How do I get there? How can I learn to be grounded?

I remember that 20 years ago I was told that you could see who is well-grounded because they have their whole life in order, they have a good education, a nice job, a comfortable house, they have everything in order and money is easy for them. Then I got confused. Because I have worked in restaurants and hotels where millionaires and billionaires were regular guests. And sometimes I found those hanging as spirits above their bodies. Like they controlled their bodies with remote control. So that definition was swept off the table. It felt incomplete.

Then the spiritual people told me, no Hellen, Being grounded means you have a cord between your first chakra and the center of the planet. You are rooted that way. Being grounded means a healthy connection between you and the planet earth. Then I found myself mental or astral wandering while having a cord between my root chakra, both in my physical body and in my astral or mental body. So here, I learned that my subtle bodies also had chakra connections and organs. So that piece of information that being grounded meant having a cord between the body and the planet was Bullshit to me too. Some information was missing.

Then I started to realize something. I guess that the order one supposed to develop is one of the greatest misconceptions there is in spiritual development. Most gurus and spiritual interested people I meet, think that before doing anything spiritual, you first have to develop your root chakra, so first learn how to ground before you even think about developing your psychic abilities. Once learned to be grounded, then move upwards till you are ready for true spirituality. Well, I have some disappointing news for all those who believe this. That Universal adapted truth is what I call upward spiritual developing, which is true to be healthy for a lot of people. These people are growing, developing awareness, and meditating to reach an enlightened state.

But…. Nowadays, there are more like me who have a downward development path. For me, it started around age 25, from being an average person, not even realizing that there is life after death, having experiences of states of enlightenment without much meditating or giving effort of any sorts to reach enlightenment. For people like me, being grounded comes as the last stage if personal development. The problem is because it is such a universal truth, many who are like me get a feeling that we are doing it wrong, or that we are faulty by nature. Truth is we are not. We just incarnate downwards. So be kind to us and give us the time we need to get there.

Another misconception comes from myself. It is a misconception I can smile about now.

Does it hurt to be grounded? In a way, yes, it does. It is not painful to ground yourself, but what hurts is the awareness of painful memories, stored in organs. These we have stored there because we did not have the tools for how to deal with them, so we just suppressed the emotions and stuffed them downwards, somewhere in our body. Is it a pain we should avoid? No definitely not, it is time to realize that pains in your body carry a treasure of information. Information we need to become aware of, of unresolved and unprocessed memories. So pain might not be fun, but it is a realtime indicator what needs to be processed. Finding a sport causing deep breathing might help you to process much pains out of your organs, the deeper you breathe, the more your organs get “massaged”, the easier it is to release painful memories.

Meanwhile, the information provided by the Medical Medium can help you heal your body. The pain is not created by you, and it can be seen as a messenger. A messenger once heard, it can be released. So do not blame yourself for being sick.

Being grounded can be challenging

As you might understand, being grounded, aligned, and centered has been one of the most challenging experiences for me. Somehow it seemed important there so many spiritual people talked about it.  And guess what? I made it. It took me 20 years, and it made me fall down and stumble up again. After years of experimenting, I figured out that being grounded is something I am giving my personal definition. Once I can define what it is to be grounded, I can explain and teach it to others. I don’t want it for you that it takes you 40 years to be grounded, so I give you precious shortcuts in these blogs. These shortcuts I haven’t found anywhere else beside provided over the last 11 years by J. Holzer. I must confess, it is definitely not a permanent state I am in. But… If required, I simply shift my focus and am fully grounded, as fast as one can snap their fingers.

The ultimate necessary step to move forward

“As spirit step into etheric body.”

That is an essential piece of information. Because you can ground yourself and come into the physical body as often if you like, as long as you keep being in your astral body, others will never perceive you as being grounded. And many of us, the spiritually aware, the ones marked with ADD, autism or whatever, are not always shown as spirit or consciously taught how to be as spirit in the etheric body. Once you are as spirit in this subtle body, the subtle body where the chakra system resides and then be grounded, meaning filling up the physical body with your spirit, is an entirely different experience. It shifts the perception of what is meant with the expression “being grounded.” Once you step as spirit into the etheric body, you know that being grounded means that you embody your physical body with your spirit, that there has been a communication cord established between you and the center of the planet, which is in alignment with total present time.

One important reason why many of us were not taught to be inbody is by having parents who had no clue how to be inbody. That is okay you know, you cannot blame them for their ignorance they can still learn, even if they are 50 years of older, everything is possible and not age-restricted like no drinking under 21.

Being grounded has all to do with being present.

Not being able to live fully embodied could be caused by resisting to feel undesired emotions, pain, or other sufferings. Not being grounded could cause the strangest symptoms. Okay, some who are diagnosed as autistic, have chosen consciously a body with already a lot of heavy metals in it, so it would be acceptable to have strange behavior. This behavior can be caused by the intense amount of heavy metals combined with viruses, bacteria, and other poisons. On a spiritual level, being for the first time incarnated in a human body, directly coming from another planet within our solar system or beyond. Those are forgiven, it is okay, you know. You will learn in time how to shift in the proper subtle body, which will give you more control over the physical body.

Okay, sorry, thank you for telepathic letting me know that I went into my boring – I want to explain it all – teaching mode.
Let us go back to the easy stuff.

Let's do it now, let us be grounded

Now tell your self, “ Lets step as spirit into my etheric body. Let’s say hello to the center of the planet.” If you pull your library card, you can call forth from the Pyramid of the rose some “hello roses” and send the hello roses to the center of the planet. If you sense they arrive in the center of the planet Earth, or that you even receive a hello back from her, you ask her to provide you with a complete new grounding, aligned to total present time” Now become aware how your awareness is starting to embody your whole physical body, even filling up your toes and fingertips. Ask your guardian angel to complete the karma, which prevents you from being fully in-body now. There you go, did you notice that? Well done, you are in-body now, allow yourself to be grounded aligned and centered.

Experience this for a few moments. Realize that this is something, experienced as spirit one time clearly aware and conscious, it will get easier each day. You will be able to embody yourself, taking full responsibility for your body. 

Perhaps you even want to be grounded to the next level.
If not, skip these phrases. If you do want it, continue reading.

Be introduced to the spirit of the center of the planet

For those who want to go to the next level of grounding the Angels of High Magic set up a protected healing space. They do that by creating 2 concentric circles around your aura, and the outer circle gets a magic shield on the outside, so whatever happens within is protected and confidential. Now the Angels of High Magic evoke in an evocation triangle, they have it filled with the essence of the center of this planet. Remember, these steps are to prevent your personal space to be disturbed caused by a whole different vibration and frequency the earth carries compared to yours.

Are you ready for meeting the spirit of the center of the planet? 

Good, because it are the Angels of High Magic who now evoke in for each reader who agrees, the spirit of the center of the planet into the evocation triangle which resides in the space between the inner and outer circle surrounding your aura, which is named the concentric circle space. Take some time to sense and become aware of the spirit of the center of the planet. Where ever you are reading this, she will appear in alignment of your personal process, allow it for you to experience right now.

Make contact with the spirit of the center of the planet and ask her if she can provide you with a grounding which is in total alignment with the person you are and in alignment with the life path you have ahead of you. Realize she is giving you now full permission to live your current life on this earth. She is giving you space to be, space to be you. Do you notice that you are feeling that you are coming more and more inbody? How is that for you? Nice, isn’t it?

We have 2 more steps ahead of us. Now that we are grounded, we ask the grounding to be extended to the center of this solar system. Do you notice that you come more and more into your body now? And if you like, ask if the center of the planet or your holy guardian angel and your higher self extend your grounding to the center of the galaxy. Be aware of your experience.

For me, this is always the step that I need to do to be fully embodied by my spirit. To you, it is a matter of trying, experiencing. If you are not ready to be grounded like this, it will not happen, so do not worry if you wonder if all goes well. Everything goes the way that it is in alignment with your highest path of Destiny. That applies to every single reader. The angels perceive all of you, no exception. 

For them, perceiving each reader is independent of your beliefs, your race, it is independent of the culture you are born into, the religion your family cherish. They are aware of the journey of your soul, and they align the experience with the journey of your soul with you as a personality. No exceptions. It is all about their awareness, their level of consciousness. And if you knew that the Angels of High Magic are in the Tree of Life above, you know, they have the Highest level of awareness Angels could have. Some know them as the Angels of the Higher Laws, I was being introduced to them in 2008 as the Angels of High Magic. To me, the way I call them, that is fine.

Your Homework and Next Week's Topic

For the coming week, I would like you to refresh your grounding at least twice a day. So when you wake up, and before you have evening dinner. In certain moments you are inspired to update your grounding, and that is fine. In some moments, you will see shifts in the grounding color, and that is also fine, allow yourself to play with your grounding. Playtime is a healthy way of learning, and I encourage you to play with the shapes of grounding. Allow yourself to become aware of what refreshing your grounding does for you.

Next week we are heading up to the final stages of these blogs, so I encourage you to leave comments about what topic you would like to see discussed by me. What is you want me to talk about? I do moderate the comments, so if you do not want your comment to be published, include that in your feedback and we will respect your privacy.


Let us meet next week, till then, take care. Enjoy your playtime.


Kind regards, Holistic Hellen 

While writing the blog I noticed a girl reading this blog

Written to those reading these words while spending time in a hospital bed. For me, it is normal when I write that I see future readers of what I am writing. That is part of broadband telepathy remember? So I direct this message to a few hundreds of my readers. Some will read it in the year that I write, that is 2019, some will read these words a few years later, others in 2036, and some will read it much much later. The message is timeless.

“I am really proud of you, having had the courage to take on these life lessons you are facing, and taking responsibility for your bodies. All will be fine and listen to the whispers of your heart and soul. All is perfect. All is forgiven. No matter the pain you have, I know that the pain and your suffering is real. I do want you to know that you will end up fine. You dared to have this experience, and your soul will bring you what you need for this life, to become healthy, or to die healthy, both are fine. You are living the journey of your soul. You are having a human experience while being an infinite spiritual being. In the end, it is one of many life experiences. Thanks to listening to the wisdom of your body, to your soul, you will move forward precisely where you need to be to grow and evolve.”

“If you wish you can accept the Grace facilitation of my Angels of High Magic, who are willing to guide you through a step up ritual onto a higher path of Destiny. Where you leave the way of learning through pain and suffering behind you and where you can step up on the enlightened path of higher destiny, where you will grow and evolve through insights, there you go, did you noticed your spirit literally stepped upon this other path of Destiny? Good job, nicely done. It will show its effects in time, in this life, and some of you, I count 2 girls and a boy, in the next life you will have another way of living, there your body is not suited for a satori (grow and evolve due to having insights) way of living, that is fine you know. Allow yourself to be guided by your higher self and your holy guardian angel and practice being inbody as much as you can. Listen to what your body, the pains are telling you. They bring you treasures filled with wisdom.”

For the other hundreds of patients, why don’t you check out the information the medical medium Anthony William has to share. He provides free advice with which food you can heal yourself. If your parents support it, change your diet, and get more healthy again. Anthony Williams information worked for my nephew who got diagnosed with child rheumatism at the age of 6, having cancer-treatment medicine prescribed, which was awful for him. And guess what healed him? A Changed diet, aligned with the Medical Medium information, vibrant organic supplements, karmic healings, and loving nurturing parents. He is now 11 years old and loves to play drum and dreams of being a worldwide famous drummer. Who could have imagined this when the doctor diagnosed rheumatic arthritis??? And yes, it was the same doctor who declared him fully healed.

I offer a online training for spiritual aware families

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